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Jack Grealish hits back at critics slamming his boozy title celebrations

Jack Grealish hits back at critics slamming his boozy title celebrations as he turns his attention from Man City to England duty.

The 26-year-old had the time of his life after City were crowned Premier League champions, stealing the headlines as he poured as much alcohol down his neck as possible and hilariously trolled teammate Bernardo Silva before holidaying in Ibiza.

Last summer saw plenty of questions raised when City signed Grealish for £100m. The 26-year-old struggled to find form, but nonetheless he is a title winner and made the most of the celebrations on the bus tour of Manchester’s streets.

Speaking into a mic on City’s open-top bus, Grealish said: “It’s my first title and I want to thank everyone, but the main person I want to thank is Bernardo Silva for coming off in the 70th minute because he was miles of it yesterday!” Grealish’s fellow England teammates Kyle Walker and John Stones couldn’t help but laugh.

However, Silva had a message of his own to Grealish’s remarks, playfully joking: “Keep Jack Grealish on the f***ing bench.”

Video footage then emerged of the former Aston Villa player filming himself signing Queen’s ‘We Are The Champions’. He was also seen loving every second as the club’s players and staff were called up one-by-one onto the stage in front of crowds of people.

When Grealish’s name was announced, he could be seen swaggering on with shades on and a beer in one hand and a different alcoholic drink in the other.

He is now back with the England team preparing for the upcoming Nations League games against Hungary, Germany and Italy.

‘I know people were saying last week, “Oh, he’s doing too much”. But what? I’ve just won the Premier League. It’s a dream come true. Why can’t I go on holiday?’ Grealish told The Mirror.

‘There’s people that are at England with me now who went to Vegas, Ibiza, Marbella, all these places. No one said a word, but because it was me, people were saying things.’

He continued: ‘I’m doing what I have loved doing my whole life. I’m the most expensive British player but I’m also the Jack from Solihull who my friends and family know. I’ll never let that leave me, no matter what anyone says.’

Grealish found the net just three times in 26 Premier League appearances for City last season as they beat Liverpool to the title, but has been key to Gareth Southgate’s England set-up.

He said: ‘It’s fine (being England’s poster boy). It is what it is. If that’s what people think, that’s fine. I think it’s a good thing to have – and you just have to embrace it,’

‘I try not to let anything get to my head. It’s all about enjoying it, as long as I’m enjoying myself, playing football and enjoying life off the pitch even; then I will perform well. Fingers crossed I can do that over the few weeks and few games.’

‘I love training, playing with the lads. It’s such a good bunch. We always look forward to playing with each other.’

Jason Cundy has admitted he’s ‘worried’ for Jack Grealish as he continued his post-season celebrations in Ibiza to party with Wayne Lineker, Gary Lineker’s brother, at the popular resort Ocean Beach.

Speaking on The Sports Bar, Cundy said: “He is allowed to enjoy himself because the ultimate goal this season was to win as many trophies as they can and it’s his first trophy right? The Premier League, so I understand it.

“There is a part of me, though, that just worries a little bit for him. There is.

“Enjoy yourself… but I just think that he’s left himself open.

“If things don’t go well for England over the next couple of weeks, maybe Gareth Southgate looks at it as well, we’ve got a World Cup coming up.

“There’s celebrating and then there’s celebrating.

“There’s just a part of me that’s a bit worried and thinks ‘come on Jack, don’t do something stupid or get yourself on the front pages’.

“There have been moments before he even joined Manchester City where he has got himself into trouble, during lockdown if you remember.”

And the next leg of his end of season tour was Ibiza where he partied with Wayne Lineker

However, co-host and former midfielder Jamie O’Hara defended Grealish, particularly after talkSPORT pundit Simon Jordan branded him a ‘moron’ for his antics.

“Oh come on,” he said.

“He’s won the Premier League! All he’s doing is having a good time with his pals, who he’s become really good friends with at Man City.

“They’re having a laugh and a bit of banter, and then he’s gone to Ibiza – he knows everyone there and they like him.

“Come on!

“Yes [he has had previous], but Man City knew that when they signed him. They knew what they were signing.”

Simon Jordan wasn’t pleased with Grealish’s behaviour, in particular his comment about Almiron.

“The bottom line is it takes Jack Grealish back to where he belongs – in moron territory – engaging his mouth before he engages his brain,” the White and Jordan host told talkSPORT.

“There’s no problem with him having banter with his teammates, that’s absolutely fine. If someone was to say he was taking the mickey out of Riyad Mahrez, you’d say it was banter, they’ve got that rapport.

“But if you take it out of another domain and you pick another player, single him out, and ridicule him because you think you’re in a position to do so, where’s that going to end?

“Someone somewhere is going to say, ‘By the way, who are you?’ What gives you the right to make that comparison? Why would you want to do it? Where does your arrogance stop and intelligence begin?

“I’m sure he meant it tongue-in-cheek, but why pick on an individual player?

“Obviously in the back of his mind, he thinks that player probably is not good, and that’s his prerogative, but why does he need to do that to that particular player when Man City are talking about their success?

“Why does he think he is on a platform where he can look down on that player?

“Jack Grealish is a talented player, he’s a long way from being a £100million player.

“He’s incredibly fortuitous to be playing for a club like Man City that has enabled him to win a Premier League, because I don’t think his contribution has taken Man City to that Premier League title.

“I think he’s a bit-part player, so he would have been better served saying, ‘Take me off the pitch’ more.

“It’s a lack of awareness.”

Fans reacted as Jack Grealish hits back at critics slamming his boozy title celebrations…

@Stockport_Ini47: As he should he’s just livin the dream

@neil_finan: Nothing wrong with it as long as his performances justify how long/hard his celebrations were other wise you look like a bit part player that likes to party more than play/train and when times get harder fans will say ‘don’t pick him he’s on the lash all the time’.

@StephenSmithXD: There’s absolute no way any player, £100 M or not, would be anywhere near the first team squad if Guardiola wasn’t happy with their professionalism and attitude.

@Komps4: Ignore them Jack, just bitter jealousy.

@Rea_ctor: Can’t believe the guys 26! He goes on like a 17 year old after two beers 😂

@jaymiz64: Oh look it’s the fun police

@mcfcadam10: He’s spot on he’s targeted by the media, exactly like Raheem waa

@leonidvasi10: Go on holiday Jack, Maldives is the best place you went to

@xlucosaurrr: Don’t worry bro, live your life, we’re proud of you 💙

@TheoJun20317579: We love ya JG enjoy you added something to our team.💙

@MCFC_Trooper: The only reason he gets targeted is because he’s a city player. Simple as. They’re jealous of our success so they try and do everything in their power to put them down

@minksfootieL He’s spot on. Glad he’s calling out the agenda for once 💯 @JackGrealish

@canceloimpact: Let them know Jack

@tyketyler16: How about let the guy live his life in the off season? If he wants to go get blasted then he can, he earns his money and can spend how he wants. No one has a right to control him

@OBarlow98: Absolutely nothing wrong with it

@stevemilchard: How about leaving the lad alone? He’s just won his first medal as a pro and should be allowed to enjoy it. I’m no Jack Grealish lover but the media agenda against the bloke is both obvious and unwarranted.

@CFCAzza97: Suppose Simons never had a drink in his life and said something as a laugh

@cityzenReilly: I’m beginning to think Simon Just loves the sound of his own voice 😂

@William72863371: Completely disagree. They were celebrating, they were having fun. It’s nice to get a footballer who’s authentic and their actual self. If that’s what footballers talk about and are like then that’s fine. Who cares?

@Dan05858044: Probably the player he criticised. Furthermore, jack played about 0.5 seconds for city and picked up a winners medal. Personally, I’d be embarrassed on both counts. But he won’t care, he didn’t care when ya broke lockdown rules, smashed his car up and about 20 other things.

@whittick14: ask Jack who is in the goal of the season contenders list? doesn’t make sense at all that he made that comment.. jack has been a bit part player, only looked good because he was in a mediocre villa team.

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