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Drunk Jack Grealish causes chaos at Man City parade mocking teammates and Almiron

A drunk Jack Grealish causes chaos at the Man City title parade mocking teammates and Newcastle’s Miguel Almiron it would seem.

Jack Grealish stole the headlines as he poured as much alcohol down his neck as possible and hilariously trolled teammate Bernardo Silva.

City sealed their fourth league title in five years with a stunning 3-2 win success over Aston Villa at the Etihad on Sunday. Ilkay Gundogan getting a double, either side of Rodri’s strike, to see Pep Guardiola ‘s side hit three goals in five and half minutes.

The result put sadness on Liverpool’s 3-1 win over Wolves at Anfield, as City secured the title by a point on a thrilling final day of twists and turns. Guardiola’s side had celebrated wildly ever since the full-time whistle on Sunday and the party continued over 24 hours later with an open-top bus parade.

Last summer saw plenty of questions raised when City signed Grealish for £100m. The 26-year-old struggled to find form, but nonetheless he is a title winner and made the most of the celebrations on the bus tour of Manchester’s streets.

Speaking into a mic on City’s open-top bus, Grealish said: “It’s my first title and I want to thank everyone, but the main person I want to thank is Bernardo Silva for coming off in the 70th minute because he was miles of it yesterday!” Grealish’s fellow England teammates Kyle Walker and John Stones couldn’t help but laugh.

However, Silva had a message of his own to Grealish’s remarks, playfully joking: “Keep Jack Grealish on the f***ing bench.”

Video footage then emerged of the former Aston Villa player filming himself signing Queen’s ‘We Are The Champions’. He was also seen loving every second as the club’s players and staff were called up one-by-one onto the stage in front of crowds of people.

When Grealish’s name was announced, he could be seen swaggering on with shades on and a beer in one hand and a different alcoholic drink in the other.

Grealish wasn’t the only one in a party mood either. City boss Guardiola, who couldn’t help but laugh at Grealish’s antics, showed off his dance moves to cheers of the club’s supporters before paying tribute to his players and the spectators for turning out to salute their side.

He said: “Everybody knows it was an incredible achievement. This is the toughest league and we have won four since we have been here. I can see the happiness on the people’s faces.”

On his dance moves, Guardiola added: “I am the best dancer of my staff! We will do it tonight. We saw the reaction when Ilkay scored the winning goal.”

Speaking at the open-top bus parade, Premier League Player of the Year Kevin De Bruyne said: “I’m a little bit drunk! It’s amazing to do this for the fourth time.

“We couldn’t really do it last year because of Covid, but it’s amazing to see so many people here to celebrate with us. Thank you to the fans, the last game and atmosphere was amazing. Enjoy the summer and let’s go again.”

Following City’s title triumph on Sunday, when asked to sum up his first year at the Etihad on Sky Sports, with some critics out for him, Grealish simply replied: “Harder than I thought”. He then went on to add: “Honestly it’s unbelievable.

“After the third goal went in I ran on the pitch then I ran down the tunnel just crying my eyes out. As a kid all you want to do is play in the Premier League, then you want to win it.

“We know with our quality we can beat anyone, which we did in the last 20 minutes or so. (It means) everything. When I signed friends and family asked me ‘what do you actually want to win?’ and for me I’ve always wanted the Premier League.

“It (playing for City) is more difficult than I thought, but I’ve enjoyed every minute. I stepped out of my comfort zone, new changing room, new surroundings. It has been difficult, but this today makes up for it.”

Fans reacted as a drunk Jack Grealish causes chaos at the Man City parade mocking teammates and Almiron…

@PainfulArsenal: Jack Grealish drunk is top tier

@jgmaddox7: Just don’t let him drive home

@lucas_allen07: Ahahahaha fair play least he knows how to do it right

@_LiamJLang_: Alot of hate going on for grealish right now… the blokes pissed spent half the season on the bench and won the premier league.. let him have his moment 🤣

@Joel_Edwards94: Shut your eyes and it’s shaun dyche 😂😂

@1marns: These Jack Grealish videos are jokes how can you not like him

@jackemantle: Arthur Shelby

@TheLukeEvans17: A pissed Jack Grealish is one of my favourite people 🤣🤣🤣

@mahomezs: all these grealish videos are hilarious he’s such a likeable guy one of the few footballers that actually shows some character and personality still pissed he left us but i’ll always like him

@EklavyaChawla16: Grealish is pissed on the top of a bus after winning a PL trophy for the first time in his life I love the guy

@ArranDerbyshire: Jack Grealish is a fucking legend you know 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@ryan_gould99: Grealish gers battered everywhere he goes 🤣🎵

@mark_afc10: Grealish really signed for City to sign Gucci deals and get drunk on the open bus parade 😭😭😭

@Harrystott10: Wonders why he never starts

@AmitChampaneri1: Went for the top shelf ignoring Keane’s advice then I see 😂😂

@WhuCovey: How can people not love Jack grealish! Pure box office 😂

@supermahrez26: bros wasted

@MtMcfc: How can you not love this guy 🤣🤣🤣

@KonradPlayz: Hes just enjoying life. He basically came here to win the Prem. let him enjoy his life.

@McfcMaddie: He’s absolutely hammered

@shAsSaf1: Drunk Grealish is just fucking vibes 😎

@nazhdilber: Worth every penny

@venomkb24: Jack is absolutely drunk lol

@strikeanywhere1: Grealish on the bus: ‘Of course it’s amazing to win my first title and I want to thank all the fans but I REALLY want to thank Bernardo Silva for coming off yesterday because he was miles off it!!’ Hahahhahahahhahahahahahah

@_EnGee: Hope Almiron snaps Grealish’s legs in the first minute of our next game against them. Even if he has to dive into Man City’s bench to do it.

@GillesOffTheWeb: City are going to make Grealish apologies to Miguel Almiron tomorrow and I can’t wait. Ideally a live Instagram video whilst catastrophically hungover please.

@efcdoyle: Jack Grealish saying Riyad Mahrez played like Miguel Almiron on Sunday 😭😭

@JtheHall: Woah woah woah hold on. Why is Grealish slagging of little Almiron. Any need? Weird flex bro, weird flex.

@LosoLFC: Let me not lie, Grealish dragging Almiron unprovoked is too funny 😂

@JustinTerrett: Always been a fan of Grealish but when you bring Miguel Almiron into it for no reason I will lose respect for you. There is no need, the kid has only just got his confidence back. #nufc #mcfc

@soph_atkk: jack grealish comparing mahrez to almiron is such an obscure reference that i simply can’t help but laugh, sorry miggy love u

@ImRobM: I feel like any other player would laugh off Grealish’s comments, but I honestly think Almiron will cry himself to sleep over this.

@Brandyn4d: Bit weird to disrespect a fellow pro when you’ve more than likely never spoke a word to Almiron… beer fear pending for Grealish, hopefully his car keys are locked away tonight. Idiot

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