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Huddersfield demand explanation from chiefs | Jon Moss has his record shop trashed

Huddersfield Town demand an explanation from refereeing chiefs while official Jon Moss has his record shop trashed after the playoff final.

The Terriers want answers over a penalty call they believe could have cost them £200million and promotion to the Premier League.

Club officials were stunned when the retiring Jon Moss — who took charge of their Championship playoff final against Nottingham Forest at Wembley — wasn’t instructed to watch a replay of Max Lowe’s second-half penalty-box barge on Lewis O’Brien.

The incident was sent to VAR Paul Tierney, who puzzled many when he was happy with Moss’s decision not to award a spot kick, viewers at home and the Huddersfield support inside the stadium couldn’t believe how it wasn’t a clear and obvious error.

Nottingham Forest were ahead at the time and won the game 1-0 to secure a place in the top flight next season.

However, Huddersfield are now planning on asking bosses at referees’ body PGMOL to give them an answer as to why Moss was not sent to the monitor. They will then consider their options.

Huddersfield had another penalty claim turned down 10 minutes before the O’Brien incident, when full back Harry Toffolo appeared to be clipped in the area by Forest midfielder Jack Colback.

Tierney agreed with Moss’s on-field call that Toffolo had dived and the defender was booked. VAR, which wasn’t used for the regular EFL season, was used in the playoff finals for the first time.

Meanwhile, police have launched an investigation into alleged death threats made against referee Jon Moss, who contacted West Yorkshire Police with officers attending his ‘Vinyl Whistle’ record store in Headingley, Leeds to speak to him. Daily Star also report that the shop Moss owns also suffered some damage to the frontage.

This comes around 48 hours after Moss came in for huge criticism for his performance in the Championship playoff final last weekend.

It’s understood Moss believes the death threats are related to the abuse he has received from Huddersfield fans since his final match.

Supporters tweeted, calling on the FA to launch an investigation into Moss’s display. One fan said: “Jon Moss is by far one of the worst referees in the history of football, makes shocking decisions almost every game. Huddersfield have been absolutely robbed of at least one penalty there, if not two!”

Another added: “How were these not given as penalties in the first instance? The fact they were then missed by VAR on both occasions is baffling. It just can’t happen in a game of this magnitude.”

The Durham-born official, 51, will take up a new role as a Select Group 1 Manager at the PGMOL ahead of next season.

Huddersfield boss Carlos Corberan chose not to criticise the officials, after all, you’ll get punished for that these days, after two penalty shouts were turned down in the clash at Wembley.

When asked about the incidents, Corberan said: “I didn’t watch them yet but the players that received these fouls were thinking that if they hadn’t received the foul they would have finished the opportunity to attack.

“But you have the VAR and the referee, and if they understand there is no foul, I can’t say anything. The only thing I can do is to accept it. I understand that with only one referee it is complicated but when you have the support of the VAR the possibility to make fair decisions increases, so if they understand it was not a penalty it’s because maybe they were not penalties.”

When pushed about it further, Corberan added: “I have been through the season without VAR and I don’t understand well what the process is. I don’t know if the referee needs to ask to review, I don’t know if the VAR can do something when they see, I don’t know if they can review action when the referee doesn’t ask. But if you have VAR and the referee and they understand that there was no penalty, I only can accept it was not a penalty.”

West Yorkshire Police said: “We are investigating reported abusive and malicious comments that have been made online directed at a West Yorkshire resident. Enquiries are ongoing.”

Fans reacted as Huddersfield demand an explanation from refereeing chiefs and Jon Moss has his record shop trashed…

@Dave77239226: The more I watch these replays the more I feel they dived and went looking for them, I mean it was the only way they were going to get a shot on target in my book. I call it cheating, now wind your necks in and fuck off

@warrenallsworth: Zero shots on target had nothing to do with it then?

@JamieMegson4: Just seen Jon Moss has had his shop trashed in Leeds after the game. Apparently police asked him to review the CCTV but he refused & said no need as I know Harry Toffolo is the culprit 😂

@LukeHtafc: #htafc will never forget the #injustice of 2022. Given the magnitude of the game VAR was implemented to protect the integrity and fairness, what a shambles.

@KarlosSAFC1982: Surely the VAR officials are to blame for this. Match referee can only see so much that’s why we have VAR. I really don’t think you can pin it all on Jon Moss.

Look lads buy shit loads of bricks
Build a bridge
And get the fuck over it

@TheRefereeForum: Of course Jon Moss will have received death threats. English football culture allows such treatment of referees and some ex players even encourage it. Shameful.

@frankthetank622: That’s HTAFC fans for you. Don’t have a shot on goal all game and blame the ref for not giving fouls for players initiating contact and diving

@dzyb9: If he wants to move it to Nottingham, we’ll put it on Clumber Street and even rename it Jon Moss Street. It’s got a Maccies, a Greggs and a Sports Direct. Everything a retiring heroic referee could ask for. #nffc

@lachojski: What is very special about this is that it will of been a Huddersfield fan that’s gone and done this because of var making (in their eyes) the wrong decision!!!!! Fuck all to do with moss 😂😂😂😂😂

@JamieBriody: So you’re saying the incident has essentially gone to a VAR check?

@Turns88: He should open a shop in Nottingham, he’ll make a fortune

@WPlows: People will do anything after the vinyl whistle

@mistyghoul: as much as i dislike jon moss these days smashing up his shop is disgraceful

@jedherosaviour: In all fairness to the bloke, he did send the penalty to VAR and he did not make the decision!

@NickBrookz: John Moss is a great referee. Dunno why he’s getting stick personally.

@zopheeny: Watching the penalties back I’d be pretty peeved if I was a HT fan but that’s with the benefit of endless replays and angles. The ref called it as he saw it, VAR didn’t overrule him. Blaming and threatening him and smashing up his business is just disgusting behaviour!

@gupe1979: Poor bloke, no matter what happened no one deserves this, it’s a game it is not life and death. Those people who have done this are cowards!

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