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Jack Grealish hits back after being criticised by Graeme Souness

Jack Grealish hits back after being criticised by Graeme Souness during their broadcast of Aston Villa’s 2-0 defeat at Liverpool at the weekend.

The 24-year-old midfielder was fouled three times at Anfield and remains being the most-fouled player in the Premier League‘s history in a single season.

Liverpool legend turned controversial pundit Souness decided to question the Villa player’s ability during Sky Sports’ build-up to Sunday’s game.

He said: “When I was playing I would not want to have been the most fouled player in the Premier League. That means I’m holding onto the ball too long.

“That means I’m not seeing the picture early enough, taking too many touches when I don’t need to.

“There’s no doubt about it he has ability, easy on the eye, silky. But I’m yet to be convinced by him.”

Emile Heskey, also in the studio, had his say: “I don’t think there’s much happening for him to be honest. There’s not much movement around that allows him to take one or two touch, and that’s his game as well he likes to dribble and take people on.”

Souness responded: “When I was being coached at Liverpool, I was told that I make the striker’s mind up, with my body movement, the way I get the ball out my feet, I’m making them run where I’m going to kick the ball.

“I just think anyone who gets tackled that much and gets that many fouls is not seeing the picture quick enough.

“Would I have liked to have played against him? I’d have loved to have played against him, because he lets me get to him, allows me to get physical with him.

“Do I want to play against Paul Scholes? He’s too quick, Xavi, Iniesta, those types, popping it off one and two touch. I want to play against people like him [Grealish], because I know he’s going to allow me to mess him around.”

Grealish has since taken to respond to Souness’ verbal rant by commenting on a graphic which states that he’s only behind Man City’s Kevin De Bruyne (101) for chances created (80).

As can be seen above, the Villa skipper replied to Souness, simply putting: “Can’t please everyone.”

His tweet went on to get a total of over 37,000 likes, as well as 3,500 shares and 1,100 comments from a huge amount of Twitter users.

Grealish has been a key player for Villa this season, scoring nine goals in all competitions and assisted eight times.

He was mocked on BBC Sport’s website as they did their usual live commentary of the Liverpool and Villa clash.

After just six minutes, they wrote: “Grealish is down on the turf. To be honest, I might just report the times he’s stood up. That’d be easier.

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That also got heavily talked about across various social media site, leaving many fans laughing.

Jack Grealish has been is plenty of transfer talk this year with rumours that Manchester United have their eye on him.

It’s fair to say he and a few other players including John McGinn won’t be in the Championship next season should Villa get relegated, leaving plenty of clubs having their eye on him for the summer transfer window.

Many thought that he could potentially have scuppered by a big move after crashing his Range Rover during the coronavirus lockdown.

The Aston Villa player was charged with driving without due care and attention, and failing to stop at or report a collision.

Grealish says he received a call off a friend to go to their house and “stupidly” agreed, only to end up in an incident with another vehicle.

That incident will sure stay fresh in people’s mind this summer when it comes whether to deciding whether to sign him up or not.

Other clubs listed by bookies in wanting Grealish are RB Leipzig, Tottenham, Chelsea, Liverpool, Leicester, Man City, Everton and Arsenal.

Villa currently sit 18th in the Premier League table, a point from safety and have five games remaining against Man Utd, Crystal Palace, Everton, Arsenal and West Ham.

Martin Keown made astonishing claims prior to the goalless Sheffield United, stating that Premier League relegation battlers Aston Villa are better off without “moaning” fans in ground.

The former Villan defender said that they were more likely to stay up without “moaning” fans in the stands, and believes playing behind closed doors could work in their favour.

Since Keown’s comments, Villa have got a 1-1 draw at Newcastle United before losing at home to Chelsea and rivals Wolves as well as losing 2-0 to new top flight champions Liverpool, who were thrashed 4-0 against Man City in midweek.

Here’s how fans reacted after Jack Grealish hits back after being criticised by pundit Graeme Souness…

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