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Jose Mourinho slams Arsenal for mocking Tottenham on social media

Jose Mourinho slams Arsenal for mocking Tottenham on social media following his side’s defeat by Sheffield United on Thursday night.

The Spurs boss hit out at the Gunners and said they “don’t have much to celebrate” after a dig was made at their defeat to the Blades.

Tottenham suffered a 3-1 loss last week, so Arsenal took the mick and posted highlights of their FA Cup victory over to Chris Wilder’s side on Facebook with the caption: “It’s not easy beating Sheffield United at Bramall Lane.”

It’s not easy beating Sheffield United at Bramall Lane ?

Here’s a reminder of how it’s done ??

Posted by Arsenal on Friday, July 3, 2020

It clearly caught the attention of Mourinho, who said Arsenal should not focus on other clubs due to their troubles this season.

“I think if they were top of the league or fighting for top four in a really good moment they wouldn’t enjoy the problems of others,” he said.

“You only enjoy the problems of others when you are also in trouble. In the end it says more about them, they don’t have much to celebrate, they have to get every opportunity to do it.

“They are in a very similar situation to us in the table. I don’t like to connect the club with some post or tweet. Maybe I am wrong, maybe I am right, but the person that did it probably did it by themselves.

“I don’t believe it was [Mikel] Arteta that posted, I don’t believe it was [Granit] Xhaka or another captain that did it.

“It was probably some guy that was at home for three months working from home. No problem at home, but we will be waiting for them.”

Mourinho said he was “disturbed” and “destroyed” at his team’s lack of desire in the defeat, which really dented their hopes of Champions League qualification.

Talking to the media after the game, he added: ““There was a lot in the game, there was a possibility of shortening distances to Champions League positions, there was the possibility of being more stable for the Europa League positions fight.

“I believed in the evolution of the team and I thought that by a desire point of view, they put more in than us. That’s something that disturbs me.

“It’s something that I feel, I don’t know, that’s my way of being – it’s something that destroys me a little bit on the inside because I think the last thing in football is when you have the feeling you could, you should do more.

“I always say it’s not a problem for me to lose because my opponent is better, it’s not a problem for me to lose because my goalkeeper made a big mistake, it’s not a problem for me to lose because my striker missed two chances with an open goal or a guy missed a penalty in the last minute.

“It’s not a problem for me to cope with mistakes and defeats. It’s a problem when my feeling was we could do much more.”

Mourinho replaced former manager Mauricio Pochettino back in November, which at the time saw Tottenham sat in a dismal 14th place… now they are 10th !

He has insisted that the only thing needed to turn things around is “Time. Only time.”

“One of the most difficult things in football is exactly that, to change mentalitie. It’s to change state of mind. It’s to change the team’s soul. It’s one of the most difficult things in football.

“Sometimes you have incredible luck to have a majority of players adapted to these needs and some other times you have incredible players but the psychological profile is different or was built in a different direction. So only time can do it.”

He will be hoping his side can pick up a much needed three points against Everton in the Premier League on Monday, which will leave them a point behind Arsenal, who will be their opponents in the north London derby on Sunday.

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