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Ivan Toney posts statement slamming the FA over “disturbing” punishment leak for betting breaches

Ivan Toney posts a statement slamming the FA over a “disturbing” punishment leak for betting breaches, 262 gambling-related charges.

The 26 year old, who could reportedly face being banned for betting violations, has said that he is concerned about the Football Association’s disciplinary processes.

He said that the FA informed him that all details about his hearing would be kept confidential until a decision was made.

Yet, claims emerged throughout the week that Toney, who was charged with 262 violations, would be banned from playing for six-months.

Reports claim that Toney had admitted breaking FA betting rules prior to his appearance before a disciplinary panel and he has admitted to gambling offences.

However, he is now contesting other charges after being charged in November with 232 violations and December with 30 more.

FA Rule E8 prohibits players from placing bets on games or sharing information to facilitate betting.

The speculation is that Gareth Southgate will not allow the player to feature for England.

Toney released a statement via Instagram on Wednesday and said his lawyers “will be writing to the FA to request that they conduct a leak inquiry.”

He wrote: “I was shocked and disappointed to see press speculation yesterday and today about the FA investigation process concerning me after I have been told by the FA that it is a confidential process until any decision has been made.

“It is especially disturbing for me to read that the FA is saying I shall be banned from football for six months before there has even been a hearing, and it does make me worried about the process.

“My lawyers will be writing to the FA to request that they conduct a leak inquiry as this is the second time stories have appeared in the newspapers – the last time was just before the selection of the England World Cup squad.

“As I continue to be told the investigation is meant to be confidential, I am unable to provide any further comment. I shall continue to concentrate on my football.”

The alleged breaches took place between February 25, 2017 and January 23, 2021, during which time Toney played for the likes of Scunthorpe, Wigan, Peterborough and Brentford.

Brentford boss Thomas Frank said in December that Toney remains ‘laser focused’ on his football amid the investigation.

“I can only praise him for his mentality and his character. He is in many ways unique there,” Frank spoke.

“His ability to have that laser focus and go into the game focused on the next action, the next moment and fulfilling his role in the team and pushing the team and helping the team is remarkable.

“I’ve spoken to him a few times to ask how he is and how his family are. In this modern world everyone thinks they know everything and there are a lot of clever people out there, especially on social media. It’s important for him and the family to take care for each other, which they do because they have a strong family.

“For any player it’s about finding that consistency, no matter what is hitting you. From where you find your extra inspiration, motivation, or whatever it is, it’s different from player to player. But I don’t see a more determined player, I just see the same Ivan who wants to progress and be better every day.”

Jordan opened up on a conversation with Ivan Toney’s father recently

Meanwhile, talkSPORT host Simon Jordan spoke to Ivan Toney’s father and advised the Brentford star on how he should respond to the betting charges against him.

He told talkSPORT: “I sat down with his dad, Ivan Toney senior, a few weeks ago and he was a very nice man, and so is Ivan.

“My advice to them was make sure you don’t muddy the water. Whatever you are guilty of admit, whatever you are not guilty of contest.

“He seems to be doing that. I’m not suggesting he followed my advice, but I think that is the best course of action when you are dealing with the football world that will hold you to account if you try to muddy the water and turn semantics into an argument.

“If you are guilty of something, they are going to get to the bottom of it, ultimately it’s not a difficult trail to follow.

“You’ve been charged with something it doesn’t necessarily follow that you will be found guilty, but betting is betting. If you are guilty of it, cop to it and if you are not guilty of something then defend it.”

Jordan added: “Some of them are alleged to be games he’s played in. You are in very murky territory there.

“The challenge for Brentford is now… he’s going to get banned because he’s admitted some of the things.

“Joey Barton got banned. I would ban him for being an odious person, but that’s another matter.

“The bottom line is he’s caught in this difficult situation because you’ve got precedent. Things move and sentencing guidelines change.

“We’ve seen a variety get caught in this trap. The fact of the matter is if he’s been found guilty to bet on games he’s played in, and there’s a distinct possibility he will be, then it will be a very significant situation.

“You are attacking the very fabric of the game by being the participant in a game where you can influence the destiny of while betting on it.

“That is very murky territory and not where you want to be and not befitting of the boy I get the picture of from his father and what I see in the media.

“He’s going to get smacked and consequences.

“The problem now is Brentford are going to be the victims of this and with a contract running down what do you pay the player, do you pay him his full salary?

“If you don’t pay him his full salary he will get disenfranchised and you are going to lose him.

“Ivan Toney is a much sought-after commodity at the peak of his powers in his footballing career.”

This is what social media users said as Ivan Toney posts statement slamming the FA over the “disturbing” punishment leak for betting breaches…

@NFFC_Club_Man: The man’s even written his statement in the format of a 20 fold accumulator

@luke_lufc_wroe: don’t bet on football if you don’t like the repercussions of it

@SPWebb1985: Odds on there being another leak Ivan?

Translation to this is:
I’m guilty and I’m facing a long ban but I’m going to try any way possible to get out of it even though I broke the rules

@ryan_murton: Do the crime, do the time…

@Daf93456126Shon: I mean, maybe don’t break the rules in the first place?

@Houlton11: Fair play here, how is this info getting out. Same re Reading getting another points deduction via EFL, who the fuck leaks this shit….

@jopdaws: What difference does it make ffs don’t bet on the footy if you’re a footballer it isn’t that hard hahaha

@Pandamonium1881: This is a really strange one as the date for submissions from him was way back in the first week of Jan. Surely much of the investigatory work had already been done & it’s very strange for the FA to hold this for two months, now this from Toney. All very messy & weird

@Ernieot: Unless he can identify the source of the leak he needs to keep his mouth shut and respond with no comment … it could be anyone making it up on social media. Smacks of desperation and him trying to put pressure on the FA claiming a flawed process … that’s not a good idea!!

@Yorkshire77: This joker breaks the rules and starts crying when he thinks they’ve leaked he’s gonna be banned. I hope he’s banned for a full season … he’s been betting and breaking the rules for years. He knew what he was doing was wrong.

@Carpente7Paul: It’ll be a lengthy ban for Ivan Toney these situations don’t arise that often. What a crock! A leaked story, talk of 6 month ban & he’s almost been tried & convicted before the case has been heard. That’s fair, not! Like he’s the only pro footballer gambling. He just got caught.

@roathboy: I’m sure the FA will throw the book at Ivan Toney, claiming that betting threatens the integrity of the game, which it of course does, but where is the integrity in so many sponsorship deals and advertisements promoting the gambling industry? That shouldn’t be allowed either

@RealJaffa_: Ivan Toney is smart. Bemoaning the fact his case isn’t confidential to try and mitigate a ban. My two pence is that the FA are dragging it out as long as possible so he’s banned during summer months when he won’t play anyway. If he didn’t bet he’d have nothing to worry about…

@TheChauffeur_: If the inquiry was officially declared as confidential, any leak traced back to a person or persons involved in said inquiry, directly or indirectly, would/should be brought before a disciplinary panel and punished accordingly. Thus rendering the investigation null and void…

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