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Ian Wright hits back at Jamie Carragher criticising Arsenal’s celebrations after beating Liverpool

Ian Wright hits back at Jamie Carragher criticising Arsenal’s celebrations after beating Liverpool 3-1 on Sunday evening.

Arsenal legend Ian Wright told Jamie Carragher and other critics of the so-called over-celebrating to “leave us alone” in quite a long rant.

Amid the jubilation of Arsenal’s crucial victory at home to Premier League title rivals Liverpool, which keeps the Gunners well and truly in the race, captain Odegaard got hold of a camera.

The Norwegian midfielder then took a picture of lifelong Arsenal supporter and club photographer Stuart MacFarlane in front of the crowd. Arteta was also seen going wild on the touchline mid-game and then fist pumped towards the fans.

The gap between league leaders Liverpool and Arsenal is now just two points, although reigning champions Manchester City will move above the Gunners and into second place should they beat Brentford on Monday night, and will still have a game in hand.

Jamie Carragher said on the celebrations: “Just get down the tunnel! You’ve won a big game, you’ve got the three points, you’re back in the title race, just get down the tunnel. I’m being serious, honestly.”

Gary Neville said that Arsenal’s celebrations was a sign of immaturity, while Ian Wright came in to defend the jubilant scenes: “The negativity towards my manager man, what has he done apart from celebrating a goal and celebrating his team?.

“Celebrating a team that is trying to beat these juggernauts, Liverpool and Manchester City. And because he’s celebrating? Because Martin Odegaard is taking a picture with Stuart the photographer? A lifelong Gunner. This man has been supporting Arsenal since he was five or something ridiculous like that.

“Just taking a picture in front of the north bank, what’s wrong with the captain doing that? It’s got nothing to do with the fact that we’ve just beaten Liverpool, that’s just an opportunity. Why is everybody trying to kill the joy? Don’t kill the joy. There’s so much of the season to go.

“As soon as Arsenal do anything they just come under a pile-on. It’s like we can’t have any joy. It’s like England at a World Cup or a Euros, as soon as England start doing well everyone is jumping on them! It’s the same thing that happens with Arsenal. Don’t let them spoil the joy. Keep doing what you’re doing. Whatever is going to be will be. Do not kill the joy.

“My manager, celebrate with passion like you do because that’s what it’s about. People are expecting us to bottle it and lose these games and we’re going through it, we’re getting ourselves through, through injuries and everything, and the hatred is just so intense. Just leave us alone. You lot can take the p*** if it doesn’t happen like you normally do. Leave us alone in the joy.

“Enjoy, Arsenal fans! Enjoy our moments! Because that’s all this game is, moments. And we had one tonight, we beat the great Liverpool who are top of the league. Up the Gunners!”

Goals from Bukayo Saka, Gabriel Martinelli and Leandro Trossard clinch a 3-1 win for Arsenal over Liverpool with the Reds also seeing Ibrahima Konate sent off late on.

Player ratings (as per Sky Sports)

Arsenal: Raya (6), White (7), Saliba (6), Gabriel (6), Zinchenko (6), Rice (8), Jorginho (8), Odegaard (7), Saka (7), Martinelli (8), Havertz (7).

Subs: Kiwior (7), Trossard (8), Nelson (7).

Liverpool: Alisson (5), Alexander-Arnold (5), Van Dijk (5), Konate (4), Gomez (5), Mac Allister (7), Jones (6), Gravenberch (6), Diaz (6), Gakpo (6), Jota (6).

Subs: Nunez (6), Robertson (6), Elliott (6), Thiago (6).

Player of the match: Jorginho

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, speaking to Sky Sports: “In general we can admit that Arsenal deserve the three points.

“The circumstances were a bit strange. The goal for us was similar to the cup game. In the cup game we had even bigger chances.

“We scored the goal at half-time and having nil shots on target, but a goal is a bit stranger. We had to adapt in a lot of moments today.

“We found our way into the game, we had crosses and situations where it was close and then the second half. But if you cannot keep it open, then Arsenal might become a little nervous.

“The red card did not help and we had to change what we tried a lot.”

On injuries and absences: “We miss them always. It is no different today. If this game ends 1-1 then what do we think then?

“Because of the way we conceded the second goal and if we stayed in the game with the changes we could have changed the game into our direction.

“We gave them all the momentum.

“We didn’t miss players more than before as we always miss them.

“We had possesion and just didn’t have the finishes, we found Trent on the wing and the ball flew in and Arsenal were under pressure.

“But I thought in the first half we went step-by-step to get in the game.”

On Darwin Nunez being left out a mistake: “Maybe. But I understand it.

“We did not play enough football. We were not involved in the game enough, we wanted Trent more on the wing.

“Would I do it again like that? Yes.”

On Ibrahima Konate: “A lot of things were against of us today. This referee gave me a red card against Man City for wrestling situation between Bernardo Silva and Mo Salah. Today same situation with Jota but didn’t get a red card.

“It is unbelievable, then the of holding Havertz on Konate for the first yellow card.

“Then Havertz goes down and the referee gives Konate a yellow card.

“Gabriel does the same to Nunez and no yellow card.”

Arsenal manger Mikel Arteta, speaking to Sky Sports about conceding in the first half: “Especially with the performance we had in the first half and the chances we created, the way we conceded was painful.

“We could not feel sorry for ourselves, we needed to react and there was a lot to play for and we went out and suffered a bit.

“They were attacking open spaces and that is a bad thing to concede against them. They changed their shape and we had to bring a player inside.

“Basically the message was there wads going to be difficult moments and we had to navigate through them moments.

“We was ruthless when we had a chance and it feels like a big win.”

On Liverpool: “At the moment they are probably the best team in Europe and the levels they have, they are in incredible team.

“We have come so far and now it is about doing it consistently. Liverpool have done it for six to seven years.”

On title race: “It gives us momentum and the way we have done it we are back on it – really excited.”

Arsenal midfielder Jorginho, speaking to Sky Sports: “We believe in ourselves and rely on each other. The Liverpool goal did not change anything that we had done.

“We knew how to get back in the second half. We had to push each other and keep the energy high.”

On the Arsenal team: “It is such a good group and a humble group who listen to each other and no-one is selfish.

“Here everyone thinks for the group and the maturity of our team was demonstrated today.”

Arsenal midfielder Declan Rice, speaking to Sky Sports: “We knew the importance of the game today, the small margins of football and the gap would have either come bigger or smaller.

“The only focus from everyone was to win and get three points.

“From start to finish it has been really positive and I think you could feel that today.

“Because we have people like Jorginho and skipper – Jorginho was good today.

“It was a kick in the teeth to concede, but we knew we had a good 45 minutes [in the first half] and we had to go out there and give everything.

“Of course when you are competing for titles they will tell you every game is so important.

“To do it in the way we did that is the thing we live for.”

On player of the match Jorginho: “How he controls games he has qualities that other players do not have.

“Playing in the same position he does stuff at such a high quality and over this years he has been a top player.”

Liverpool captain Virgil van Dijk, speaking to Sky Sports: “A tough day. I think the 2-1 [Martinelli’s goal] I take full responsibility for that.

“That is a big moment in the game. I should have made a better decision – it hurts for me.

“Like I said that was a big turning point in the game. After the break we were so good and had opportunities and were dominant, the atmosphere started to come nervous.

“The turning point is my responsibility, I should try to clear it.

“Obviously these things don’t happen too often in my career, but I will recover from this.

“It is a physical game and I am not looking for excuses. At the highest level it is a split decision.

“Alisson touched me a little bit and he couldn’t clear it, but I take full responsibility for this and I will try to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

“You play here obviously for every team in the league it is a tough place to go to.

“In the FA Cup we was under a lot under pressure, but we found a way.

“It hurts losing. The way we did it today and in so many ways it was unnecessary.

“It hurts for me and seeing the fans coming all the way down and the whole club it is not nice to be involved in mistakes, but I will work hard and be back.”

This is how fans reacted as Ian Wright hits back at Jamie Carragher criticising Arsenal’s celebrations after beating Liverpool…

@NUFCdesperado: Joy hoovers mate. The world is full of them. Great result for the season as well. Be epic if it’s a genuine 3 horse race this season.

@ruthbeckart: We love you Ian ❤️🤍

@hev194: My 10 year old son was running around the living room every time we scored. I was screaming and high fiveing him. We celebrated like we had won the league like we do every time we win. He is meeting Perry groves in 2 weeks at the emirates and can’t wait.. COYGs #upthearsenal

@JohnRivett3: On the money Wrighty 👏👏👏👏

@PapaSmurf1878: Jamie Carragher saying you have won as game get down the tunnel as Arsenal celebrate the bitter twat 😂😂. Loves all the fist pumping from Klopp to the Kop after games though doesn’t he. Tit

@DanHeslop: Don’t know why people are surprised that Jamie Carragher (a man who spits at people) is a massive hypocrite??

@MarkCun70075997: He gobs at a kid yet still has a high profile tv gig. Shameful. John Sitton, shouts at his players, gets cut outta football.

@HelderJRDias: Preach Lord WRIGHTY!!! 🔴⚪️

@mobley10: You’re 100% right, the saltiness is unbelievable, I call what we and Arteta do is celebrating with passion! And we and all fans irrespective of your club should proudly celebrate with passion! It was a great win today! I love my club COYG!

@davewood1963: Jamie carragher kept saying arsenal were desperate, no Jamie desperate is when you haven’t got a sense if humour and end up spitting in a childs face

@CharlieDouglas_: Well said Wrighty – this is why you’re a legend ❤️ safe journey home

@ideas_victoria: Very well said. Sport is full of ups and downs. You HAVE to celebrate the ups and that’s what this team does! Also, it’s my birthday today, so tjis felt especially massive. No one can kill my joy today!!! Up the Gunners! Love you Ian!! ❤️🤍❤️🤍

@TheGunnerNick: YES!!! THIS RIGHT HERE WRIGHTY!!! What even is this game WITHOUT passion and celebration?! ❤️🤍❤️🤍

@Toykeen: Absolutely spot on! Love it. Deserved win against a good team – Vamos!!

@Steve6426826082: @IanWright0 there are TOO many haters out there mate. Can you imagine if the celebration police were about as much when YOU were playing and scoring goals. I used to LOVE the way you celebrated scoring goals ❤️

@GeorgeGoldie2: Have to agree. Think people have forgotten why we all fell in love with the game and why we watch it.

@sallyoshea: Love you so much Wrighty ❤️

@CraigEvenden1: @IanWright0 I absolutely love your passion. You are one of my fave all time players and by far the best pundit. An absolute legend, thank you

@I_Am_Kristyn: The haters are there to make sure we sulk whether we win or lose. I’m going to enjoy this one just like I’m still enjoying the ManUtd and the Bournemouth wins. Well said 🫡

@ElF30303: Well said Wrighty. There’s nothing wrong in showing passion for the game, the players and the win. COYG

@RayKisser: Incredibly well said! My son and I are still celebrating this match. It was special and we are, right now, full of joy!!!

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