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Ben Chilwell riles up Chelsea fans with ‘one of the worst things to say’ after defeat to Wolves

Ben Chilwell riles up Chelsea fans with ‘one of the worst things to say’ after suffering a 4-2 defeat at home to Wolves on Sunday.

Ben Chilwell’s post-match interview after Chelsea’s defeat to Wolves managed to provoke more anger from Blues fans.

Chelsea experienced another disappointing loss at Stamford Bridge, this time against Gary O’Neil’s side, which pushed Mauricio Pochettino’s side into the lower half of the Premier League table.

With consecutive demoralising defeats to Liverpool and Wolves, Pochettino is now facing immense pressure as the manager.

In both matches, Chelsea conceded four goals, further adding to the team’s woes. During the match at Stamford Bridge, the fans seemed to turn against the boss, with some speculating that Jose Mourinho could return.

Chilwell’s actions only added to the frustrations of Chelsea supporters.

Looking ahead, Chelsea has a fourth round FA Cup replay against Aston Villa on Wednesday, followed by a weekend trip to Crystal Palace.

This week could prove to be crucial for Pochettino as the manager of the Blues. Despite the team’s struggles in the league, he has successfully guided the club to the Carabao Cup final.

“We can’t hide,’ Chilwell said in the post-match, “it wasn’t good enough.”

“We started well and got the goal [through Palmer] but then we conceded almost straightaway and then it just wasn’t good enough for 70 minutes or so of the game.

“I think they showed that they ‘wanted it’ more than us. That’s not to say that we didn’t want it, but I think they just showed that bit more fight than us.

“There’s no excuses but they seemed to win more duels, they seemed to run more than us and from when they scored the first goal, they just seemed to dominate. Like I said, there can be no excuses for this, and we need to put it right quickly.’

“We had chances in the game and it’s up to us to take them,” he added.

“If we take them, then of course that could have helped us get back into the game We need to be more clinical, like Wolves were at the other end and I think that’s probably what the difference was overall.”

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Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino speaking to BBC Sport: “When we scored the game was for us. Then when we concede we start to feel nervous and we didn’t manage well the stress.

“It was difficult to manage the team, the stress. We had chances for 2-2 but then we conceded the third. Disappointed, I apologise to the fans and thanks to those who stayed and supported the team until the end. We are sorry and so disappointed.

“Of course, I think we can change [the situation], we felt so disappointed after [the midweek 4-1 loss at] Liverpool and today it was 1-0 but [we made] too many mistakes which you can’t afford to in the Premier League.

“We started to play with a nervousness, made rash decisions. We need to reset and be ready for the FA Cup [fourth round replay] on Wednesday against Aston Villa. Of course the disappointment is massive.

“We cannot go down, it is a tough moment, but it is a moment to be together and find solutions and try to help the team with our decisions.

“It is normal that we are not matching the history of the club. It is a different project and it is always a matter of time but it is difficult for me to always ask for time, time, time and it’s normal that the patience is not infinite.

“We need to show more and the circumstances are difficult. We were good until Liverpool but after Liverpool and Wolves it is like everything is going wrong. We have been on a good run and we need to move on.”

Wolves manager Gary O’Neil told BBC Sport: “Tough place to come, [Chelsea have] an extremely talented squad, [it was] just a real belief in our group.

“We tidied up bits that worked well against Manchester United and looked much better. It was a real good team performance and an enjoyable one for us, I can’t lie.

“It was just trying to be us today. There was nothing special about it, be aggressive, see if we can force mistakes, and with the ball I thought we were excellent.

“I didn’t really like us at 4-1, I saw a little lack of focus but harsh criticism of course. It’s not a trait I want to see, it’s a talented group so we should keep going. I really enjoyed it and the lads deserve massive credit.

“We have comeback from setbacks a lot. We suffered heartbreak three days ago after working our socks off to get back against Manchester United and they scored right at the death. But it was straight to business. We have done it a lot this season.

“Really pleased, 32 points is something the group should be proud of at this stage and lets see where we can go.”

On Matheus Cunha: “He’s a fantastic guy. Always had quality, we know he has that. He is so humble and hard-working, all I have worked on him with is hi understanding of situations. A Premier League hat-trick speaks volumes of the improvements he’s made.

“A big win of course, but back down to earth very quickly with Brentford next. We need to make sure the boys are ready to go again.”

As mentioned, Ben Chilwell riles up Chelsea fans with ‘one of the worst things to say’ after suffering defeat to Wolves…

@tomcliffordcfc: Chilly clearly isn’t fully fit, the whole team was just as bad as each other, shambles from top to bottom

@andytubbs8: No leaders in that Chelsea team and it shows.

@JayStubbs07: Wanted it more that’s embarrassing

@MikeyDowdell: This guy is the worst player in the squad 😂 Doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing half the time. Marcos Alonso was 50x the player this bellend is.

@_jamieCFC: Chilwell out, what a fucking disgrace from supposed Vice Captain

@jakewhite87: @BenChilwell this is pathetic, you as captain are admitting the other team wanted it more. How about after the goal gets conceded you grab hold of your team mates and tell them to wake the fuck up, this is not good enough and us fans will not accept this

@ritchCFC: Our captain admitting that Wolves wanted to win more should be the final nail in Pochettino’s coffin

@SonOfChelsea: Chilwell looks like a different man to one that won a European Cup and was one of the best in world. Sad.

@everydaypundit: Fans spend thousands of hard earned pounds a year following the team – start f*cking wanting it more. #CFC

@SouthDorsetBlue: Get that armband off him, your job as captain is to set the tone and standards that need to be followed, this is embarrassing beyond belief

@Nick_L_87: Hearing our vice captain say they wanted it more is shocking 😱

@greenaway56: You were the captain, take some responsibility FFS! You lot are a bunch of gutless overpaid frauds

@AlexRJM46: Why is this pussy a captain at my club, you’re part of the problem worried more about what you wear to training than putting in some hard shifts and actually giving a fuck

@CarefreeJonty: Not even shocked. I’ll lose every bit of faith in this ownership if he’s allowed to continue. If we want to give ourselves a chance at silverware, sack him. Pitch Jose the remainder of the season and the permanent job if he wins silverware and shows signs of progression imo 🤷🏻‍♂️

@byrneconor: Wolves wanted it more than Chelski playing at home…. hilarious

@1221Dtr: Yeah this has boiled my piss! Imagine a Chelsea captain saying this!! JT needs to give his head a wobble.

@ChessyHour: He’s absolutely pathetic. A real basic assessment of the game. Unsurprising.

@Ian1966P: Clear indictment of the mentality of this squad

@JamieMagill5: Say Mourinho is going back without saying Mourinho is going back 😆

@RicciTRFC: Absolute disgrace that

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