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HUGE errors in Chelsea v Newcastle slammed by Hayden, ex-referee, and Warnock

HUGE errors in Chelsea v Newcastle has been slammed by Magpies player Isaac Hayden, an ex-referee, and Neil Warnock 24 hours after the game.

Keith Hackett, who was formerly tasked with improving standards of refereeing across English football, claims David Coote made two massive mistakes during the Premier League fixture at Stamford Bridge.

Kai Havertz boosted Chelsea fans’ spirits with a 89th minute winner following a week of uncertainty in the wake of Roman Abramovich being sanctioned.

Chelsea’s future is still up in the air over the Russian billionaire’s assets being frozen, with the club forced to operate under a new narrow operational licence.

However on the field, the Blues kept to good form, strengthening their third place position, but the winner was a contentious one.

In the first half, Havertz clashed with Dan Burn when challenging for a header, with replays showing he led with his elbow and a sending off should have been handed out.

Referee David Coote opted to only award the German a yellow, with video assistant ref John Brooks deciding to not overrule him.

Newcastle manager Eddie Howe wasn’t too angry with that call, but instead was left more furious when Coote denied his side a penalty, despite Trevoh Chalobah appearing to pull down Jacob Murphy in the area.

Hackett, the former PGMOL chief, accused Coote of having a “mare” and suggested he got both of the game’s decisions incorrect.

“David Coote is having a bit of a mare,” Hackett posted on social media during the game. “Havertz should have received a red card for his high elbow into the face of Newcastle’s Burn.

“In the second half Chelsea’s number 14 holds the shirt of his opponent then pushes him over with left arm. Penalty kick to Newcastle not awarded.

“We need Nigel Owens on this holding offence don’t we. It is so obvious a penalty kick. If I was Eddie Howe I would be asking Mike Riley to explain.”


Speaking after the game at Stamford Bridge, Howe claimed that the process to not give the Magpies a spot-kick “made a mocker of VAR”.

“Could have been a red but not going to shout from rooftops.

“But the penalty, with the use of VAR, I cannot understand how that has not been given or the ref has not been asked to go to the monitor and review his decision. That makes a mockery of VAR.”

The result ended an unbeaten run of nine matches in the Premier League, which included six wins, moving them nine points ahead of the bottom three.

“On the ball we could have been better but what has brought us these good results of late was our defensive endeavour and that was present again today,” the Toon boss added.

“We are still in a relegation battle. We are under no illusion that we have to respond and we are looking forward to some big games ahead.”

There was plenty of thoughts with the HUGE errors in Chelsea v Newcastle slammed by Isaac Hayden, an ex-referee, and Neil Warnock…

@RayC1945: Had our unbeaten run taken away today by weak, inadequate officiating. The team wasn’t beaten, it was robbed of a result a great performance deserved. Enough hurt and anger there for Eddie and the lads to generate the motivation for another unbeaten run starting Thursday!

@EmenaIo: As an Arsenal fan I believe that somehow a club with no money has found a way to pay the referee. Maybe they bribed him with free coffee, or they pawned off one of their European Cups that we, sadly, don’t have. We must get to the bottom of this.

@JimmyGriffiths6: There is too much pressure on the officials to make a decision QUICKLY. This was brought on by media and fan pressure from last season so reap what you sow. Want a decision made correctly this needs to be looked at longer than the allocated time the officials have and from angles

@Tim_JC: It’s time to mic up the refs and VAR.

@shaunesbitt: Gets worse everytime you see it. But it’ll be brushed under the carpet, no accountability. Culture of keep quiet and move on is shite! Has to be something done about these shocking decisions

@LittleHenryD: Robbed. Deserved at the bare minimum a draw. Penalty all day long. 2 red cards all day long. Even jommy floyd hasselbank agreed with havertz deliberate elbow. Shocking refereeing. Chelsea deserved nothing from the match. No bias at all.

@StephenEvans75: Another shocking weeekend for VAR. How’s Chelsea not had a Red for the elbow and Newcastle not a pen there is just ridiculous. The Diaz one yesterday. Clear and obvious shambles again @FA_PGMOL

@willetts_ben: The problem we have is the refs are now scared to make big calls because var will bail them out if wrong but VAR won’t overrule unless it’s clear & obvious which is contentious at best & leading to rubbish calls standing. Let the refs use pitchside monitors more

@BabatundeKoiki: The @premierleague should just scrap their VAR system. It’s completely useless. First Everton nor getting a penalty against City. Then it was Sanchez not getting sent off for pole axing Diaz yesterday. Now Newcastle not getting a penalty for Chalobah wrestling Murphy. Incroyable!

@GraemeBell_NUFC: The thing that annoys me massively about Chalobah’s challenge on Murphy is, he actually has 3-4 goes at him and Murphy tries to stay on his feet. It’s not just one foul, it’s a collection in one. It’s a clumsy tackle from a defender who knew he was done for pace.

@ericsaddler2: How has var got zero accountability? That decision today was beyond horrific.

@ColmRose94: No doubt the FA/PL will do the usual, bury their heads, ask Howe to “clarify his comments”…and the same awful mistakes will keep being made. Best league in the world, let down by the worst refereeing.

@craigwalsh28: It’s because they are a top 6 side #corrupt

@LaneHusband1: It was a stonewall pen and we were robbed. If we took the lead there was no way we were losing that. Coote done his job of helping them win on “Let’s all feel sorry for Chelsea Day.” We were the better team and it was our B team. Ref’s need to be held accountable. Shambolic #NUFC

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