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Groundhopper Vlog – Newhaven FC with ‘Two Men in Search of the Beautiful Game’

They’re a bit late to the party, but the Two Men in Search of the Beautiful Game say HELLO FOOTBALL!

A delay in getting their 2018/19 season underway, meant they were chomping at the bit to hit the road, and where better to head than the coast. Dive bombed by a massive seagull and a bit of off road driving later, they arrived at Fort Road, home of the Dockers, Newhaven FC.

The dark wood panelling and low ceiling of the club house, one corner of which was gleaming with cabinets stuffed with silverware, where the clubs chairman serves behind the bar, and a child had to be bribed with a free coke, to go get some ice, definitely meant they were back watching non league football.

One locals history lesson about one particular cherished bit of club memorabilia, a shirt worn by the one and only George Best, was a welcome distraction from the game being shown on the TV at one end of the bar.

With no food on offer, Tom was in bits. The tantalising smell of curry that circulated through the corridors of the main stand, was destined from the boardroom and not for the likes of you and me, and in the end a packet of bacon flavoured crisps would have to suffice.

Quite excellent music, the fact they sold a programme, a single, but quite expertly taken goal, the arrival of a ferry from France, plus a big black dog in the stands, and some heckling from the the home fans of the away team, their own team and the referee, of the highest order, made it a grand day out.

Read the full account of the Two Men in Search of the Beautiful Game’s day at Fort Road here – https://beautifulgame2015.blogspot.com/2018/09/what-times-ferry-due-newhaven-fc-vs.html

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