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GRAPHIC: Aston Villa fan gets slashed in the face after a confrontation on the coach

An Aston Villa supporter has revealed this morning that he was slashed in the face following a confrontation on the coach last night.

Twitter user, known as @Billy7AVFC, posted two photos of his photos, one with a rather graphic cut, the other with it all stitched up.

@Billy7AVFC wrote: “So I get off the coach last night at the Bagott Arms. Great win. A VILLA FAN SLASHED MY FACE AFTER A CONFRONTATION ON THE COACH. I need a name. The cowardly cunt, I still had him after!”

Another post read: “Scar for life.” and “After stitched its slot better thanks.”

It seems as though one of his team’s ‘fans’ had done this sickening attack on him.

The victim said: “Told someone on the coach to stop aiming his abuse at driver and take it up with the organiser. Bit of verbal then he just slashed me when we got off. I followed him and chinned him. But damage was done. Need a name.”


It comes just four days ago when a Birmingham City fans ran onto the pitch at St Andrews and punched unsuspecting Jack Grealish in the Second City derby where four ‘fans’ ended up being arrested. As well as the trouble inside the ground, objects were thrown at officers outside of it.

Knife crimes seems to be sadly on the rise, but in the area of and in Villa Park, there has been threats, knives seized and even stabbings.


Just a few months ago, a man who sneaked a six-inch blade into an Aston Villa match received a ban.

Caleb Williamson was banned from all football games in the UK for three years after he was caught carrying a large kitchen knife in his sock.

Before the game against Ipswich, he claimed the knife was a work tool that he forgot to take home.

Williamson added: “I was in a situation where I was at my friends house at about midnight on Friday going into Saturday.

“I put it in my sock but I didn’t go home, so didn’t have time to put it back.

“We went to the pub on Saturday before the game and it wasn’t playing on my mind. I was walking towards the stadium then I thought: ‘I have the knife in my sock.’

“I was tempted to throw it in the bin. I didn’t think I’d get caught.

“To all the Aston Villa fans of all ages and generations, to the football club, I want to apologise to this incident.

“Not only have I embarrassed the club and fans, I’ve embarrassed my family.

“I hope you all could forgive me, this is a mistake I’ll have to deal with.

“I hope you understand it wasn’t a weapon that would have ever been used.

“I can’t take it back if I could I would.

“I just want people to know it’s not me, it was a terrible mistake. I accept all the consequences.”


Yes, this was just one fan, but you have to agree with the pundits who said following the derby that a pitch invader could have ran onto the pitch towards players with a knife, if this or any one fan got away with bringing a knife into the ground and onto the pitch, something serious could happen.

After seeing photos of @Billy7AVFC’s horrific injury after being sliced last night when travelling to/from a game last night, fans took to other their sympathy and also reveal their shock at what happened – check out what they tweeted on the next page.


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