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Girl, 15, injured with Man City v Liverpool game marred by incidents, missiles and chants

A girl, 15, suffers head injuries after being hit by a pot ‘full of coins’ with Man City and Liverpool by incidents, missiles and chants.

Greater Manchester Police launched an investigation after a girl, 15, were hit head-on by a full-sized plastic pint pot “weighted in coins” that was thrown from Liverpool’s section at Thursday’s fiery Carabao Cup match at Etihad Stadium.

Daniel Cornwell say his daughter had to have her head glued. He was left with a “scar for life” after the “horrible” incident.

The object from the third-tier housing Reds supporters hit the girl on the head while she was in South Stand. Paramedics were called on the scene.

A spokesman for GMP said: “A 15-year-old girl was treated for head injuries and we will be investigating.” Liverpool and City have been approached for comment and it is understood that GMP is likely to issue an appeal for witnesses.

The ugly incident follows calls from both clubs for an end to the toxic atmosphere that has marred recent games between the sides.

Ferran Soriano, the City chief executive, and his Liverpool counterpart Billy Hogan issued a joint letter to supporters of both clubs urging them to shop any fans seen guilty of “unacceptable behaviours”.

Cornwell said online that his daughter had been left “really shook up”.

“The 15-year-old was my daughter,” he posted on Twitter. “500+ football matches in 100+ stadia and I’ve never experienced anything like I did tonight. Horrible. Thanks to the paramedics, police and stewards that helped after the event.

“She’s OK now but still really shook up. Awful experience. She seems fine if very shaken and with a scar for life. Not sure if she’ll fancy heading back soon.”

Cornwell adds the object that struck his daughter was a “heavy plastic pint pot filled with beer and weighted with coins”.

He is hopeful that GMP would identify the culprit on CCTV and also questioned why Man City had opted to put Liverpool fans in the third tier of the South Stand, directly above their City counterparts, which he claimed was a “bad decision”.

“We will try to hold the club accountable for that decision,” Cornwell tweeted.

He confirmed he was in communication with Greater Manchester Police and Man City and thanked people for their support. “To everyone that has tweeted with kind words, thank you,” he tweeted. “We are speaking to the club this morning and are also in communication with @gmpolice. We have not heard anything from @LFC or their supporter groups.

“My daughter seems to be doing OK but is sleeping it off at the moment. I didn’t feel safe at Anfield when I went last year and now this. It’s not right is it? We need to do better societally.”


October’s meeting between the clubs at Anfield was marred by a number of shameful scenes with Liverpool condemning vile chants from City fans mocking the Hillsborough disaster and graffiti daubed on the away concourses about the tragedy which claimed 97 lives.

City claimed manager Pep Guardiola had coins thrown at him and that their team bus was attacked as it left Anfield.

City went on to win the tie 3-2 thanks to goals from Erling Haaland, Riyad Mahrez and Nathan Ake to set up a quarter final meeting with Southampton.

It is understood that the Etihad or Anfield will ban the person responsible for the throwing of the object if they are identified.

Sources claim that Liverpool disabled supporters were racistally abusing the Etihad’s disabled tribune. An investigation is underway into the arrest and expulsion of a City supporter.

GMP’s match commander, Superintendent Gareth Parkin, said: “We are aware of a number of objects, including coins and a smoke bomb, that were thrown during the match.

“We will be investigating the incidents and reviewing CCTV from the night.

“Clearly throwing objects in a confined area can be dangerous, and have serious and sometimes devastating consequences – GMP sends it’s thoughts and wishes to the girl who was injured and wish her a speedy recovery.”

In a joint statement, City and Liverpool condemned the “wholly unacceptable” incidents and vowed to bring those responsible to account.

“Manchester City FC, Liverpool FC and the Chairs from our supporter groups have worked together in recent weeks to remind fans of our expectations and both clubs would like to thank the vast majority of fans for their behaviour at last night’s Carabao Cup match at the Etihad Stadium,” the statement read.

“It is however hugely disappointing that there were a number of incidents during last night’s match that are wholly unacceptable. These incidents will be fully investigated, reported to the police and the individuals who are found to be responsible will be subject to the sanction process of their respective club.

“Manchester City FC and Liverpool FC are fully committed to working together to eradicate these issues from our fixtures. They have no place in football.”

Here’s what Twitter users said upon hearing a girl, 15, suffers head injuries after being hit by a pot ‘full of coins’ at Man City and Liverpool game…

@LevParikian: Bloody hell that’s horrible. Hope she’s ok.

@neilderek69: Oh that’s appalling Daniel. I hope she is ok and can see it as an isolated incident and keep going.

@timhewitt1: Really sorry to read this pal. I hope your daughter is ok and it doesn’t affect her future match going experiences 💙

@jonneycox: Bloody hell, really sorry to hear this mate – I hope she’s ok, sending my love to you all. 😞

@POVSALVAREZ: sending you all my support 💙

@Footiespr5687: Sending best wishes and support to your daughter noone deserves this at a Football match and fans of big clubs letting this country down hope it doesn’t stop her wanting to return to going to games in the future

@CorrinneStanley: I’m so sorry she had to go through this, I hope she’s okay! 🥺 I have no idea how anyone ever thought putting them lot up in the third tier would be safe 😡

@bonbon28687: My Dad and I were in the next block to you and saw her being taken out. Absolutely disgusting, so sorry this happened to her. Hope she’s OK and isn’t too traumatised. Give her a big hug from me 💙

@yately9320: Disgraceful and not seen anything reported officially where is @LFC letter of apology??? Hope she’s ok and this doesn’t discourage her from attending future games @ManCity

@clpblue1: I hope she recovers, and it doesn’t stop her from enjoying many more years following the blues around the country 💙

@sheelagh58: So sorry to hear this. What disgusting people they are. 😡 Wishing your daughter a full recovery and that it won’t stop her watching the Blues.

@MCFC_Detroit: So horrible to hear what happened to your little girl. Wishing her a speedy recovery and we hope they catch and prosecute those responsible!!

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