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Leicester youngster out for NINE months after ‘vile tackle’ in FA Youth Cup match vs Wolves

Leicester City youngster Will Alves will be out for NINE months after a ‘vile tackle’ in an FA Youth Cup match vs Wolves this week.

The 17-year-old midfielder has suffered a season-ending knee injury with Brendan Rodgers labelling it as ‘one of the worst challenges I’ve seen’.

He played in the Foxes comfortable Carabao Cup win against MK Dons on Tuesday, coming off the bench, and a day later he started in the FA Youth Cup tie against Wolves.

Alves was on the receiving end of a horror tackle from Caden Voice, who leapt up and hit Alves’ knee, leading to some very heated scenes with both sets of players getting involved. The Wolves defender was quickly given a red card.

The young Leicester talent will undergo surgery after suffering damage to the anterior cruciate ligament.

Rodgers spoke in his pre-match press conference as Leicester get set to face Newcastle on Boxing Day: “It’s a sad one for us.

“We lost one of our young talents, Will Alves, who came on in the MK Dons game.

“He wanted to play in the Youth Cup game the night after and played in that.

“They went through in the tie, our Under-18s, but he was taken out with one of the worst challenges I’ve seen on a football field.

“It’s such a shame for a young player who’s 17, who’s really making his way in the game and making his mark in training and the way he’s been.

“It’s a real disappointing one for us. We wish him a speedy recovery in getting back. It’ll be the rest of the season he’ll be out for.

“His rehab will start over these next few weeks and he’ll have an operation after that.”

Alves gave an update via his official Instagram account, saying: “A week full of ups and downs, devastated to announce that I have torn my ACL.

“I will give everything to get back on the pitch to do what I love the most. I’ll be back stronger.”

Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall messaged: “Get well soon mate. Support here if you need it.”

Bayli Spencer-Adams tweeted: “Disgusting challenge. Hasn’t even gone for the ball. Deserves more than a red. No place for a challenge like that in football. Vile.”

Shane Flynn was also furious by the tackle, writing: “Little dirtbag who meant to do what he did. Deserves a massive ban; absolute thuggery of the highest order.”

This is ow social media reacted with the Leicester youngster out for NINE months after a ‘vile tackle’ in the FA Youth Cup match vs Wolves…

@footballFunsies: The wolves player should receive the harshest punishment possible. Wolves fans who are defending their player, despite obvious intent to harm, are the same type of people who turn blind eye to a corruption done by the political side they support 🤦🏻‍♂️

@Luke_Seychell: That’s absolutely disgusting – no need for that at all

@steven_j_mcn: The ban for that “tackle” should be in months, not games.

@ChrisCo20934018: Disgusting challenge

@MAGSports: Horrific is the correct word. Very rarely see that sort of violent tackle at u18 FAYC level.

@Bill_J_Donahue: That Wolves’ player should receive a lifetime ban for intentional injury. Disgusting behavior.

@1989Dayle: That’s absolutely vile, the Wolves player should be getting a 12 month ban

@jayzz1o: wolves player should be suspended for months

@lMateo96: They should have changed the rules a long time ago and for such a “tackle” he should pause until the injured person heals the injury

@lcfcojo: Shouldn’t be aloud on a football pitch if you tackle like that, no intent to get the ball

@EastSoccerBase: Will Alves one of the best youth players I’ve seen, disgraceful challenge 🤦‍♂️

@clifftop22: I’d say Wolves need to hand this kid an internal suspension for the rest of the season, maybe even sack the lad. It’s a deliberate assault to cause injury. The kid needs to learn the hard way via a severe punishment.

@CampusVid2: Disgusting and let’s be honest in that age that can mean the end of all hopes for top level career. What environment is that Wolves player in that he even dares to do such a tackle? He just wants to destroy the opponent nothing else.

@1818Calum: 9 Months out will stop this lad getting back to his full-game for at least a year. Then at ‘ Youth’ Level, it could literally end his chances of having a career. That Wolves player is an absolute embarrassment, i’m just glad to see the team mates straight away support him.

@phil_spudhead: That’s horrible the lad should be banned for as long as the boy is out injured . Horrible and malicious

@MartinLeicester: I watched a lot of the game and it seemed to be a a team tactic by #wolves to keep fouling Alves throughout the game, the ref even called over their captain after a number of fouls on him #lcfc

@redshirtafc: Can’t even call that a tackle, he had nothing in his mind except injuring the player, they should ban him for as long as the injured player is out

@LightfootFair: One of the most disgusting tackles you will ever see on a football pitch, deliberate, and miles away from the ball. You can also see another player have a go first, without even attempting to play the ball.

@darrenmancity: Disgusting tackle ban him for the same length of time the player is out for

@FoxPaddo: That’s an assault! I’m not sure it can considered as a tackle! Disgraceful.

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