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Gary O’Neil slams ‘terrible’ refereeing decision as penalty seals win for Sheffield United

Gary O’Neil once again slams a ‘terrible’ refereeing decision as the stoppage time penalty seals a vital win for Sheffield United.

Cameron Archer put the hosts ahead with a header on 72 minutes; Jean-Ricner Bellegarde’s deflected goal got Wolves an equaliser on the verge of added time.

Then Oliver Norwood hit home penalty on 90+10 minutes to snatch the points and give Sheffield United their first Premier League win of the season.

It was on the 96th minute that Fabio Silva was adjudged to have brought down Baldock and the ref says penalty… Chris Kavanagh on VAR sticking with the decision.

Fabio Silva could be seen in tears at the final whistle after giving that dramatic penalty away in the final seconds.




Heckingbottom interview

Interviewer: Two big goals that needed cool heads. First of all, Cameron Archer to have that vision. But the execution, I think when you see a ball hit the underside of the crossbar, it feels sweet, doesn’t it?

PH: Yeah, he’s a good finisher. I was comfortable with it being Cam, going through one on one, but to be fair, he was getting chased down under pressure. They’ve got some really quick lads who were recovering well, which probably forced him to take the ball a bit earlier. But again, that’s a really good decision from his point of view. And he went for power and, yeah, real good finish.

Interviewer: And when we talk about calm, last kick of the game, your captain, Oliver Norwood, he stood up and it wasn’t a simple penalty. He decided to blast it into the roof of the net, which I’m sure made your heart flutter a little.

PH: I think it hit the net before I had any time to think about it. No, I think with VAR now and the length of time that decision took, it does add pressure to the penalty taker. I thought our boys were calm and really composed about it. Took the ball, stood on the penalty spot, managed the situation so all he could walk away and keep calm and then go through his process. Once the decision had been given, the referee had a good view of it.

Interviewer: Did you feel that that was a penalty?

PH: I think looking at it back from what we’ve seen, there’s contact and not enough. VAR is there to overturn decisions, so there’s contact. I think if the referee doesn’t give it, it probably not appeal or not given on VAR and vice versa. So, yeah, big moment from Ollie. Good composure and, yeah, deserved win, because it would have been harsh otherwise.

Gary O’Neil interview

Interviewer: Gary, I’m sure you don’t want to be stood here talking about penalty decisions again, but I’ve got to start with that because it was obviously the last kick of the game. What was your take on it?

GO: Yes, not a penalty.

Interviewer: And have you been to speak to the referee about that?

GO: Yep. Spoke to the referee about it, yeah.

Interviewer: And what have you said?

GO: Just told him why it wasn’t a penalty. There’s no way it’s a penalty. He says there is contact. I think Fabio’s shinpad had probably graze’s Baldock’s calf. There’s no way it’s a penalty.

Interviewer: So nothing else to discuss?

GO: Yeah, wasn’t a penalty.

Interviewer: You’ve spoken about how some of these decisions have really affected you in terms of points. How are you managing to resolute that in your…

GO: The talk with the lads after the game was about us second half and not responding and making bad decisions with a ball when Sheffield United had come slightly more aggressive in the second half and we didn’t make good decisions in that. I think even towards the end, we have a foul fro as you’re injury times. We create some of our own problems there in that second half, but worked hard to get ourselves back in it. And, yeah, a terrible referee and decisions cost us more points.

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Fans reacted while Gary O’Neil slams the ‘terrible’ refereeing decision as penalty seals win for Sheffield United…

@SpeesrA: Never a penalty!! Same as last weekend against Newcastle. Corruption yet again!

@DS215uk: Already Going down before the contact

@KevC12929993: VAR is a joke, was it a pen in real time with the camera angle weve seen, possibly seen as ref gave it… Was it with slow mo, no very soft which goes to show it’s a pointless piece of tech…. Ill take the win though UTB ⚔️

@golfwolftgc: Next weeks premier league fixtures will be postponed due to lack of officials demoted to the championship.

@GrumpyDad3: Looks awfully similar to the Channy one last weekend.

@DanielGard80: He got straight back up because he thought he was getting a yellow for diving in my opinion so bad

@ACrowe1987: How is that guy looking to play the ball there he’s put his foot in front of Fabio’s and started to dive already, fuck me I give up, I don’t mind losing but to this every week is beyond fair

@chiquinho_goat: He’s got back up aswell. there’s another one demoted to the championship

@johnrobinson07: Shocker again by VAR

@LiamN310804: Shouldn’t be a corner before hand

@DeanPhil90: Can see he’s already on the way down 🤣

@steve_bone1: Definitely not a pen. Absolute shambles from VAR yet again.

@duerden_dominic: I just can’t believe how consistently bad the referees have been this season 😢

@johnrobinson07: Another shocker by VAR what is the point of it when it’s used by idiots.

@RavS82: The refs are beyond thick if they are giving shocking decisions like this. The Sheff Utd player is already falling. @FA_PGMOL just a 🤡 show

@C_RYDER02: @FA_PGMOL you’re an absolute disgrace. Never a penalty in a millions years. Howard Webb has single handedly managed to ruin Premier League football.

@Camtana25: Gary O’neil’s blood pressure gonna be through the roof

@JackWWFC__: Never been closer to giving up on professional football and supporting exclusively non league. I can handle my team being poor but when we are robbed every week it just not worth it for me

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