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Fans in hysterics at Alan Shearer singing into a breadstick during giddy BBC Sport Xmas party

Fans have been left in hysterics at Alan Shearer singing into a breadstick during a giddy BBC Sport Xmas party this week.

Most of the BBC’s pundits are now back from the Middle East, however, their top team remains in place for the World Cup third place play-off and the grand final.

Shearer, Gary Lineker, and Micah Richards came together out in Qatar to celebrate Christmas, and it’s fair to say Alan Shearer wasn’t shy about singing karaoke during the occasion.

Lineker posted a video of the Newcastle legend using a breadstick for a microphone, belting out the song ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’ from The Supremes.

The 52-year old attempted each note as if he was throwing himself at crosses and didn’t hesitate to make noises we never expected to hear from the former footballer’s mouth into his impromptu microphone.

Richards joined in the fun and made it a duet while Danny Murphy could be seen swaying in the background and others laughed at the hilarious scenes playing out.

Lineker wrote on his account: “The @BBCSport Christmas party is going well.”

After seeing footage of himself singing, Shearer wrote via Twitter: “Ffs Micah the breadsticks are for singing not f….. eating man!!”

Back in 2018, Alan Shearer also sang another karaoke classic with a breadstick following England’s 2-0 World Cup win over Sweden.

He enjoyed a dinner with his Match of the Day colleagues, including Gary Lineker and Rio Ferdinand, and took the mic (breadstick) to sing Lionel Richie’s All Night Long, as you can see below…

Shearer, who clearly loves a sing song, and Ian Wright, teamed up on the first Match of the Day of the season to deliver a cringeworthy pun.

Alan unexpectedly serenaded Gary Lineker and the viewers with a rendition of ‘Valerie’ by Amy Winehouse as he gave analysis of Tottenham’s 4-1 win against Southampton.

When the Saint’s Jan Valery headed the ball straight to Heung-min Son, Shearer took to criticise him for not getting out to close the Spurs man down quick enough.

“Why doesn’t he come on over?” Shearer said, before singing “Valerie!” in reference to the 2006 hit song. Watch the amusing moment below…

The pundits are back on TV this Saturday, with the BBC showing the Third Place Play-Off between Croatia and Morroco.

They will then be back the day after for the one we’ll all be tuning in for, as they go up against ITV with both showing the World Cup final between Argentina and France.

As mentioned, fans were in hysterics at Alan Shearer singing into a breadstick during a rather giddy BBC Sport Xmas party…

@MattUnitedFC: All the right notes just not necessarily in the right order

@mal_1976: My Mrs just said who is killing that cat 😂😂😂

@gourley_paul: Well done Big Al great song choice, and I hope you all enjoy your night, even mr (boring) Lineker and lads who cares what the woke brigade thinks 👍👍

@Stevortcc: All that fun and Danny Murphy still looks boring

@SeanMcCartan84: Thank god you took up football and not singing 🤣🤣

@DanielD1917: Loves a sing song does wor Big Al 🎶

@aclarkplatts: Aw Alan I love you 🥰

@LauraGarside: Alan with the voice and Micah with the moves 😍 The use of that breadstick is sensational 😂

@jameswhyte81: All these people saying they shouldn’t have fun! Just accept that some people earn alot more than others, they had a talent, the worked hard, they reached the very top of their industry and are still being rewarded for it. Fair play to them… and who doesn’t love Phil Collins!

@MEvans87: This is so good, love it!

@5weetcheeks: Gaan on wor Al @alanshearer ⬛⬜️💗

@realSarcasmKing: Enjoying themselves?? Alan sounds in pain. 😉🤣🤣

@RyanFow83237476: Love it guys!!

@Martind97352736: Looks and sounds like shearer’s had a few sherberts

@IanBeckett15: The bread stick and shearer a lethal combination 🤣

@cymrusion: Love Shearer man 🤣🤣

@djmjx: Wor Al killing a Phil Collins classic 😂

@Stokiedav: How the fucks Danny mills ended up there 😂😂😂

@Antondub: Bloody hell, @alanshearer will never live this down, when he sobers up 😜

@samwademusic1: Love the fact they all get proper on it when they got the day off.

@LukePowell92: Not a WC without Al breadstick karaoke.

@ToonReviewStato: Micah eating his microphone 👀😂

@phillipatwizzle: Nice. Is Alan good on the drums too?

It won’t be the first time they’ve gone up against their rival broadcaster this tournament, as some will recall the broadcasters took to a football pitch, with Roy Keane ripping his shirt off jubilantly after scoring a winning goal for ITV earlier this month.

The kickabout was organised during a two-day break between the last-16 ties and the quarter-finals, so made the most of the sunshine.

One moment saw ITV play a ball over the top of the BBC defence, but goalkeeper Micah Richards saves the first attempt, a volley.

Unfortunately for him however, the ball fell to his fellow Sky Sports colleague Keane, who got onto it, hit the ball rather scruffily, but benefitted from a deflection off a BBC defender to beat Richards between the sticks.

In viral footage, which ITV slowed the speed down for dramatic effect, Keane wondered away, hands in the air before ripping his T-shirt off, showed off his bare back, ran off, spun the top over his head then jumped over a wheelie bin and being taken down by ITV teammates.

In a caption, ITV Football’s Twitter account said: “A day off for the @ITVSport team today in Doha so of course we played football. So enjoy this glorious moment as Roy Keane scores the golden goal against none other than special guest @MicahRichards. Fancy a rematch @BBCSport?”

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