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Divided reaction as FIFA announce new plans for 32-team Club World Cup to begin in 2025

There is a divided reaction as FIFA announce new plans for a 32-team Club World Cup which is expected to begin later in 2025.

Gianni Infantino, FIFA president, announced that the tournament will be replicated at the closing press conference held in Qatar on Friday 16 December 2022.

The 2025 World Cup will be held with the same number of teams as 2022 World Cup. This is four years after the original plan was abandoned due to pandemic.

The Women’s Club World Cup, which will be held in Morocco, will also be launched. Seven teams have been established as the norm.

FIFA founded the Club World Cup in 2000. It has been contested in 14 of the 15 seasons by seven teams, with Champions League winners reaching the semi-finals.

It will be contested by the Asian AFC Champions League, African CAF Champions League Winners, North, Central America, and Caribbean CONCACAF Champions League Champions League, North and Central America CONMEBOL Libertadores and Oceania’s OFC Champions League Champions League winners from the previous season – along with the reigning national champions.

Infantino suggested that the expansion be expanded in 2016, stating that it would be more appealing to sponsors and broadcasters.

The Mail reported shortly before Infantino’s announcement that Europe’s elite clubs had rejected the proposal for expansion.

According to the report, FIFA could offer £150milllion as an incentive for hosting a tournament in America.

Since the tournament began, three English clubs have been named Club World Champions: Liverpool in 2018, Manchester United in 2008 and Chelsea in 2019.

Another FIFA plan that was criticized was the desire for 16 teams from three countries to host the 2026 World Cup, which will be hosted jointly by Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

This would mean 16 teams would play only two games at the tournament, with an additional knock-out round. FIFA is currently discussing keeping four team groups. One of their ideas was to also have penalty shootouts after draws in the group stage to make sure there weren’t any drawn games.

As mentioned, there has been a divided reaction as FIFA announce new plans for a 32-team Club World Cup which is expected to begin in 2025…

@SeshDemon: Why do people hate this? It makes the Club World Cup a real tournament now and something worth winning rather than the annual exhibition which it is now

@gaittman: Load of old tosh. Not needed. Nobody wants it. Just all about the $$$. FIFA and this idiotic buffoon in charge really have no shame do they?!!

@wolfboyforest: I’m all for this. It’s basically a more competitive pre season. Also more lucrative. You’ll all love it once it starts anyways.

@Mattsax13: No one wants this. Just another money spinner for the corrupt

@JoshyD75: Brentford FC 2026 club World Cup champions confirmed here

@WWWoodzy92: Dont all the top managers moan every single week about too many games ? Now it’s League, 2 Cups, champions league, euros, World Cup, nations league, qualifiers and now a club world cup 🤣🤣 Jesus christ going to be too much football what a waste of time that will be 🤢🤢

@louismyles: It will be interesting to see reaction to Club World Cup expansion. Been mooted for years. For my mind, it does make sense from a concept point of view. The CWC is massive outside of Europe. But is it too much football?

@AshDaviesTV: Possibly too much football. Definitely a bigger deal outside of Europe. Would like emphasis put on it but not sure a 32 team tournament is the answer.

@KaineBarcaFC: I like the idea of playing teams from all over the world in a new club world cup but when the fuck are they going to do it? Players will have zero time off all season, a game every 3 days

@NUFC_Sam02: Honestly don’t actually see owt wrong with a 32 team Club World Cup.

@JJGilheany: Isn’t this a crapper version of the Super League? There’s no way this happens unless they are paying as much to the breakaway teams.

@ekulkun: The idea of a larger Club World Cup sounds awesome as a viewer but just highlights the inevitability of eventually there just being no real post season breaks. These guys aren’t machines.

@JoshCBurke93: As much as I don’t like the idea of the super league, it’s becoming less of that bad an idea as time goes on. Sky’s line ‘the hood guys win’ is complete bollocks. Only winner of both sides was those who make the most profit.

@SamH_AFC: Imma wait until we get more info to make a proper judgement, but I low-key like that the club world cup is getting more attention cause I think it’s got big potential and it’s a fantastic opportunity to raise the profile of clubs outside of Europe.

@johnmatrixxx: This looks sick. Cut the premier league to 14 teams, scrap the league cup and teams that play in Europe enter FA cup at 5th round. This may reignite my passion for football

@laurence_1999: Do we really need this? Nothing wrong with the Club World Cup we currently have.

@JDanial16: People will moan about this but it’s always seemed crazy to me that we don’t have a proper Club World Cup.

@graywolf96_: Club world cup might actually mean something now, won’t be a mickey mouse trophy anymore

@FittedForFans: In theory, I’m not against this. The current Club World Cup is not fit for purpose. Logistically, it’s going to be a nightmare. Footballers getting one summer off in a four year span is not going to work out well in the long run.

@dyed2twice: always wanted them to revamp the club world cup this is good

@allyboy82: I have loved the idea of a men’s club team equivalent of a world cup for years, as a concept following Arsenal (if we were to qualify, which presumably would be tough) round a country for a month is great. But logistically now, I don’t see how this competition can be viable if it is a summer tournament, then it can only work if it runs July to August, so clubs can use it as a pre-season for their domestic league). But would FIFA be happy with unfit players playing in it? If they want it in June, there is no pre-season for teams qualifying for it. If it’s a winter tournament, which I guess the small version of it is now, that messes up domestic calendars again. FIFA basically just want as much $$ as possible and are going to exploit the players to get it. Also, in terms of the Womens Club World Cup, the fact they have no details suggests they just felt they should bolt a statement on “to show they care about women’s football”, much like the Super League put out a one liner saying “there will also be a women’s super league” too


2022 FIFA Club World Cup in February 2023

Team Confederation Qualification Qualified date Participation
Entering in the semi-finals
Brazil Flamengo CONMEBOL Winners of the 2022 Copa Libertadores 29 October 2022 2nd (Previous: 2019)
Spain Real Madrid UEFA Winners of the 2021–22 UEFA Champions League 28 May 2022 6th (Previous: 2000, 2014201620172018)
Entering in the second round
 TBD AFC Winners of the 2022 AFC Champions League TBC  
Egypt Al Ahly SC CAF Runner ups of the 2021–22 CAF Champions League 30 May 2022 8th (Previous: 2005, 2006200820122013,2020,2021)
United States Seattle Sounders FC CONCACAF Winners of the 2022 CONCACAF Champions League 4 May 2022 1st
Entering in the first round
New Zealand Auckland City OFC Winners of the 2022 OFC Champions League 17 August 2022 10th (Previous: 2006, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)
Morocco Wydad AC CAF (Hosts) Winners of the 2021–22 Botola 16 December 2022 2nd (Previous: 2017)

Club World Cup Winners

21/22ChelseaThomas Tuchel
20/21Bayern MunichHansi Flick
19/20LiverpoolJurgen Klopp
18/19Real MadridSantiago Solari
17/18Real MadridZinedine Zidane
16/17Real MadridZinedine Zidane
15/16BarcelonaLuis Enrique
14/15Real MadridCarlo Ancelotti
13/14Bayern MunichPep Guardiola
12/13Sport Club Corinthians PaulistaTite
11/12BarcelonaPep Guardiola
10/11Inter MilanRafael Benitez
09/10BarcelonaPep Guardiola
08/09Manchester UnitedSir Alex Ferguson
07/08AC MilanCarlo Ancelotti
06/07Sport Club InternacionalAbel Braga
05/06Sao Paulo Futebol ClubePaulo Autuori
99/00Sport Club Corinthians PaulistaOswaldo de Olivieira

Most Club World Cup Titles – By Club

Real Madrid4
Bayern Munich2
Sport Club Corinthians Paulista2
Inter Milan1
Manchester United1
AC Milan1
Sport Club Internacional1
Sao Paulo Futebol Clube1

Most Club World Cup Titles – By Manager

Pep Guardiola3
Zinedine Zidane2
Carlo Ancelotti2
Hansi Flick1
Jurgen Klopp1
Santiago Solari1
Luis Enrique1
Rafael Benitez1
Sir Alex Ferguson1
Abel Braga1
Paulo Autuori1
Oswaldo de Oliveira1
Thomas Tuchel1
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