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Fans fume at referee as Burnley have goal controversially ruled out against Leeds

Fans took to fume at referee Robert Jones as Burnley have a goal controversially ruled out against Leeds during Sunday’s lunchtime kick off.

Ashley Barnes had the ball in the net on the 19th minute mark, but there had already been a whistle blow for what happened in the penalty area.

Illan Meslier came out to collect a high ball into the box then almost jumps and knocks over Ben Mee, but it’s the Leeds man who wins the free-kick before Barnes can spin and rifle it into the net.

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The turn and finish from Ashley Barnes was incredible – a half volley on the swivel. If the referee had waited they could have reviewed it with VAR and surely a decision then would have gone Burnley’s way.

Sean Dyche feels two big decisions have gone against him and he seems very upset with the decisions and I think he is justified to be so.

Leeds took the lead five minutes in, when Nick Pope came rushing out and brought down Patrick Bamford.

VAR decided to have a look but that’s one of the more obvious decisions you’ll see.

It was awarded and there was no mistake from Patrick Bamford from the spot.

He won the penalty and then steps up to side-foot it into the top corner with his left foot.


As mentioned, fans decided to fume at referee Robert Jones as Burnley have an equalising goal controversially ruled out against Leeds…

Theo HV: Goalkeeper runs out, clatters Burnley player and gets the decision. Barmy decision from the referee.

Graham Rowley: That was an absolutely shocking decision from the referee.

James Lockwood: Burnley really hard done by with that foul on the Leeds keeper, never a foul and the goal should have stood, goalies are way too protected.

Lesley Keech: As a Leeds fan, I can say Burnley were robbed there. Goalie came out to the player, not the other way around, it should have been called a foul against Meslier. Goal should have stood.

MJC1973: I’m not a Burnley fan but the ref has seriously let them down twice so far. It was not a penalty and how was that a foul on keeper? If anything it was the other way. Not seen this ref before but he has made two howlers already.

@rtinner: If only there was some kind of video referring system that could look at clear and obvious mistakes like this and correct it.

@phill_237: How’s that a foul for Leeds?! He’s clattered Ben Mee! At worst it’s a penalty for Burnley! Why hasn’t VAR had a look at that as it’s such an important moment? I don’t understand how it’s meant to work anymore. #LEEBUR

@John_G_26: Football is finished….how the fuck is that a foul on the keeper??!!

@OfficialVizeh: Loooool the goalkeeper literally ran into Ben Mee from behind when Mees got eyes on the ball – Nah the fuck hahahaha

@jonathanandgill: Got away with that one, good finish!

@Richard_hammond: Meslier very lucky there

@IWGPChrisBFC: So that Pope challenge is a penalty but Meslier clattering Mee isn’t? fuck off #twitterclarets

@Ash_Squires: That was a goal should have stood

@ci_evo92: Well that should be 1-1! Meslier went over the top of Mee, never a foul on the keeper #LEEBUR #bbcfootball

@ihsan10lfc: Why the ref didnt check VAR on meslier n ben mee incident..Dodgy decisionsThinking face#LEEBUR #EPL #FPL

@vardypartylcfc: Premier League referees are absolutely shit. Sack them all.

@SpencerHume03: That’s embarrassing. Shocking referring. Penalty all day. Burnley robbed

@BhaOllie: If Meslier decides to run 60 yards out and jump into 8ft tall Ben Mee then that’s his problem

@headley_thom: Why can’t VAR overturn that decision and call it a foul the other way? Just like they do when they decide a dive was infact a foul or the other way round?

Jon Evans: Just seen the replay of the penalty. Can someone explain to me why VAR gives that a penalty but overrules the Villa one against Brighton? Genuinely baffled. Surely both a pen or neither are a pen?

Chris Harvey: For me, Meslier getting the free kick was right, Mee jumped earlier and the ball was sailing over his head, him being in the way obstructed Meslier, if the ball was half a metre lower and Mee could have headed it then it would be a pen

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