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Fan throws flare at players and tries to fight coaching staff at Northampton v Mansfield

More trouble in the EFL as one fan throws a flare at players and tries to fight coaching staff at Northampton v Mansfield.

After Sheffield United’s Billy Sharp was headbutted by a Nottingham Forest fan at full time of the Blades’ defeat on Tuesday, Mansfield’s Jordan Bowery was involved with an altercation with a fooligan during Northampton’s loss in the League Two playoff semi-final.

The game was stopped for a number of minutes as a supporter ran onto the pitch during stoppage-time, threw a flare at the players, and attempted to throw punches at coaching staff.

Bowery looked to be unharmed and the fan was eventually led from the pitch by security.

Commentator Joe Shennan said: “That is disgraceful. Jordan Bowery has just been shoved by a supporter.

“He calls himself a supporter, he’s no football fan, we need people like him out of the game.

“He’s still trying to get at the Mansfield players, these are disgraceful scenes.

“He is a disgrace to the club and a disgrace to the game. There are Northampton fans who are standing up in disbelief.

“There’s a flare and a bloom of orange smoke making its way across the pitch, the idiot is being led across the touchline.

“Hopefully he’ll never be back again. And it’s getting worse now, there are fans trying to attack the pitch invader.

“A bottle was thrown at the fan – he’ll surely be arrested. These are very ugly scenes and a very sad end to Northampton’s season.

“After the scenes we saw at the City Ground, it’s time to acknowledge that there is, not necessarily a major problem, but certainly a problem with spectator encroachment that is getting worse.”

Co-commentator Adrian Clarke added: “That was horrendous to watch. It was ugly. A complete thug.

“He throws a flare at players, it’s very lucky it didn’t hit a player.

“He shoves Jordan Bowery, he wants to fight members of the coaching team, his own fans have booed him out of the stadium.

“What an idiot! What is wrong with these people?”

talkSPORT 2 presenter Dan Windle claimed footballers aren’t safe anymore following the trouble seen at matches lately.

He said: “Once more, we have to speak about the behaviour of football fans.

“However small that minority is, whether it is one fan or several more, is the game going to continue to deal with these issues retrospectively?

“The game has to take a long, hard look at itself. Football fans need to take a long, hard look at themselves.

“Our players, simple as this, are not safe anymore.

“If you were sat in your office, would you expect somebody to come in and assault you? No.

“If it takes heavily reduced crowds, proper measures, long queues, weaving around so everyone gets checked… that is what the future could look like.”

Mansfield issued a tweet saying: “Embarrassing scenes at Sixfields as a number of Northampton fans run onto the field.”

Nigel Clough told talkSPORT the recent disorder “all stems from the Euros final at Wembley last summer”.

He said: “This is very concerning.

“It is very important that security is stepped up now at football matches.

“This has got to be dealt with and sorted out now. It is becoming a problem.

“Arrests and disorder are up at matches since January.

“Supporters are not allowed on to the pitch at any time.

“Only the 22 players and the officials should be on the pitch. So stay off it.

“Luckily none of my players have been injured, they are all fine.

“But this sort of incident has got to be nipped in the bud now.”

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“It’s tough to take,” Northampton manager Brady told Sky Sports after the game.

“I thought we played well, a few decisions didn’t go our way, but it’s been a fantastic season. 80 points, 23 wins, just missed out on automatic promotion by a whisker.

“The effort we gave tonight was incredible. This club is going the right way, the players pushed and pushed, there were a couple of penalty decisions which maybe should have been given but we can’t cry about that. We’ve had to try to do it the hard way all season.”

“It was absolutely incredible,” Nigel Clough told Sky Sports. “We sat in the dressing room here having lost 2-0 and gone joint bottom of the league, and we really were at rock bottom.

“To come here and experience a different feeling is lovely for them.

“We nicked the goal, and with the way we play we’re always capable of doing that.

“But the defensive effort was incredible, the blocks we got in, the headers in our own box.

“Northampton were a kick away from getting automatic promotion – they’re a very good team.”

Twitter users reacted as one fan throws flare at players and tries to fight coaching staff at Northampton v Mansfield…

@Iboughtaflute: This needs reporting to the EFL

@LP1194: Imagine having a pitch invasion to celebrate losing in the play off semi final… 🤦🏻‍♂️

@Loftfodder: Love your fans singing “one Bristol Rovers” Well done Stags

@SouthBrisGas: Good team Mansfield we’re my choice to win the playoffs can’t see Swindon or port vale stopping you. Oh and some great chants last night “3rd place and you f*ked it up” and of course the rovers one 😅. Hopefully Swindon get knocked out tonight.

“Get this Moron locked up!” — Martin Shaw, 2022
Commentator gold.

@NickoWhite98: Wouldn’t be the first time Northampton fans have pitch invaded without actually getting promoted 👀

@jacob76527214: Northampton fans tactically invading the pitch to delay Mansfield’s trip to wembley 🤬🤬🤬🤬

@Paulthecallyman: Feck me, how old are those Northampton Town stewards trying to chase down the pitch invader, I’ve seen quicker moving arthritics sloths 🦥 🤣🤣

@CharlieDale09: Northampton fans pitch invaded after they got a draw at home to us. Mansfield fans clapped us off their own pitch and outside the ground on the way home in congratulation. Only one team I want to go through here!

@Yerrell1: Ban those idiots that run on the pitch

@russdamms1874: Maybe policing these kind of games properly might help. It’s not rocket science. These pitch invasions are getting out of hand 😡

@MUFCtheReligion: Simple solution 3 years minimum sentence for anyone who pitch invades they’ll all think twice before doing it then

@dunn_outdoors: With the greatest will in the world, if thousands of fans want to invade, no realistic amount of police/stewards can prevent it.

@NTFCNicky: So angry I feel sick. The cruelty of this season and the cretins at the end on the pitch. The football wasn’t always pretty, but these lads deserved so much more than what they’ve been given. Will be a tough summer losing the best of the squad. But, as always, we go again #ntfc

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