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Sunderland fans BANNED from ‘taking over’ Trafalgar Square again as police issue statement

Sunderland fans have been BANNED from ‘taking over’ Trafalgar Square again as police issue a statement ahead of this weekend’s playoff final.

The Black Cats faithful have been warned they won’t be able to do what they’ve done previous years with over 44,000 expected in parts of central London for Saturday’s League One showpiece.

Previous visits to Wembley by the Mackems in 2014 and 2019 have seen tens of thousands of fans drinking and singing in the streets, as can be seen in photos below.

However the Metropolitan Police Football United has warned Sunderland fans – and those following their opponents Wycombe – that street drinking won’t be permitted this weekend after Westminster Council took action to prevent it.

They issued a tweet which got plenty of replies: ‘A warm welcome to travelling Sunderland and Wycombe supporters for this weekend.

‘Please be aware that due to the Public Space Protection Order street drinking is prohibited in all of Westminster.

‘There are lots of licensed premises to enjoy a drink. Good luck to both teams.’

In addition, street drinking restrictions have now been put in place for Wembley Way and the vicinity of the national stadium with Brent Council changing the rules following the chaos at last year’s Euro final between England and Italy, something which Mansfield boss Nigel Clough claims is the reason behind some of the more recent trouble at EFL matches.

In 2014, Sunderland fans arrived in London for the League Cup final against Manchester City for their first visit to Wembley in 16 years, which streets around Covent Garden heaving.

At the time, some central London pubs had to shut at 9pm on the Saturday night, the evening of the game, due to running out of alcohol.

Nearby shops, supermarkets, corner shops also sold out of beer as around 40,000 Sunderland supporters drank them dry, report the Daily Mail.

The invasion of supporters led to condemnation from the Conservative MP Robert Halfon: ‘Went to London for dinner. Wish I hadn’t. Scumbag football hooligans turn Covent Garden into a disgusting cesspit.’

In 2019, Sunderland fans twice descended onto Trafalgar Square when they visited for the EFL Trophy final against Portsmouth in March and then the League One playoff final against Charlton Athletic in May.

Fans covered fountains with Sunderland flags, chanted, lit red flares and drank alcohol as they partied the night away.

On that occasion, the Met’s Football Unit was more accommodating, even tweeting out pictures of the sea of red and white, clearly impressed with what they saw and perfectly happy. So who’s not to say they would be again this time around? 

This time, the authorities have taken steps to avoid a repeat of the scenes after Sunderland sold over 44,000 tickets for Saturday’s final while Wycombe have done just over 22,000 tickets.

The Black Cats have been stuck in League One for four seasons now and will be desperate to get back to the Championship after a string of agonising near-misses.

They finished fifth in the standings during the regular season and then beat Sheffield Wednesday 2-1 on aggregate in the semi-finals.

Twitter users reacted with Sunderland fans BANNED from ‘taking over’ Trafalgar Square again as police issue a statement….

@scooterbuk: Good luck with that 😅

@_WM_02: what about drug enforcement?

@leonbcfc_: Don’t think they mind as long as you do it in moderation

@Vinlad84: Good luck enforcing that lads

@rokerite97: I wish you the best of luck, lads. Let the games begin.

@KurtisHunt14: We are Sunderland, we drink where we want!

@safc5573: Surely you’d rather have us all in one place than scattered all over the place? Been no trouble on the previous two occasions. And the MET enjoyed and joined in too. Even tweeted afterwards how well behaved we were.

@EddyGray19: From what I’ve read it’s not illegal, However drink has to be handed over if they ask you to. Considering there’s nearly 50,000 coming down, you’re gonna need a few bin bags…….

@_toosb: Drinking prohibited in Westminster? Anyone told Downing Street?

@jamesSAFCmoore: Concentrate on knife crime rather than people enjoying themselves

@ChezSAFC1879: No knife crime to solve in London like instead?

@evann_lloyddd: Expect big fucking bags of cans and wads of pyro! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@Liam08361643: So what potentially was no trouble to potential disorder because of this. last 2 times not one bit of bother. Maybe Westminster Borough should worry about downing Street area drinking and not safc fans celebrating a great weekend #absolutejoke #London calling #wedrinkwherewewant

@BignellPaul: Translated: The government has ordered us to push you into the pubs where they can rob the shit out of you.

@CraigCo93264162: Been a few protests and marches over the past year that you’s did absolutely nothing about and they wernt all peaceful either

@mark_j_cummins: Interesting, because last time they made pubs shut to keep us in the Sq 🤷‍♂️

@Megga_GamingYT: Just wanna say the very best of luck to u all trying to stop us all u will have a very busy day/night light the sky red lad 🔴⚪️

@JimmyTwoPuffs: This tweet needs reporting like. Just because you’re the police doesn’t mean you can make up the law 😂 There’s no law or orders which prohibit street drinking in Westminster.

@JonJamesScott: London-centric geographical arrogance at its finest! If Sunderland council ordered an outdoor drinking ban in Pallion, I can’t imagine many cockneys would be any the wiser. Cheers 🍻

@evann_lloyddd: Concentrate on actually crime instead of being fucking sad cunts. Drinking is perfectly legal. Try taking drink out 10s or thousands when you only approach 1 block when there’s 6 of yous! Good luck though! 🤣🤣

@ethanpftm: Whyaye man corrupt as fuck yas are why should anyone listen to yous it’s only to try make abit money for yourselfs there was no bother last time 🐷

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