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Ex-footballer BANNED from taking part in I’m A Celeb

An ex-footballer claimed he’s been left angry at being BANNED from taking part in the much loved ITV’s UK version of I’m A Celeb.

Paul Gascoigne, who is set to appear in the Italian take on the show this month, has stated he was banned from joining the UK cast of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Here! after failing a psych test back in 2009.

The 53 year old football legend has been isolating in a Milan hotel before flying over to Hondouras to take part in ‘Isola de Famosi’.

He told The Sun: ‘I did interviews for I’m A Celebrity in the UK but they pre-judged me. They wanted to sign me for the show, but when it came to speaking to the psychiatrist they really pissed me off.

‘She asked me, “Why do you want to do the show?” and I said, “I want people to see the real Paul Gascoigne”. But she said, “People don’t want to see that, they want to see you in arguments”. That really pissed me off.

‘I wasn’t happy about that. And the questions she asked me were ridiculous. She was asking me if I knew where I was, and I said London, and “whereabouts, what can you see”. I’m not dealing with stupid questions like that.’

The ex-England player’s interview comes after he revealed that he’s back on the booze amid his battle with alcoholism, confessing: ‘I’ll always be an alcoholic’ and that he enjoys a couple of glasses of wine… and a few beers’.

Paul told The Sun: ‘If I want a drink I’ll have a drink. If I don’t want one I’ll just leave it, which is not the right thing, but I’ve been like that for ages. I don’t trust spirits so I keep away from them, but I’m on top of things at the moment. I’m enjoying life.’

In January 2020, Paul appeared on Good Morning Britain where he told Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid: ‘I had a relapse at Christmas, which I was gutted [about], but I’ve just got back on the straight and narrow again.’

The same month, he told The Mirror: ‘I’ve been to Australia, and spent £20,000 including all the travel, to get an operation that stops me drinking.

‘You get pellets in your stomach and it makes you feel sick if you have too much. It means you can have a beer or a glass of wine and socialise, but you cannot have any more.’

Gascoigne is described as being the Italy show’s biggest and best ever booking, and before his appearance next month, he is said to want to improve his language skills so he can keep up the conversation with his campmates.

According to reports, among those set to join him in Central America is Miss Italy 2019 winner Carolina Stramare, 53 year old actress Angela Melillo and fashion heiress Drusilla Gucci.

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A source told The Sun: ‘Paul has a basic grasp of Italian and he can make himself understood. But what we really want to avoid is having subtitles too often as that would ruin it.

‘The idea is to get him up to a good conversational level so he can talk with the other competitors. We are expecting some exciting TV from Paul.

The insider added: ‘The women on the island are all very attractive and range in ages from 22 to 53 — the same age as Paul — and most of them are single.’

The source said it will make great TV to see how he ‘interacts with these women who are very opinionated and have strong views’.

He played for Serie A side Lazio in the 1990s — and has undergone extensive mental and physical tests to prove he’s fit and ready to appear in it.

A source said: “Getting Gascoigne has been hard work but will be worth it.

“He’s such a character. He is the biggest star of the show. He passed all his tests while in isolation in Italy. No issues were uncovered so he’ll fly to Honduras with the others next weekend.

“The fact communication may be an issue will all add to the reality of being stranded on a desert island.’’

He will be jumping out of a plane from a helicopter, going straight into sea, and mixing with poisonous spiders, snakes and braving the tropical storms.

The contestants will quarantine in Honduras for two weeks before the show starts.

It is thought UK authorities let Gazza take part as it is work related and he is not travelling to red list countries.

Gascoigne has revealed the three ‘luxury items’ he’s taking with him which have been revealed as a blanket, a pillow and a cup.

His adventure will begin on Monday the 15th of March and if he goes all the way, he could remain on the show until May.

The overall winner of the competition will receive €100,000, and Gazza already knows what he would do with the money.

He told Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni: If I win, I will give the prize money to a non-profit association that my family founded in memory of my nephew.”

England legend Gazza isn’t the first footballer to take part in the show. Italian stars Francesco Coco, Stefano Tacconi and Salvatore Schillaci have all had stints on the programme in the past.

Gazza sent a message to Lazio fans in Italian before heading to the Caribbean island.

Speaking on Lazio’s Twitter page, Gascoigne – who has been taking lessons in Italian – said: “Hi guys. It’s Gascoigne.

“I want to send my regards to all of you and to top striker Ciro Immobile.

“Let’s get Lazio back to the top of Europe, the place where they should be.

”A big kiss and good luck to you for the future.”

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