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Enzo Fernandez gets trolled by fans after being asked for his favourite Chelsea chant

Enzo Fernandez gets trolled by fans after being asked for his favourite Chelsea chant in an interview, his response is just hilarious.

Fernandez spoke with Bleacher Report, talking about what life is like with new boss Mauricio Pochettino and set targets for the upcoming campaign.

But he was questioned on his favourite song that Chelsea fans sing and that largely dominates the reaction that fans took from it.

He replied: “The one I like the most is ‘Come on Chelsea, come on Chelsea’! I love that one, I like it.”

As many of us know, Chelsea really only have one song, ‘Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea!’ and you can be sure to hear it for the Blues’ first game of the season against Liverpool at Stamford Bridge on the 13th of August.

Fernandez say his side are targeting to win the Premier League as opposed to just returning to European football.

He explained: “We want to be an aggressive team, a team that attacks and defends well, that goes into every game to win it whoever we’re playing against and look to dominate every game we’re in.

“And obviously we want to try to win the Premier League, that’s our goal this year. As well as that, I think the cups in England start in January, but the main aim this year is to win the Premier League.”

Back in March, he said he could’t believe Chelsea fans had already been chanting his name after he became the most expensive midfielder in history when he left Benfica for £106million on January deadline day.

He expressed being delighted to have become a favourite just over a month since his move.

“I feel a lot of differences with this football but the team is helping me a lot. It will take me a bit of time, but I am getting used to it.

“Also to the city, my family is here with me. The adaptation will take a bit of time but we will try to do it, I’ll do my best to make it fast.”

Fernandez revealed his happiness after a young fan burst onto the pitch asking for his shirt.

He added: “It was a very nice moment. The boy came running, asked me for the shirt and I gave it to him.

“Children have that special something that touches my heart a lot and I gave him the shirt.

“Being a world champion did not change anything in my head. I will always go for more.

“Playing for Chelsea is something very passionate and in the Premier League too, because it is a dream I had since I was little.”

Even Brighton has previously mocked Chelsea for the chant…

As mentioned, Enzo Fernandez gets trolled by fans after being asked for his favourite Chelsea chant…

@travis160587: What a chant 😂😂

@jaydorrian93: That’s their only chant that’s why

@TroyardStilton: He knows what’s up 🤩🤩🤩

@woolly1966: What about the classic “ Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea , Chelsea” Jesus £ F£&nkn Christ! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@TheRobDawg: It’s either that or Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea. Not the most creative bunch those blues.

@YNWA2306: Elite chant

@JaseL2022: Oh he’s gone for a complete original one I see, thought he might have went for the notorious ‘Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea’ …. Variety available is endless

@GregHeffleyLFC: That’s the only one

@bradjohnson1992: Definitely thought hard about that 😂😂😂

@Collyeeer93: That ones up there with the other all time greats such as Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea 💩

@TinnyLFC: Taking the piss of his own fans 🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲 #CFC

@ctsmclovinya: What??? You don’t like “CHELSEA, CHELSEA, CHELSEA, CHELSEA,” the most? A masterpiece, mate. Wait until you hear 36,000 tourists belting that one out 🤩🤩🤩

@catrinavfc: this is killing me

@1CraigFisher: Could argue that “Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea” is right up there out of their 2 songs they sing

@M_Ab31337: Enzo you don’t know what you’ve done 😭😭

@Handy_Andy96: Can’t believe he chooses this over absolute bangers like Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea…. And of course Chelllllllsea, Chelllllllsea

@Sophayy___: Is this because that’s the only one they have maybe 👀

@jordanjaustin24: The worst fan base in premier league history

@paulwood1987: I mean what a football anthem that is 😳😳😳

@Dombooling: Surely he would prefer other Chelsea-related chants, such as “stand up if you hate Tottenham” or “CHELSEA x50”

@mancityneil: All they sing when they play City is “Champions of Europe, you’ll never sing that”. They’ll just sit in silence now.

@Ferbes20times: Coincidently that’s also his least favourite

@EthanMuggers: I’m surprised Enzo managed to learn the words. It is quite a tricky one to learn


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