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England fans sing chant mocking Mudryk as he goes off in Ukraine’s draw

England fans, along with a Chelsea supporter, sing a chant mocking Mykhailo Mudryk as he goes off in Ukraine’s draw on Saturday night.

England took on Ukraine at the Tarczynski Arena in Poland, in a Euro 2024 qualifier that ended 1-1 with Zinchenko cancelling out Kyle Walker’s opener.

It was a game to forget for Chelsea’s Mudryk, who endured another tough day, this time for Ukraine, and those in the away end were clear just what they thought of him, singing “You’re f***ing s***!”.

He started for Ukraine but requested to be taken off in the 90th minute after he got hurt in Wroclaw.

Mudryk fell to the ground clutching onto his calf after failing to produce a Cruyff turn as the 22 year old tried to get past defender Kyle Walker.

In the first half, Mudryk also needed medical treatment having been involved in a challenge from Marcus Rashford.

Mudryk continue after that but the calf problem he sustained in the second half proved to be too much as he was subbed off and replaced.

The result was however big for Ukraine, making it known in celebration come full time, as it stopped the Three Lions’ winning streak in their Euro qualifying campaign.

England manager Southgate said his team “didn’t click” in the final third but stressed this draw represented a positive point in the perspective of qualifying.

“The reality is we’re not going to win every game by fours and sevens as we’ve done in this qualifying campaign,” the England boss said.

“That was a really good test – away from home, very passionate atmosphere, quite a few changes forced from the last game.

“So, sometimes, especially with attacking play, it doesn’t quite click. We know that the patterns that we worked during the week are what we always do, so it’s not that we approach the game in a different way.

“We tried to refresh things to give them a different sort of problem but today our forward play bar the goal and probably Bukayo’s effort that hit the bar wasn’t at the level that it has been in our previous games.

“I think what I liked was the control of the game that we had when you come into an intense atmosphere like there was. I thought we played with real composure up until the final third and then I think by the time we scored the goal we’d had over 70 per cent of the ball but that was our first attempt on target.

“So clearly, most of our attacking play wasn’t at the level that we would have hoped it to be. But I thought given the circumstances and the importance of the point in terms of qualification and coming from behind when the crowd are full and the opposition have something to hang on to.

“It’s a very important point for us and we’ve now played the two best ranked teams away from home and we’ve got four points from those two games.”

Ukraine manager Sergey Rebrov praised the spirit of his players, rewarded with joyous scenes at full time for getting a precious point.

“It’s a pleasure for the players, a very good celebration for them,” he said. “It’s not only about the result, it’s about the game. Ukraine is a very strong side and I think we deserved this point.

“If you see the faces of the players, they are very tired. It’s very tough and hard to play against England.

“The character, we showed it. That’s very important. I’ve only been working for several months and the players have the wish to improve.”

Rebrov, gave some advice to England on how to improve on their final third play.

“England was very strong in first-half, good at controlling the ball. But in football controlling the ball is not enough,” he said.

“I said at half-time, how many chances did they create? They didn’t because we defended very well.”

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This is what Twitter users said after England fans sing a chant mocking Mudryk as he goes off in Ukraine’s draw…

@melvfrmdao: Chelse fans dissing mudryk already 🤣

@_captainpulisic: I’m not a fan of mudryk but this is not it.

@UtdEIIis: Low-key feel sorry for Mudryk guy was living his best life in Ukraine and posting cringe TikToks whilst being overrated by hipsters that never watched him play a 90 minute game in their life. NOW his own fans chant “you’re fucking shit” at him.

@LondonBalling: Pathetic behaviour, abusing your own player ffs

@ON_921022: Chelsea fan calling mudryk shit. But he’s right 🤣🤣🤣

@ModzzGG: Chelsea fan abusing Mudryk. Yeah we deserve all the shit happening to us with a fan base like this.

@Bartrick_ian: This shit makes me want to back Mudryk all the way. We’ve all been hard on the lad due to his price tag and us being crap. Just imagine how shit Mudryk feels knowing he’s got Chelsea fans against him, let’s not stoop to this pricks level.

@CFCBrowdz: Mudryk’s already a scapegoat, and our own fans are thick enough to act like rivals and abuse him, when he’s our own player. Feel bad for the bloke, must be in an awful mindset at the moment, really hope Poch can set things straight and get him playing his best game.

@CFC_Mizz: Coming from fans of a country who haven’t won anything since the 90’s lol

@Carefree_Jam: This is one of the most moronic things I have ever seen from a Chelsea fan. Abusing Mudryk you know.

@Yaser_moha: I still believe in him. Give him more proper time (not only 10 or 15 minutes). Treat him the same as Sterling’s treatment (he was poor last season and in pre season but still he was in the starting line-ups, now he is good) and then we will see how good he is. It all depends on Poch now.

@CFC_MC: Truth be told.. We don’t support abuse but Mudryk isn’t helping himself by dropping abysmal display every given opportunity. People talked abt being given extensive time but have heard being showing glimpse of a serious baller with the little mins given?

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