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Emotional new video launched as West Ham fans protest season ticket and concession changes

An emotional new video has been launched as West Ham fans protest season ticket and concession changes for the 2024/25 Premier League season.

Stelios on the West Ham Voice YouTube video summed the situation up: “The concession ticket issue that’s going on at the club now, if you recall West Ham United have made a decision this season that anyone that’s is looking for a concession ticket for the first time in bands 1 to 4 at the stadium, have to get a concession ticket in bands 5 and 6, they won’t be allowed if you’re looking for a new concession.

“Say for example you bring you know your son your daughter your nephew your niece whatever, you want to bring them to football you want to get a season ticket for them and they’re sort of under 18 normally up until last season you’d be able to get a concession ticket anywhere in the stadium, if you were reaching retirement age and you were looking for a concession ticket last season you get again you could have got yourself a concession ticket.

“Now if you are now bringing you know young children you want to get season tickets for them or if you now reached retirement age this season you can only get concession tickets in bands 5 and 6 only so basically the lower tiers of the stadium are only for full price season tickets which is completely wrong.

“Now West Ham United’s approach on this has been about well other clubs are doing it so why shouldn’t we? But as I think I explained a few weeks back you know the amount of money that they’ll get for having only fully priced season tickets in the lower tiers amounts to something like £600,000 a year in additional income, hardly worth the while for upsetting so many fans.

“If you think about it that the the upper tiers they’re quite high up and for someone that’s quite elderly or someone that’s looking for a concession ticket for whatever reason you know either young children or elderly people Etc to expect them to have to climb all those stairs in the upper tier is really outrageous it’s really really bad, and I’ve got to commend Hammers United and ‘Save Our Concessions’ for the fight that they’re taking to the board about this decision that’s been made.”

@SaveConcessions tweeted along with the video: “Taking your child to football creates moments and memories that last a lifetime.

“@WestHam’s attack on concession prices will destroy this – and it could be your club next.

“Please, which ever team your support – sign the petition http://bit.ly/45WkArO and help save our future.”


The Change.org page read:

Season Ticket prices have risen well above the rate of inflation.

New concessions are now restricted to bands 5 & 6.

These changes are forcing families, friends and groups of loyal West Ham fans who have sat together supporting our Club for decades to split up and some will probably never see West Ham play at home again.

Meanwhile many young fans who have never yet had a season ticket probably never will.

The future of the West Ham family is being torn to pieces.

All of this is being done in the name of greed!

We are asking everyone to take on board the serious nature of what the Club is doing to ALL WEST HAM FANS and sign our petition calling on the Club to:

● Scrap the season ticket price increases

● Commit to never increasing the price of a season ticket above the prevailing CPI

● Scrap the new concession terms and conditions

● Commit to never changing Concession terms and conditions again


Once you have signed the petition you will shortly receive an email asking you to confirm your signature. Please check your junk/spam folders – without your confirmation your signature WILL NOT COUNT.

This is what Twitter users are saying after seeing an emotional new video launched as West Ham fans protest season ticket and concession changes…

@danzolambo: That’s outrageous. Signed. ✍🏼 Back 8 rows at Elland Road have to pay full price too and they’re the only ones normally available.

@andyballyball: What a disgrace. Signed

@20Kr93: From my dad to my kids and their kids once they have them. Signed 👍🏻

@MartinWarne2: Done. From a Gooner

@JimAnker1980: Absolutely outrageous. West Ham and any other club that follows that practice should be ashamed of themselves. What’s the point in a few extra quid now when the next generation can’t go? Ideas like this are what will kill football.

@E20WHU: Such an emotional video.. This club has been in people’s lives for a long time, but our owners value currency over loyalty. Our owners know the price of everything and the value of nothing. Keep fighting strong… United We Stand For the Youth & Elderly people ⚒️💯❤️

@ZaynafamilyMary: Come on people you know what to do from cradle to grave we are all West Ham and we look after our own. Sign the petition and save our concessions. ❤️⚒️

@Steve54139576: That film brought out my hay-fever. I took my Son Josh to UP when he was about 5. As we walked down the road he said “Dad there are millions of us”. He is now 33 and gave up his ST last Season due to having a daughter. I gave up mine this Season due to the scrapping #BOYCOTTGSB

@suescan2: Both my boys started going at around 6 years and both had season tickets. They are now 41 and 36 and we all go together. That wouldn’t happen now, as we wouldn’t be able to afford to pay for 2 full price tickets

@PL13Les: Matters not who you support. I can’t afford another year of them prices. A child’s seat is the future of the club!!!! Remember that!!!

@Adamwesthamboy: All most in tears

@jewkesyno4: 100% this. Doesn’t matter how bored they are to start with, it’s one of the greatest things to take your child to a match. To see them grow over a few years into understanding the team, club etc. they are also the future lifeblood of your club. Never price the kids out of it.

@dilemma1979: Hey football family @WatfordFC. @WestHam are getting rid of concessions for fans, pushing out the older fans & next generation of fans. This can’t happen anywhere in football… please look, share & sign the petition if you agree #westham #concessions

@mywhufc: Club is killing the past & destroying the future Support the cause Save the concessions

@beeftrousers: Given @ManUtd have raised U16 ticket prices from £13 to £25 over the past two seasons, this kind of shit is undoubtedly heading our way at some point too 🔴⚪️⚫️✍️

@dpm_79: It would be great to see some other clubs get behind this. Maybe @ManCity fans could repay us for the 2 nil victory at the Emirates and add some names to the list.

@gazbod: This is a greedy league issue, and is relevant whatever club you support. Sign it is my advice 👍

@WalsB_irons: This clip really hits home. It simply cannot continue. Concessions MUST be restored to save the long term future of our fan base. We are a family club. We look after our own. Please sign the petition!

@cj_garrett: Disgraceful from @WestHam. Issues like this always bring the football community together and this absolutely should, sadly premier league clubs are so driven by greed…!

@GoatyGavster: We’re all part of the football family…let’s all look after each other! @

@Hammer_Brooker: Just watch this and give me 1 good reason you won’t/haven’t signed this yet!

@ChrisWalsh05: This is brilliant. Absolutely bonkers idea from the club that’s unbelievably shortsighted. Signed a few weeks ago, and I hope many others continue to do the same. If it’s implemented for renewals then that would that for four of us

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