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Chris Kamara gives update on his Apraxia, a rare brain condition, which affected his speech

Chris Kamara gives an encouraging update on his Apraxia, a rare brain condition, which had sadly affected his speech.

He has become much loved with the nation, through his presenting, commentating, singing, his days as a footballer, manager and campaigner.

But it’s not always been easy, with Kammy having a tough upbringing, and in recent years Kammy has dealt with the rare brain condition – apraxia – and with viewers noticing him struggling to commentate or report on matches live on Sky Sports, it had seen him say goodbye to the job he loved.

But he never lost hope, or his enthusiasm for life, always smiling and laughing.

He has released a paperback version of his bestselling memoir, and spoke to This Morning this week, looking back on his journey, and the important part Ben played…

Ben: Now then our next guest is an incredible broadcaster, commentator, footballer campaigner also happens to be one of my best mates

Cat: And Chris Kamara, who you know best as Kammy, joins us in the studio today as he invites you to take a look back at his extraordinary life in the paperback version of his bestselling memoir, before we talk about your book the last time you were here I think was in 2022 you came in with Ben, you were here too, how are you doing now?

Kammy: I’m doing great, I’ve got everything back apart from the speed in my voice so I’ve got the fluency so the brain when you want to talk it’s not interrupted anymore it’s fluent, so if you met me before you would think I always talk like this but as he knows I would speak at 300mph and not stop to think what I’d said but now I get more time to think it’s no good

Ben: So the condition that you have is a condition called apraxia, it’s a neurological condition that sort of interrupts the the neurological pathways, slows down your speech, it also affects your balance and your strength as well

Kammy: Yeah it’s a Dyspraxia as well so I find it difficult now to walk downstairs without holding the handle and various other things but that’s all right I’m quite happy with that I can get by with that and there’s always someone worse off than you so I’m fine you know I’m fine, I’m on the mend. I’ve stopped feeling sorry for myself which I did at the beginning but now I’m on the mend

Cat: I also think when you read your book that’s that’s one thing that you get actually I’ve been listening to the audio book and and it’s interesting just even the intro that you do where I think so many other people probably found themselves with all different illnesses but in a very similar situation where you know that there’s something wrong and something’s not quite working right and and but you don’t want to vocalise it and you don’t want to say it even to the people that you love the most like your wife and and then you realise actually I do need some help and I need some help here and that’s when once you take control of the situation that’s when it starts to get better

Kammy: Yeah I’m not sure about control but the people’s reaction towards it and you feel humble you know you think oh God you know why was I thinking stupid thoughts in the first place I apologised to my family and who were 100% behind us and they knew what was going on but inside your own head you you worry you think you’re going to be a burden, you think you know the worst things in the world and once you get those out of your head and the only way you can do that is by talking to people and people reassure you and the reaction I had was amazing I’ll thank every person out there who seem to get in touch and give support

Ben: We made the documentary about Kammy and what you were going through and one of the things that that I don’t think either of us suspected because you don’t do it we’re doing it to tell your story was when you sort of you’re impacted by people around you Kammy and I making the podcast and we went to Lake Como didn’t we with Como FC, Cesc Fabregas, I know they’ve got a football pitch that’s right on the edge of Lake Como it was very romantic for the two of us wasn’t it yeah the last time you were there was with an as well and then he went with me but we were walking around the lake do you remember and this couple came up to us and they said we’ve just seen the documentary my son has apraxia you talking about apraxia as somebody who’s worked in the media suddenly to him was like well hold on if he can do it, then I can do it and it, was you’re in the middle of Italy in that beautiful place and and someone’s coming up to say thank you very much for being honest and open

Kammy: It’s been incredible, I’m working with Mikey’s Wish, and we aim to help children born with Apraxia, any sort of speech conditions, adults who’ve had a stroke you know got Parkinson’s, MND and or whatever we aim to help them we need the government support and hopefully we’ll get it and then we’ll push on

Cat: Yeah one of the interesting things about reading the book and obviously not knowing you personally in the way that you do but you’ve had such an amazing life like so varied it’s quite like the Navy, a footballer, a football manager two albums, so how did you choose the stories for the book and what story stands out for you what did you really enjoy writing in here

Kammy: Well my memory is so poor so really is yeah it really is so I relied on friends and family and people I’d worked with over the years to relay the proper stories that I thought I had written down but no it’s been great, Colin Young, John Woodhouse who helped me write it, were amazing and did all their research

Ben: Incredibly patient as well Cat by the way

Kammy: Absolutely the hardback was out last Christmas and today is the paperback

Ben: And it’s been named sports autobiography of the year no less up among some very sort of hallowed competition too

Kammy: I’d like to once again to thank everyone out there who bought the book at Chris I made it autobiography of the year, you were there, you went on the stage with me and he spoke better and eloquently than I could ever dream of

Teary eyed Ben Shepherd hugs Chris Kamara after heartbreaking interview on speech disorder

Viewers took to Twitter to react as Chris Kamara gives update on his Apraxia, a rare brain condition, which affected his speech…

@TraylorHolmes: Chris Kamara: “Sorry that story took so long” 😂 Legend ❤️ #ThisMorning

@StephenTaylor8: Most certainly brightened – up everone’s day, watching you on @thismorning today. Great to see you in such good spirits and in a ‘better place’ Chris. A True Fighter and a Champion to everyone facing hard times with an illness. Best Wishes to you and your family for the future ❤👍

@jamesg1009: Nice one @chris_kammy caught part of it unbelievable. Still in hospital had complications but your brilliant book is getting me through, oh and it’s coming home ❤️⚽️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

@I_knew_Bob: Everytime I see @chris_kammy he makes me laugh, he makes me cry @benshephard The man is a legend! And I don’t say that lightly. I’m so glad he has improved so much. Would love to give the great man a HUGE hug. Regards #thismorning

@shiftydub40: You are looking and sounding great Kammy @chris_kammy 🥰 #ThisMorning

@johnnyhazell36: Bless football’s biggest character great to hear his voice coming together #thismorning

@Shelley20: @chris_kammy isnt he just the nicest man. love him. Cant wait to read his book. #ThisMorning

@AarreJayne: Brightens anyone’s morning ❤️

@spireiterunner: Great interview. 🥳🥳👍👍

@larny1180: What an absolutely incredible human. Loved by so, so many!

@punkygriffon: Great to see he’s doing well. An absolute classic.

@LelBailey: Always smiling 🥰🥰

@footballtripper: what a joy to see you on the screen Kammy, legend

@RealW7Crossley: Love you Kammy ❤️ Such a nice guy #Legend

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