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Teary eyed Ben Shepherd hugs Chris Kamara after heartbreaking interview on speech disorder

A teary eyed Ben Shepherd hugs Chris Kamara after giving a heartbreaking interview on the ex-footballer turned presenter’s speech disorder.

Everyone in the studio can be seen struggling to hold back their emotions while discussing his Apraxia of Speech diagnosis on Good Morning Britain.

Whilst speaking, Chris Kamara was quickly trending on Twitter, with viewers watching on left crying with sadness and showing sympathy.

He said: “To see a brain specialist. and I was only in there for two minutes speaking to him, and he said, you’ve got apraxia of speech, where the connection between the brain and the mouth breaks down and you can’t say the words.

“Your mouth can’t control itself to say the words properly, they come out very slow. And so I thought that defined me.

“So my apologies to everybody out there who’s got a speech condition, because it doesn’t define who you are.

“I get upset about talking about it because I was in denial. I was ashamed that I couldn’t speak.

Susanna Reid: “You got nothing to be ashamed of, honestly. Let me just take your hand for a second, Chris. Honestly, you’ve done so much to inspire other people. I know, Ben, you’ve had experiences, haven’t you? Where you’ve spoken to people who are literally no longer ashamed of what they’re experiencing because of the way that you’ve spoken out about it.

Kammy: That’s been the good thing about all this. Ben was behind me, coming out, and doing the documentary and talking about it. And once I’d spoken about it, and you get it off your chest and realise that everyone’s behind you. Family, friends, are all with you all the way, no matter what happens.”

Kammy added: “I went to Mexico for some experimental treatment, and it’s working. Kate, thank you so much for recommending that.

Kate Garraway: “Yeah, well, it’s wonderful. I mean, that’s something that I was nervous about talking to you about. It’s something that Derek’s had treatment for. I couldn’t guarantee anything because they couldn’t guarantee anything because it’s very new. But you feel it’s really helped you.”

Kammy: “Amazing. When I’m not talking about the speech because it’s psychosomatic. It slows down when you talk about it. The brain is so complex. So when you talk about good things, about football and stuff like that, my voice goes back. Or if I try and put on an accent, Scottish accent, hello it’s me, Kammy here. You can talk fluently all day long. Irish, of course you can talk fluently. And the brain is crazy.

Ben Shepherd: “One of the things that was amazing was when Kammy was in Mexico because his balance is affected and your strength. He was sending me footage of you hopping around the pool. He’d got his wife and he hadn’t been able to jump or hop for years. And you were hopping endlessly hopping and got all these bits of footage. Just got me jumping around.

Kammy: “It’s so crazy. The brain tells you that you can’t lift your feet off the ground. It’s just so complex.”

Twitter users reacted as a teary eyed Ben Shepherd hugs Chris Kamara after the heartbreaking interview on Kammy’s speech disorder…

@Tericbee: Not a dry eye here 😢 Chris Kamara such a lovely man and that hug with Ben 😢 A special friendship #GMB

@katlee1973: @GMB Just watching Chris kamara and what an amazing man he is, I am sat here crying my eyes out listening to him, the love that everyone has for him is a credit to the person he is, keep being you kammy ❤️🥰

@jenny1969: Aww Chris kamara set me off this morning 😢, what a guy he is #GMB

@thomasonland: Chris Kamara and Ben Shephard, what a beautiful moment from two great role models

@TindallAnthony: Chris kamara and Ben Shepard are proper boyos #gmb

@Mrs_E_L_G: Oh #chriskamara I think you are the most wonderful man. I just wanted to reach into my television & give you the biggest hug. Sending you 💕💕💕💕🤗🤗🤗🤗 #gmb

@kent_simone: #chriskamara on #GMB …😥😥😥 Legend!

@Debz_1980: Watching #ChrisKamara talking about more help for speech & language therapy on #GMB – so important. SLT’s are unsung heroes. They work tirelessly & are literal life savers. 👏🏼👏🏼 #SLT

@sloprobson: Man. Chris Kamara has just made me weep. Lovely man, very inspiring and remains a fantastic personality #GMB #Apraxia

@brozz1e: What a wonderful moment on @GMB between Chris Kamara & Ben Shepherd. Kammy is a national treasure, very moving.

@Swinno1976: Chris Kamara and Ben Shephard on GMB showing why it’s vital that men open up about their health and emotions. Fair play to you. #GMB

@claretandblue31: @chris_kammy such a good guy appreciate the support of his friend @benshephard that was really nice.. keep fighting @chris_kammy #chriskamara #Thismorningbritain

@ThomasPye8: So sad to hear what Chris Kamara is going through. We’re all behind you Kammy ❤️

@1878Scotto: Absolutely love Chris Kamara 💙

@LianeWilson3: @GMB I LOVE ❤ Ben Shepherd even more, watching him spur on and be a support to the awesome and inspiring Chris Kamara for shouting and lobbying awareness about speech & language issues and conditions 👏 💖

@Nova10987654321: Awww I just want to give Chris Kamara a bloody huge hug!!! What a lovely guy! Talking now on @GMB about his speech issues (Apraxia) and his campaign for awareness around that and related disorders. We love you Kammy! ❤️ @chris_kammy

@Jo_Jowren: Oh Kammy! 🥺 Slower speech doesn’t affect just how funny, witty and amazing you are! What an interview on @GMB. So emotional, very informative and heartfelt ❤️ #ChrisKamara

@topcat137: @GMB crying with Chris Kamara, what an inspiration to others with the condition. You are so brave, you’ve got this!!

@lmc_________: chris kamara salt of the earth #GMB

@honest_ry: Didn’t expect to wake up and get teary eyed listening to Chris Kamara. What a lovely man. #GMB

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