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Eddie Howe hints rivals refused to do deals with Newcastle to deny them success

Eddie Howe hints his fellow Premier League rivals refused to do deals with Newcastle United to deny them any chance of having success.

The Magpies had a productive window, but couldn’t secure the services of the likes of Leeds United forward Jack Harrison while also failing in their pursuit of Leicester City’s James Maddison.

Howe’s side were also frustrated after seeing their loan approaches for West Ham defender Harrison Ashby and Arsenal’s Ainsley Maitland-Niles failed to materialise.

The Newcastle boss gave his thoughts when being questioned on whether domestic clubs saw his side as a threat.

“That’s true, I would say so,” he said.

“That was definitely something we felt in the market. Domestic clubs didn’t want to be seen to be helping us. We’ll have to take that, that is part of where we are at the moment.

“We have certainly found there is no one there ready to do us a favour. It’s the narrative regarding us that has changed.

“If there is anything domestically, teams will put their price up if it is Newcastle. That is the same around the world, that is something we are having to deal with.

“That is why we have walked away from a few deals because I think it is important we are not seen as that club that will pay what is asked. I think it has to be fair.

“There is a real feeling of us internally knowing we are against everybody else. That is healthy and I would embrace that. I would say we couldn’t be more together at the moment.”

Having signed four new stars this summer, Newcastle spent £115million, taking their total investments to over £200million, including January arrivals. See what other Premier League clubs spent on transfers for the summer window by clicking HERE.

Howe admits that his side has spent more than they wished and financial fair play made it very difficult.

“FFP definitely was a big hurdle for us to deal with this transfer window,” he added.

“We have gone over the guidelines given. I’m not sure whether it has affected future budgets, that’s not for me to answer. But we have slightly exceeded where we wanted to be.”

Twitter users reacted as Eddie Howe accuses league rivals of refusing to do deals with Newcastle to deny them success…

@James90044529: If other clubs know you’ve got loads of money then they price goes up when you come calling. How is this a surprise to him 🤷‍♂️

@ajwatchLCFC: 🤣 their offer for Maddison was a joke! Nothing to do with us raising the price! You offer peanuts and you do get the players simple

@OliverPaoloWHU: Tbh I’m glad people are doing that, they are literally owned by a country

@patricksafc96: My heart bleeds for them, must be so so tough 😭

@AnalyticsForest: I mean, surely that’s what you expect when everyone knows money is no object to your owners. Paying £25m for Chris Wood also kinda inflated things for yourself.

@MI5TC: If it wasn’t for FFP they would quite happily go and ransack clubs for all their best players and have absolutely no issues doing so, so I don’t think anyone will have any sympathy

@JamesFromLeeds: But also, Jack Harrison IS worth more than £25m sooooo

@hazelgrave_paul: Heart bleeds for the poor darlings 🥱🤦‍♂️🤥

@Matchday365: Or maybe clubs saw you pay £25M for Chris Wood and figured Newcastle can be taken advantage of

This is clearly a thing now – and it will get worse over time. Two obvious things we can do:
1. Establish a best in class scouting network in Europe and South America.
2. Heavily invest in a youth system to consistently produce excellent home-grown talent.

@OaksieDoakes: Man sells soul to devil. Complains it’s a bit hot in hell.

@Biggies_MaIIs: Their fans were singing about Messi and Ronaldo cleaning their boots and selling their pies as they waved cash around whilst wearing towels on their heads. And now they’re moaning that everyone is against them and not selling cheaply to them. Silly bastards.

@True1892: Get the academy improved and just do most our transfer business abroad. More than capable of making Botman/Bruno/Isak level signings in the coming seasons #NUFC

@_jkpnro: I for one am shocked that clubs won’t sell you players on the cheap when they know you’re the richest club in the world

@JacobHorsfall_: Well yes mate when a club with 10x more money than anyone else, of course people will try squeeze as much as they can out of you 😭

@andcouldheplay7: Honestly, if you were the manager of a club that is backed by a murderous & oppressive regime for the purpose of sports-washing its reputation around the world, you’d think you’d just keep your mouth shut instead of coming out with this nonsense.

@JimmyHelI: Imagine if Klopp had said this.

@CPFCHQ: Never been so proud of the Premier League.

@mcgregormt: ‘People are against us for trying to buy the league with money from murdering human rights abusing dictators’ is not the sob story Eddie thinks it is.

@juza_23: What is it with these state owned clubs trying to act like they’re the underdogs who should be treated with pity by everyone else? My heart bleeds for the richest club in world football.

@garythegooner56: Of course everyone is against them and the infamous Saudi regime that are funding Newcastle. Also of course they are going to want exorbitant transfer fees as the oil state has unlimited resources. It’s not rocket science Eddie

@jamiebennett92: When you let everyone know that you’ve basically got infinite money, it shouldn’t be a surprise when you’re asked to pay insanely high fees for players that you want…

@StewWhiting: Anyone more annoying than this bloke? His plucky Bournemouth spent millions, never mentioned. Now he’s surprised rivals won’t sell them their best players on the cheap. Brain dead.

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