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Motorbike speeds into Newcastle co-owners and injures fans in scary incident outside Anfield

Balaclava-clad men on a motorbike speeds into Newcastle co-owners and injures fans in what’s described to be a scary incident outside Anfield

The Magpies’ owners narrowly escaped serious injury when the vehicle was driven recklessly and at speed through a crowd of terrified supporters, injuring some and saw others scrambling in fear of their lives.

Amanda Staveley and Mehrdad Ghodoussi were approaching the ground 90 minutes prior to kick-off on Wednesday evening when the motorbike – carrying a suspected drug dealer and involved in a chase with an electric bike – careered through fans in a pedestrian area and in front of the Newcastle ownership party.

The scrambler bike careered through fans in a pedestrian area on Wednesday night

Ghodoussi told Sportsmail: ‘The bike flew right by us and could have hit us easily. It was a scary incident. Amanda was pretty shaken up but calmed down once we got inside the stadium. Thankfully, it appears serious injuries were avoided. But it could have been far worse, the bike drove straight into the crowd.’

The bike eventually crashed as it entered the area of Stanley Park when a police officer intervened and the two men, who were thrown from it, were arrested, the rider on suspicion of drug-driving. One of the occupants suffered injuries and needed medical attention.

Witnesses also describe one fan, thought to be a middle-aged man, being left in a ‘bad way’ and struggling to breathe. One individual, among several to be hit by the bike, was rushed to hospital by ambulance.

‘It had squeezed through a gap and into a pedestrian area that was packed with supporters. A couple of people were hit on the way through before the police managed to knock them off the bike. But it could have been so much worse. It was an area full of supporters, including children. They were going at some speed and you really feared for people’s safety.’

The scrambler bike eventually crashed entering Stanley Park and two men were arrested

Another witness said that the sound of the bike managed to alert some people that it was coming at them, but because of the volume of fans, it was not visible until it came right up close, causing supporters, including terrified children, to jump to safety. They say it was lucky no one was killed given the speed of the bike.

A spokesperson for Merseyside Police told Sportsmail: ‘We have arrested two males following an incident outside Anfield stadium on Wednesday August 31, in which a scrambler bike was reported to have been in contact with pedestrians.

‘The scrambler bike, which was being ridden by two males wearing balaclavas, is believed to have been involved in a chase with an electric bike through 97 Avenue and Dahlia Walk, close to Liverpool’s ground, at around 6.30pm.

‘The scrambler is believed to have made contact with a number of pedestrians before being brought to a stop by an officer outside the ground. The stop caused the rider and passenger to fall off and they were both arrested.

‘There are no reports of any members of the public being seriously injured. One of the riders of the bike suffered facial and shoulder injuries and has received medical treatment.

‘The rider of the bike, a 30-year-old man, was arrested on suspicion of S5 RTA (drug driving), causing serious injury by dangerous driving and suspected theft of a motor vehicle.

‘The passenger, a 23-year-old man, was arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply Class B drugs, suspected theft of a motor vehicle and other driving offences.

‘The bike has been recovered and enquiries into the incident are ongoing. The incident has been voluntarily referred to the Independent Office for Police Conduct.’

Eddie Howe on motorbike incident outside Anfield: “I certainly wish both of them (Staveley/Ghodoussi) well & hope they’re okay. It sounded like it could have been very different, so my thoughts are with anyone that was hurt in the incident.”

The match ended in a 2-1 win for Liverpool, who scored their winning goal in the eighth minute of stoppage-time through substitute Fabio Carvalho, causing some rather heated scenes on the touchline.

Twitter users gave their reaction after hearing a motorbike speeds into Newcastle co-owners and injures fans in a scary incident outside Anfield in midweek…

@SDIXON1902: We saw the crash. 2 scruffy lads flying around stanley park at 40mph on electric bikes. crashed into a old bloke who needed medical attention. The two lads on bikes injured and bloodied, arrested after medical attention.

@JackMcAndrew99: Awful place

@Sven_batman4: That’s Liverpool for you

@Paul_J6: Yeh but of course it’ll not be their fault as they’re scousers you see… they’re never to blame and nothing’s ever their fault 🤯

@MatthewHalI: State of Liverpool man

@halliday_9: Town full of crime and bellends

@lspark89: Hope you’re both okay @ghodoussi 🙏🏼🖤🤍

@True1892: Just another reason to dislike scousers #NUFC

@Greens_tweet: Was about 10 feet from this when it happened. Police managed to knock both from their bikes but it looked like one veered into a fan who was being treated by paramedics. Absolute scumbags

@Nufc2Everything: State of your city man #LFC absolute mongrels all over the place #NUFC

@NewcastleFansTV: Stay classy Liverpool

@JustinTerrett: What’s going on in Liverpool, been there loads of times and it’s a nice place but so much crime recently.

@RebelMC6: Might be the most Liverpool thing to ever happen.

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