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Divided reaction as Wrexham fans go viral with video booing ‘God Save The Queen’

There was quite a divided reaction online as Wrexham fans go viral with a video booing ‘God Save The Queen’ on Sunday afternoon.

The Welsh side, who play in England’s top tier of non league football, took on Bromley in the 2022 FA Trophy Final held at Wembley Stadium.

A video of the moment was published onto Twitter and since gone on to get over 54,000 views, with no doubt many more thousands hearing it on BT Sport.

‘RexRentFree’ of the Red Passion forum said a day after the game: “Booing the English National anthem knocked the wind out of our sails yesterday. Non of the players looked happy about it.

“Rob any Ryan looked embarrassed standing next to Becks who was singing along.

“How can you expect the players to perform after that. 9 or 10 of our players are English and we’re booing their national anthem.

“Wonder if any of them were singing along.

“Some of them might be proud Englishmen.

“I’m not even English and I’d be thinking screw these bigots, zero respect. Can’t expect players to lay down their lives to the cause after that.

“Should never have played the anthems in the first place, club football is about individual players who can be from any nation, keep the anthems to internationals.”

However many Twitter have praised fans for booing the English national anthem – something that Liverpool fans also did in recent games at Wembley.

Liverpool edged Chelsea out of a FA Cup final last Saturday after a gripping penalty shootout, though it was the chorus of boos during Prince William’s meeting the players and through the rendition of God Save The Queen that stole the headlines, was talked about in the house of commons in London and a was featured in the newspaper columns.

Klopp, when questioned about the issue: “I know our people that well that they wouldn’t do it if there was no reason for it. And I’m not here surely not long enough to understand the reason for it, is for sure something historical and that’s a question you could answer better than I could ever.”

The Telegraph reported that British prime minster Boris Johnson “slaps down” Klopp for defending the booing.

In a livid article published in the London Independent, writer Tony Evans outlined the rationale and energy behind the crowd hostility towards the anthem and an anti-monarchical stance: that it was the latest in Liverpool’s on-going protest against England’s prevailing class system and the establishment indifference.

“What does this have to do with football?” he wrote in the piece. “A lot. The word “Scouse” is an insult that was reappropriated by those it was used against. In the poorest areas of Liverpool, a century ago, the malnourished residents – who were children of immigrants and who mainly identified as Irish – relied on soup kitchens and cheap street vendors for food. What they were served was ‘Scouse’, a watery stew.

“Scouser was a pejorative term used to mock the poorest. When “Feed the Scousers” echoes around stadiums it is expressing a deep folk memory that is imbued with anti-migrant and anti-Irish sentiment. Those chanting it may not be conscious of the history but the driving forces for their behaviour can be traced back down many decades.

Nowhere else is poverty sneered at in this way by outsiders. No one sings “Feed the Geordies” or “Feed the Mancs” even though other places have much more deprived areas.”

Read more on Liverpool and why they boo them English national anthem HERE.

As mentioned, a divided reaction was seen as Wrexham fans go viral with a video booing ‘God Save The Queen’…

@HollieDavies_14: A great video you’ve captured here. Sounds incredible 😍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

@Gowerspurs: Don’t like England or the anthem no problem, but go and play in a Welsh dog and duck league then.

@JacobiteScott: Well done Wrexham…from all at Celtic FC

@moonshine17: As a Wrexham fan I would never condone booing ANYONE’S National anthem – yes, I’m Welsh first but I’m British second and therefore God Save the Queen is my my anthem as well….

@JackMea86114677: Brilliant from Wrexham. Will listen again.

@KeithRo5808: Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Wrexham will now be followed by me 👍🏻 Outstanding stuff

@JamieNeef: Cracking video, sounds class fair play 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

@DominicR26: Would you feel British if you were from Wrexham? Had your language suppressed for centuries and nearby villages flooded to make reservoirs used by England. And that’s before you even go into the mines closing. Think they’ve got a point tbh

@LloydCymru: You love to see/hear it. 😍😍😍

@Dec_1875: Magnificent effort from everyone involved, hope more clubs take the same approach to that shiteshow of a song

@_roundy_: Got what you deserved for booing the national anthem, hope you get kicked out to the tinpot welsh league.

@AndyTur94183984: Booing the national anthem when the queens just given you city status… outstanding 🤡

@riobeare: Just put them in the Welsh league then, don’t like our country but will happily play in the English leagues

@ManchopperBlog: Anthem booing by both sides. How pathetic. How childish. Especially when the vast majority of Wrexham’s side are English, and they play in that system. Disrespectful to boo any country’s anthem, regardless of the reason. #FATrophy

@ziggerzagger67: Terrific stuff. The booing, not the throwing flares. They’ve got themselves a new admirer.

@zanderhunskelpa: Wrexham have just went right up in my book

@LukeWalshFCHT: Why are Wrexham booing the national anthem when half of their team are English😂😂

@paul_maclaren: Brilliant to see. Well done. I know in Scotland, we despise the English national anthem, it gets the loudest boing anywhere when we play England. Didn’t realise this was as prevalent in Wales though. 👏

@henke_hoops: This anti-royal movement is gaining more and more momentum. 👏👏👏


@angeldelightnia: Quite sad to hear fellow @Wrexham_AFC fans booing the English national anthem. We are better than that.

@LeeJameson: Oh @Wrexham_AFC supporters did you boo the National Anthem she is your Queen too. Just glad the @bromleyfc supporters did not show the same disrespect for your anthem.

@dkt65: Don’t agree with throwing anything at a football game, but we live in a democracy, so people are allowed to show their displeasure with the monarchy or govt should they wish to

@LukeChels: Imagine booing the anthem when you’re so desperate to play in our leagues. You’re more than welcome to play in your own tinpot leagues.

@RichLHughes: Wrexham fans booing the national anthem, probably all the plastic scouser’s and the ones I know wouldn’t of done it. I’m no royal fan but she is the queen of Britain so deserves some respect. Same idiots be having jubilee party’s over the bank holiday no doubt.

@M4tthewD1x0n: Wrexham fans want to boo the national anthem? Let them play in the Welsh league, see how they like it then 🤷🏼‍♂️

@damscfc96: @Wrexham_AFC 🤫💙🤍 got what you deserved. Booing the National Anthem. Disgusting.

@miltownroad: This put me right off Wrexham. Even if you view it as the England National Anthem then it was just dam rude to boo as you are playing in England in an England FA competition with a team full of English players. Give your place up to an English team if that’s how you feel.

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