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Distressing scenes as Everton hooligans attack Newcastle fans, kids, women and police officers

A number of videos have emerged showing distressing scenes as Everton hooligans attack Newcastle fans, kids, women and police officers.

Those who attended the Premier League clash, which finished in a 1-0 win for the Toon, took to social media to say what happened, what they witnessed and demanded strong action against the culprits.

This is what has been said, check out the following tweets including video footage of just what went on, but we have to warn you of some shocking things seen and heard in the clips…

@NUFC_BERTIE: Attacking women and children with bricks and fireworks doesn’t make you a hard man it makes you a fucking scumbag Everton fans are an absolute joke targeting kids thinking there “hard” nowt but an embarrassing bunch of deformed mongs

@BenjaminSinca: #everton fans yesterday were throwing coins, stones and who knows what at crowds of people that were full of kids, elderly and women. Not only that but shouting racist slurs towards #nufc fans. There are plenty of videos now on twitter. I hope @NewcastlePolice will act!

@DaleGraham26: Everton fans fighting kids woman and police tonight outside the ground very classy from a very classy set of supporters.

@RedpathDavid: Just witnessed the return of 90s football hooliganism – Everton fans throwing fireworks and all sorts into crowd full of families – not enough police and one or two of them left to battle with big groups, hope all ok ! Ps and the scousers wonder why they are disliked #nufc

@ataylor1892: It’ll be interesting to see if the @premierleague @EFL take any action. They should do because if that had been us they would hammer us!!

@SteveM66044658: Everton “fans” without doubt the worst fans we get up here….year in, year out. It’s no surprise, they do it every year. They have some lovely friendly fans…… and a lot of absolute scum that are barely human. Shame really….. they claim to be a proud club. Embarrassing

@ethan173882: Everton fans are Absolute rats. Throwing fire crackers towards Newcastle fans and young kids after the match next to the buses #NUFC #EFC Scouse Mackems

@ScottyT9804: Embarrassing behaviour by Everton fans on Barrick rd….. grown blokes. Fucking hell on. One bloke standing screaming at a couple standing with a young child “who fucking wants it” #NUFC

@AdamTweddell00: Everton fans launching bottles, rocks etc from the coaches over the road Newcastle fans where there are bairns, disgusting fan base 😡😡😡

@phillnufc: #everton completely disgusting

@Sholas_bike: Looks like they can’t get there flares on target either

@ApexMagpie: @Everton fans are disgraceful.

@prigorodnoye: Was the same last season too. Same place. Barrack Rd. can’t believe the police weren’t ready for it this time 🤷‍♂️ @northumbriapol ???

@josephmaccabe: They did this last season too (not as bad) but I remember a few “come on then…” shouts from individuals towards people who were clearly just interested in making their way home. Bizarre behaviour

@scottiesports: Should have been fined and docked points last season for all the crap they started with flares, smoke bombs and pitch invasions. But it’s never their fault is it?!?!

@PurdyJanet777: Pretty scary. Worse than last year. Was walking up Barrack Rd on Everton side. Volatile. Waited. Decided to walk back and police helped us get out onto the other side of the road.

@PaulNic_Journo: Well that wasn’t a pleasant walk back up Barrack Rd to the car after the match. It’s weird how there’s never a hint of trouble when #nufc play Liverpool… but it’s always edgy when we play Everton. Had to literally push their fans back to keep them away from my son.

@linzi1989: I am still very very very annoyed at the way @Everton fans behaved leaving our stadium last night. Children went home terrified and crying because of you scummy lot! Stay classless Everton! #nufc #efc #NEWEVE

@SteveM66044658: Fighting anyone mate. Bottles, glasses, fireworks thrown everywhere. The Police dogs got bored of biting them. Absolute fuckwitts 🙄 we don’t get that from other fans……so there can’t be a contributing factor. They are just scum.

@Clayton4Connor: This is vile what Everton fans have done 🤬🤬🤬 #nufc

@_Chris_NUFC: They love attacking the elderly, women and kids. Horrible shithouses.

@riccosrant: Any chance of the police trying to protect innocent people. Football needs to realise thuggery is back and needs to get a grip. These scenes are once again becoming common place.

@Kev84604161: High horse fc in action. They’ve run out of murals to deface so they have moved onto smashing up buses

@Ak_Wright_: Absolutely shocking behaviour! I’d say they should be ashamed of theirself but we all know these vile twats don’t know the meaning #NUFC #EvertonFC

New figures show Everton matches are amongst worst for arrests and banning orders.

Football-related arrests reached an eight-year high of 2,198 in the 2021/22 season across England and Wales, up 59% compared with the last pre-covid season of 2018/19.

The new figures published by the Home Office show nearly two-thirds (64%; 1,404) of the arrests occurred inside the ground.

Everton matches were amongst those with the highest numbers of arrests, ranking fifth across England and Wales, with 58.

The figures also show Everton supporters were issued with the third highest number of new football banning orders for the 2021/22 season, at 26, with some high-profile cases hitting the headlines.

Toffees fan Shane Bennett, 18, of Grasmere Street, was banned from going to football matches for three years after punching two police officers during Everton’s 1-0 Premier League win against Newcastle United last March.

Another supporter, Roger Tweedle, 19, was given a four year football banning order and a suspended prison sentence after throwing a plastic bottle at Aston Villa players during a 1-0 loss at Goodison Park in January.


Fans continued to react to distressing scenes as Everton hooligans attack Newcastle fans, kids, women and police officers…

@H4mmy14: Stay classy @Everton #NUFC #Everton

@tooncoyote: This should have no place in our game. It’s like the 1970s. An absolute disgrace

@alanreay: Over to you @Everton @premierleague any views???? I’m there will be plenty other views, coverage and opinions to get a totally clear picture. #NUFC @NUFC

@tyne_on: @Everton fans let themselves down tonight, they started before the game testing the water. But ugly scene’s after the game, toddlers being hit with bangers, old people being hit and pushed to the ground. Absolute scum

@EdParker96: Pure scum that club. They’re a stain on their city

@GallowgateRag: @Everton awaiting your press release! #efc #neweve

@CS23888257: Everton have such a scummy fanbase, picking up where they left off last season – throwing bottles at Villa players, racially abusing Palace players. All it took was a few consecutive losses for them to show their true colours. A year or two in the Championship may humble them.

@shaungraham94: My nephew and his football team was at the game last night and my sister called me to tell me about this. Shocking behaviour. Some of the worst fans I’ve known 🤮

@Jonny_jones1805: Absolutely disgraceful

@GerWillzLFC: They call themselfs the people’s club aswell

@ttwhu: Toffees trademark that. Giving it by the coaches. When alls said and done they’re still a bunch of grasses

@simpa67: To all the brave so called Everton fans that thought it was funny to attack families & kids & elderly couples last night 😡 you are an absolute disgrace to football so glad you got beat last night !! really hope you get relegated this season !!

@Magpie24_7: Disgraceful fanbase. The ‘Peoples Club’ my backside! Bad loosers more like!

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