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‘Disgraceful’ – Sheffield Wednesday fans react to ‘utterly sickening’ reports

‘Disgraceful’ was one of the words used by Sheffield Wednesday fans to react on ‘utterly sickening’ reports as January comes to a close.

The Owls are still yet to appoint a new permanent manager, and it would see that the one man that really praised the club and would love to be their new boss, has now rejected them.

Paul Cook turned down the chance to be the next Owls manager after he was only offered a contract until the end of the season.

The 53 year old former Wigan manager has been out of work since leaving the Latics in the 2019/20 campaign, and as many will know, he expressed his desire to return to the game, going on to apply for the job at Hillsborough.

The Athletic have confirmed that there had bee talked talks between Cook and the board, with an offer being made towards the manager.

However, as it was only set to run to the end of the season, Cook declined, as he understandably wants and feels like he deserves a chance to be with them long-term.

Anger from the club’s fanbase has now turned to Chansiri, with Wednesday supporters clueless as to why Paul Cook can’t be given a lengthy deal, especially as he’s also shown he’s proven at this level, after all, Wigan would have stayed up if it hadn’t been for administration and points deductions.

Fans are also left concerned as a transfer update emerges, with The Star journalist Joe Crann saying: “I’m told that Celtic’s interest in #SWFC’s Liam Shaw is very real, but remains just interest for now…

“His talks with Wednesday remain ongoing, #CelticFC would no doubt be tempting though.

“He’s into the last six months of his deal at Hillsborough.”

All this came out on the same night as the club’s 2-0 defeat away to Coventry City, leaving the Owls 23rd in the Championship table and six points from safety.

Current favourite for the job Neil Thompson, the caretaker, said after the game: “It was a typical Championship game. It was really tight. The pitch wasn’t very quick. There was frantic play from both teams and it was always going to be the little bits of detail.

“They maybe did the basics better than we did.

“We just didn’t penetrate them enough and create enough chances.

“They took their chances and we had to change our shape, put people on and then you get a little bit disjointed trying to be more adventurous and then we conceded another one.

“It was a pretty even game and there was not a lot in it.

“From our point of view, we are disappointed because we need to win games.”

When asked for the latest on his position, he said: “I am quite relaxed about the situation. I have been asked to take care of the team, which has been a privilege, and we will see where it goes.”

On revealed on Wednesday the 25th of January was the departure of the club’s advisor Erik Alonso.

The Spanish agent, who is the president of WBD Sports, played a part in assisting with player sales and landing new commercial sponsors.

Yorkshire Live understands Alonso has also been involved in the managerial process putting forward Paul Cook.

A report claims Alonso and Amadeu Paixao, who has worked as Chansiri’s advisor for some time, were chasing different targets, and now is the time for to depart.

In an explosive post on Twitter, Alonso said: “Due to irreconcilable differences with the club, I am sad to say I will not longer be advising Sheffield Wednesday football club.

“Although it was a brief period that I was assisting the club, I appreciate all the messages of support from the fans and am disappointed I wasn’t able to bring success back to such a prestigious and historic club.

“Unfortunately, due to forces around the club, it became untenable to continue especially as the chances of my reputation being affected became apparent.

“It was always my intention to assist a club and the owner to bring positive results on and off the pitch back to the club.

“Should things change at the club, then I would be more than happy to return and bring all the force I have to restore it to where the club should be in the Premier League.”

As mentioned, Sheffield Wednesday fans react to what has been described as ‘utterly sickening’ reports…


@8balltiger: He’s a good manager and sensible, of course he’s turned it down.

@SAFC4LIFEBUTCH: Good decision. It’s a dead job.

@Richardwalsh21: Give him the job and let him sign his own players.. Chansiri is killing the club. #swfc

@EdwardJ40771921: Why would we offer him a short term deal. Joke owner

@Brad583546: Unbelievable from Chansiri

@peterhorner1867: Don’t blame him. Sad to say it as I’d like him at swfc. But this place is toxic and owned by a level of incompetence you wouldn’t believe

@Paul24283322: Well we will deserve everything we get. Terrible why haven’t got a manager …… oh yes transfer window

@lees12: Why the fuck would we offer him a short term contract!?!? Don’t blame cook at all

@Deeowl: Nobody wants a short term deal. This is why Thompson will be named manager

@Damienlanesun: That kind of pathetic contract offer sums up Chansiri and his advisors. If true, It’s instructive of how he runs the club, on the hoof, with no long-term plan at all. With Chansiri at the helm, we’re goosed, cos a good coach’ll walk a million miles in the opposite direction.


@LifeIsPeachy82: Disgraceful we have let his contract run down.

@swfc46: Why are we fucking about then typical Wednesday

@Lukepeo1886: Plz no shaw I beg

@MrPaulPashley: His agent will be loving this.

@ChrisWa79175558: That be him off then. They’ll offer more money and he’ll be gone

@SteelTaylord: I’ve seen this sort of thing before. It wasn’t good news then…

@SeanHoare72: Potential from Liam Shaw is unreal at this club, but who is pulling the strings upstairs with the puppets in charge, surely he his well worth a contract and why hasn’t DC brought any players in 5 days and windows close apart from Hutchinson, it’s got titanic written all over it


@ChrisswfcMac: If you go to Cyprus for a few months he’ll probably forget about it all and have you back again

@LifeIsPeachy82: Poison Paxo at work yet again.

@DaddyDurks: So basically Paul Cook fitted the bill perfectly but Chansiri thought he would take the piss by offering him a deal till end of the season . Instead Amadeu has his claws firmly into Chansiri and wants to ultimately destroy our club . Chansiri needs to sell up

@kmowl44: I’m close to being done with this club after 35 years of supporting them. Heartbreaking

@Wiggy05: Spill the beans then. Somebody needs to enlighten the fanbase. The clubs a mess. We deserve to know what’s happening.

@KMaoui: What the hell is going on??? From trips to Wembley, European nights, some of the best players in the country to definite relegation, financial ruin and total alienation of the supporters.

@willorwillnot88: Know you’ll have been asked. Know you probably can’t tell us. But please for sake of fans. Tell us what the hell is going on at our club. Balls to whatever none disclosure agreement you’ll have in place. Our club is being killed and nobody is helping us

@NickJames1988: Thanks for trying, Erik. All the best for the future and it’s a shame our owner is too egotistical to listen to others.

@TMatthews03: Thanks Erik you actually understand the club and it’s history hopefully under new ownership you may return

@Markmoorhouse2: Not looking good for Chansiri what a Mess. Cheers for trying but I wish you would tell us long suffering fans the truth 20 Years and counting of pain

@adam7485: Your involvement in the club was the only thing keeping me positive tbh, god knows what the future holds now.

Are you like those Sheffield Wednesday fans to react to ‘utterly sickening’ reports published? Let us know your thoughts!

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