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Danny Dyer spotted with Millwall fans at The Den and looking bloodied for Football Factory sequel

Danny Dyer has recently been spotted with Millwall fans at The Den and looking rather bloodied for The Football Factory sequel.

In January, match attending fans at Millwall were left baffled after bumping into the West Ham supporting actor during home games.

It has soon become clear however that he’s been filming for the new Football Factory film, which comes 20 years after the first one came out.

The 2004 film starred the likes of Danny Dyer, Tamer Hassan, Frank Harper, Roland Manookian, Neil Maskell and Dudley Sutton, and was loosely based on the novel.

Danny Dyer plays Tommy Johnson, who is a member of a Chelsea hooligan firm, with the film exploring an insight of life of a bored male, Chelsea football hooligan who lives for violence, sex, drugs and alcohol.

His pals are also hooligans, Rod King (played by Neil Maskell), Billy Bright (Frank Harper), Zeberdee (Roland Manookian) and Raf (Calum MacNab).

And it looks like it’s coming back to our screens with filming starting in January, hoping to get it out in 2024, in time for the 20th anniversary.

The new film currently has a working title of Marching Powder with Danny Dyer confirming that he and director Nick Love reunited last month on Instagram, adding: ‘Let the madness begin’.

As per a source for The Sun: “The script for Marching Powder will reveal what happened to the rival factions of hooligans after the end of the last film.

“It’s a real passion project for Danny who can’t wait to get his teeth back into the role.

“Tamer Hassan – who played Millwall firm leader Fred – is also back for the film.

“The finishing touches are being put on the production plan and all things being well, it’s going to be a really exciting start to the New Year.”

A few weeks ago, Danny Dyer was seen covered up in a coat and flat cap with fans chanting around him in the Barry Kitchener Stand during Millwall’s FA Cup fixture against Leicester.

He was also seen having selfies at Millwall on the 13th of January 2024 for their home game against Middlesbrough.

It seems Danny Dyer is a bad luck charm for Millwall, as both games he appeared, Millwall fell to defeat.

More photos have appeared in the media, of Danny with fake blood and grazes while having a cigarette on set in a residential area.

A source spoke more to The Sun about what we could see in the new film: “The idea is that the new project would follow Tommy in the years that followed, what happened in the firm and the new generation coming up behind him.

“Danny said at the time that the film was about so much more than hooliganism. It was about men and their complex relationships.

“And given how much the world has changed over the past two decades, there is plenty of scope for new themes.

“Naturally, football will be at the heart of it so fans can expect violence and hilarious one-liners. Danny has a lot of love for the film and has spoken to Nick about how it could work.

“It would mean defecting from his beloved real-life club West Ham for Chelsea again but Danny is happy to put on the shirt for another pop.

“There’s an eager audience for this kind of gritty, British film and if they can get the script right, they think it could be a massive success.”

This is how Twitter users reacted after Danny Dyer was spotted with Millwall fans at The Den and looking bloodied for the Football Factory sequel…

@markwhufc80: Secret millwall fan i wondered why i never liked him

@LETSAVEIT_METTV: Dont let him near the den again been twice and lost twice

@_WestHamReport: He’s literally there for filming everyone needs to relax

@DarrenS23264012: Probably something to do with the new Football Factory film coming out

@Harry_sims95: it’s for a new film or something. 2 actors there with him

@DanielKretinsky: That Bowen chant made him switch allegiance

@FingeredFred: Hope he had a good wash after.

@SeaTacWHUFC: There’s something weird about this. 1) why would a proper hammer want to go Millwall? 2) how have the Millwall crew let him in?

@JPMillwall2: Danny Dyer at the Den – secret Millwall fan 100%

@Alipeesha1: surely someone’s gonna have a go 😂

@ConorMFC_: Millwall fans swarming Danny dyer for a photo, you make me fucking sick you cunts

@riobeare: What’s going on here then 😂??

@JOGOBONlTO: Millwall fans saying they’d do him in are you fuck. the same ones not at the game as well bunch of weirdos

@tomberry17: Attended twice and lost twice. Good work @MrDDyer ⚒️

@kieranhillfooty: Why am I seeing Millwall fans asking Danny Dyer for a pic? 😭 WHAT’S HAPPENED TO MY FOOTBALL CLUB!!

@_chloeeeexxx: No way there’s “Millwall” fans creaming their boxers over a photo with Danny Dyer. Fuck him the West Ham cunt.

@Petethemkhammer: Danny dyer back at millwall today absolutely pissing there fanbase off great to see west ham yet again taking liberty’s at the den 😎⚒️

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