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Danny Drinkwater lashes out at 16 year old sparking huge brawl in Chelsea U23 game

30 year old Danny Drinkwater lashes out at 16 year old sparking huge brawl in Chelsea U23 game, leaving fans shocked on Monday night.

The Englishman must have felt like he was top of the world after winning the Premier League with Leicester back in 2016.

His form for the Foxes saw him make three appearances for England and also earned him a £35m move to Chelsea.

However, he has been unable to make an impact at Stamford Bridge, playing just 22 times in his first season for the club.

In 2019/20, Drinkwater was sent on loan to Aston Villa and Burnley but he failed to make an impression at either side.

Despite not being a part of Frank Lampard’s plans, Danny Drinkwater is still with Chelsea and featured for their U23 team in the Premier League 2 match against Spurs this week.

That however went terribly and ended up being sent off late on after being on the other end of a hefty challenge from 16-year-old, Alfie Devine, in the 73rd minute.

The veteran midfielder really was happy with it and hit out at Devine as he ran past.

His actions sparked a mass brawl and, when the situation calmed down, both players were eventually sent off by the referee.

You can see why he was annoyed at the awful challenge by Devine but as a 30 year old, you’d expect him to know better, to act more professionally.

The game eventually ended 3-2 to Chelsea after a brilliant comeback which saw Petr Cech make an appearance.

It was his first competitive start since announcing he was coming out of retirement, gifting Tottenham a corner and conceded two minutes in.

It was 2-0 shortly after as Spurs extended their lead, though Chelsea got themselves second half goal, via Marcel Lewis and Myles Peart-Harris, to set up an exciting finish.

Peart-Harris got his second goal of the game in the 88th minute to win all three points for Chelsea, putting them top of the under 21 Premier League table.

Nine months ago, when an Aston Villa midfielder, Danny Drinkwater was sent home after being involved in a training incident with Jota at the club’s training ground.

He was to be fined two weeks’ wages for head-butting Jota according to reports and he couldn’t play for another three weeks.

He was also involved in an attack outside a Manchester nightclub during his spell at Burnley, an incident which saw him out for a few weeks.

A year ago, footage appeared on social media, appearing to show Danny Drinkwater headbutt a Scunthorpe player during a brawl on a night out.

The incident, which took place last month, saw him battered by thugs after he tried to get into bed with another Kgosi Ntlhe’s lover.

The Chelsea player ended up clashing with a group of six people at Manchester’s Chinawhite club.

It came after he was chucked out by security for talking to the woman and was then hit with a blunt object, leaving him with a black eye, swollen cheeks, bruises and cuts to his face, and a badly injured ankle.

Ntlhe threw two punches into Drinkwater’s direction, security split up the pair before the incident escalated. Take a look at the video of the fight below…

A source said: “It was incredibly nasty with blood everywhere.

“At one point he was curled up in a ball on the ground, as they repeatedly jumped up and down on his ankle and shouting, ‘Break his legs’.”

“They knew he was a Premier League star and it was his livelihood. There was blood everywhere, and it was all incredibly nasty.”

Scunthorpe United’s Kgosi Ntlhe asked him to leave his girlfriend alone and thats when the former England international hit out.

Danny also said back to: “I don’t care, mate, she’s coming home with me.”

A source said: “Danny had been celebrating a friend’s birthday and by his own admission got incredibly drunk.

“He knows he has let himself down big time. He was extremely drunk and to be honest doesn’t remember much of the incident. His mate had to fill him in the next day.

“Danny repeatedly tried to chat up a stunning girl in the club and wouldn’t leave her alone.

“He tried it on a few times before she told him to shut up by saying she was there with her boyfriend. He confronted Danny in the club, and punches were thrown.

“Both men were kicked out, and whilst Danny was outside things turned really ugly.

“Some other lads really started on him. After a series of verbal exchanges they knocked him to the ground. He was then hit with an object about the face and body. They were raining blows on him and jumping on his ankle.

“Danny is absolutely mortified now and realises he can no longer put himself in a position where these incidents happen, regardless of who is at fault.

“He had been focused on performing for Burnley and understands people will now question this. He is devastated. His injuries were significant. He looks a total mess.”

Things don’t look to be getting any better for Danny Drinkwater after lashing out at a 16 year old sparking a huge brawl in the Chelsea U23 game, and you see fan reaction on that below…

@jaytear6: What a boy haha

@MikeMathiot: He’s such a child

@lauzksmith: Not the best challenge from the 16 yo!!

@gazstevens6: The tackle put in on him could have ended his career, don’t blame him at all for being angry. Both players are in the wrong and should have been sent off

@NotSoSkinnyPete: What career? Played 17 games in 3 1/2 years. Done for drink driving, injured in a night club punch up and sent back by Villa for headbutting someone. Model pro.

@BigChiefDamian: The first tackle of Drinkwater was nasty. Does not justify the retaliation. That’s the job of the referee to fix.

@JWL82: Danny Drinkwater … retaliating with kids in an U23 game at 30yrs of age … what a sad sad end to a career this is – still, no doubt he’s still trousering a Kings Ransom every week

@thfcbilll: this fucking decline

@benscones: What a signing for 35m he’s been

@Gary96688507: Just making him self unavailable over busy xmass period

@flace1: Snap that piece of shit in half. Well done Alfie!

Jason Lee: Ah Danny Drinkwater, from the heights of winning the Prem in 2016 to playing in Chelsea U23 team, eeek

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