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Crystal Palace fans display more banners as Roy Hodgson tells supporters to be ‘realistic’

Crystal Palace fans display more banners as Roy Hodgson tells supporters to be ‘realistic’ after suffering defeat to Chelsea.

Conor Gallagher netted twice as Chelsea produced a comeback victory at Selhurst Park, putting more pressure on Crystal Palace manager Roy Hodgson.

Despite the Blues’ dominance in the opening period, it was Palace who took the lead with Jefferson Lerma jumping at the opportunity on the edge of the area and unleashed a powerful shot into the top corner in the 30th minute.

Mauricio Pochettino’s side struggled to create any chances until the 45th minute, as Palace aimed to frustrate their opponents in an attempt to claim a much-needed win to widen the five-point gap from the relegation zone.

However, just two minutes into the second half, the visitors were level. Malo Gusto’s cross bounced perfectly for Gallagher, who had previously been on loan at Palace in the 2021-22 season, and sent ball past Dean Henderson.

Chelsea persisted in their pursuit of a winning goal, with thanks to Gallagher in stoppage time with a first-time finish, before Enzo Fernandez then added a composed goal at the near post, leaving them 10th in the table.

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Crystal Palace boss Roy Hodgson speaking to Sky Sports: “From the way the fans were it seems they thought the same. Their support was really good.

“We shot ourselves in the foot to a certain extent. Our lead lasted one minute into the second half, it’s something we’ve talked about a lot and didn’t want to happen again. I think we were value for the 1-1. The third goal for them was the match-winner.

“I can only hope that the fans are realistic. We have injury problems and we have some young players making debuts and finding their way in the game. I would like to think they take all those things into consideration.

“I would like to think with the players coming back, and seeing what they saw tonight from the new players, they might be feeling fairly positive about our chances going forward because there are still 14 matches left in the season. You can’t control that, I don’t know what people are thinking and what their attitudes are going to be.

“The team gave their very best and did give the fair-minded supporter a chance to believe in this team and club as we go forward.”

Hodgson added: “The late goal was the killer, the second one. We had two minutes to try and get back in the game and, as one does in those moments, you have a free-kick deep and you load up the penalty area. You get the ball in the box and you just hope desperately it’s going to fall your way.

“In my experience, these days, that’s about a 50-50 job. It might work but it might cost you a third goal. The third goal just aggravates the scoreline and makes things look worse. It was the second one that effectively won them the game.”

“I’m tempted to say I don’t know I could have asked a lot more from the team today”, Hodgson said of the players he was able to field.

“We probably had as many opportunities throughout the game as they did.

“It’s a bad period which has been caught in particular by the injury situation. There’s 14 games [left]. That’s a lot of points and a lot of matches to be played. There’s been lots of games where things could have gone a little better for us.

“I want to emphasise that there’s no complacency there. We realise we’re at the wrong end of the table.”

Asked by the BBC if he’s confident of keeping Palace in the Premier League, Hodgson added: “I am confident we can do that. At the moment we are playing without three or four of our most experienced and quality players and they won’t be out until the end of the season.

“I am not concerned we are going to be relegated and the way the players played tonight, if you add the quality to that, I don’t think we need to be too concerned about relegation. We are not complacent about it but I believe in the team and players and believe they will pull us through.”

Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish had reportedly strongly contemplated sacking Roy Hodgson after the record defeat against Brighton on Saturday but is struggling to find a replacement who is willing to take over at this stage of the season.

Twitter users reacted after Crystal Palace fans display more banners as Roy Hodgson tells supporters to be ‘realistic’…

@DanLivingLife: He’s a beaten man – Put him out his misery ffs parish

@esexton95: He is so unbelievably out of touch with this club and fan base it’s laughable #CPFC

@_GeorgeCPFC_: 3 wins in 19, relegation form mate 👍

@leagleist: I’d like to think a man with any common decency would just walk away. Everyone hates you, your legacy is ruined and you’re sleepwalking us to relegation. Just go please! #cpfc

@Wheddsta: If we’re being realistic, you should be sacked, Roy.

This would be 100% valid if:
• We hadn’t watched us roll over for 3/4s of the games we’ve played this season
• We hadn’t completely given up vs our biggest rivals while being battered
• We could see any plan going forward
• We didn’t already know what you’ll do next week

@gazbod: I fully appreciate we gave injuries, hence the younger players getting in. And I would expect any manager to point this out. But I think it’s pretty well documented that there is a fucking MASSIVE issue with his communication with the medical team. Makes me cringe. #CPFC

@Cullern_: Like realistically I wouldn’t have brought on Olise at 3-0 down, who then further injured himself, fuck off man! #cpfc

@_KRM97_: Hodgson looks knackered, let’s get that out the way. Sense of frustration and probably Hodgson thinking a lot of things, perhaps too many things going on in his mind as to the failings currently – all seems to be too overwhelming in turn of it being February. He’ll depart.

@maxcpfc21: 5 seconds into the video and he’s already said “I hope the fans are realistic, they know our injury problem and our team selection problems.” You’re disgraceful in game management is LITERALLY the reason why our best player is injured 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

@RobbieJH555: He doesn’t deserve this … we don’t deserved this ….. it all comes from above and at this rate their is only one place we are going and it’s to the championship and it up to the board now to make sure that doesn’t happen with the right people to carry us forward

@Shannon_xoxo: Sod off Roy. Olise’s injury is 100% YOUR fault… and who knows how many of the others are down to your training methods… so many hamstring issues isn’t a coincidence, its a pattern. If you had any decency and love for the club you would resign… #CPFC

@CityGroundShelf: Got no emotional involvement in Crystal Palace at all, but Hodgson would be really grinding my gears if I did 😂.

@padceepfc: Realistic 🤣 we’ve won 3 in 19

@Steve_BHAFC: Fair play Roy, you’ve been to places they can only dream off. You’re right though, they have been spoilt

@scott_dance1: He does waffle. Parks the bus at home from min 1 and thinks they deserve a draw. Bang average and surely got to have a go as a free hit.

@PeteJArmstrong: Success this season is finishing 16th or 17th – which will be tough on current form.

@BoyceDrew: We are! You need to walk Roy!

@DanielMulhern14: This is complete nonsense, we’ve been poor all season. We lost to a weakened Chelsea side with olise and Eze fit. Roy needs to start taking responsibility

@RDoyster: We are all behind you Roy. Keep going 👏 #bhafc

@EuXden: Need change, the boys made a great performance but those subs fucked it for us, Roy out get him gone now

@EzesBurner: Sack Roy. Sell Henderson

@cpfcmac: PRish is an amazing owner! he just needs to work on: money spending, money making, player signing, player selling, club owning, trophy winning, squad rebuilding, stadium building, manager announcing, kit making, roy sacking, fan appreciating, ambition having oh and gear sniffing!

@PWhickman: Better performance but Roy really has to go. It really isn’t us to concede *multiple* goals late in the game on several occasions. We have often conceded late goals but, not like, more than one every other game!

@SWPalace: We blame YOU for our injury crisis. After Brighton do you want us to feel sorry for you? Our star player and ticket to safety was sacrificed because you wanted a consolation goal to save face. Don’t piss me off

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