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Complete season even if it takes until 2021, says National League club chairman

Complete season even if it takes until 2021, says one National League club chairman as they continue to wait for clarity on what happens next.

Scott Priestnall’s Yeovil Town are fourth in the fifth tier of English football with nine games left to be played, so you can see why he doesn’t want the campaign to go null and void.

He told BBC Points West: “Whenever it’s finished, even it’s in January, it should finish and then a new season starts whenever deemed possible.

“For sporting competitiveness and the sheer idea of a competition, I was very disappointed with the FA’s decision to end the lower leagues. That was a decision that probably didn’t need to be made.

“We should all be taking a breathe at the moment, concentrating on what’s important, and then finishing football when we can finish it.”

Priestnall said it had been an “easy decision” to put the club in hibernation with the whole country currently in lockdown, and added everybody should get the “humanity side right first” before dealing with football matters.

The National League along with it’s North and South divisions were suspended indefinitely on the 31st of March, and no matches have been completed since the 14th of March, something which was a controversial decision to do.

The Glovers chairman recently spoke in a Twitter video…

Fans reacted after seeing calls to complete season ‘even if it takes until 2021’…

@goldenhinde: What a ridiculous statement

@DylanRegan2003: Fair play to him, fully agree

@BeatTheFirstMan: The most sensible thing I’ve seen published since all this nonsense started.

George Chilvers: Yes. Teams started out this season expecting certain things and abiding by certain rules. Let’s finish it, and then we can look at how we fit in next season, with everyone again understanding the new rules. To abandon this season just so we can start a new one is not right in my opinion.

Jason Lee: Agree with this

Dan Geary: Some clubs may not even be in existence by the time we get to go again

Harry Harrison: Something has to give eventually, if we continue down this path how are teams/league’s meant to start the following year’s fixtures? I can’t think of a way round this but I do feel that this season should be the one that gets ended before August and the start of the new season!!

Billy Hester: Some won’t have any players as contracts end 1st June.

Melvyn Shaw: sorry but should have gone for ppg

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