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Colchester changes manager for second time in five weeks

Colchester United changes their manager for a second time in five weeks, and this really has caused a stir with the fanbase.

The struggling Essex outfit have removed interim head coach Wayne Brown amid their ongoing battle to stay in the English Football League.

Brown had been brought in on the 24th of February and oversaw a 2-1 victory over Carlisle.

That, though, proved to be their only win in a 22-game spell which also included the latter stages of Steve Ball’s reign.


Hayden Mullins has taken over from Wayne Brown until the end of the season.

On Wednesday morning, owner and Chairman Robbie Cowling issued the following statement:

“With just eight games of the season remaining and Colchester United still embroiled in a battle to steer clear of the relegation zone in the League Two table, I have decided to make a very tough decision to change the first team Head Coach for the second time this season.

Wayne Brown has given his all to lift the club away from danger but his hard work, positivity and enthusiasm have not been rewarded with the results he deserved and the club needed. I can’t allow those poor results to eat away at the team’s confidence to beat the drop, which despite our position remains high.

I would like to thank Wayne personally for all of his hard work. He jumped in to help me out when I needed him to and I’m very disappointed that things have not worked out.

I have asked Hayden Mullins to take over the reins until the end of the season and I am pleased to say that he has accepted the challenge.

I will provide a further update on who will be assisting him once that has been determined but I will be looking for someone with good managerial experience to not only assist Hayden, but to also mentor him over those eight games. I feel this combination will give us the best chance of achieving all of our aims.

I would like to make it very clear though that this is Hayden’s gig. He will be the first team Head Coach and it will be him that makes the final decisions regarding the team selection and tactics.

I would like to go on record once again to say that I take full responsibility for this season’s predicament. I made a number of financial decisions that I believed were needed during the pandemic and those decisions have had a negative impact on results. Had there not been a pandemic, I’m sure we would have been battling at the other end of the table.

We are where we are. There is a pandemic and I have handled it the way I have. If we stay up, then the decisions I have made will set us up very well for the future and would be viewed as very sensible. If we go down, then they will be deemed as foolish.

One thing’s for sure though? We will be fighting for every one of the twenty four points that remain available to us.”

Fans reacted as Colchester changes manager for a second time in five weeks…

@coludan: So that’s three managers this season with zero football league experience, with several others who’s failed miserably there to help. Robbie really really wants us to stay up 🙈

@coludan: Robbie actually believes if there wasn’t a pandemic then steve ball would have suddenly been good enough 🤦🏻 ruined basically every decent player we have at the club. Blaming a pandemic on your own pathetic managerial appointments, man has no shame.

@nickandrews11: Feels a bit like rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic but hopefully it will work

@JimboBTN: Great, just the right time for a inexperienced manager to cut his teeth…

@Michael78259709: If Mullins was not deemed good enough to take over when Ball was sacked, why is he suddenly deemed good enough now. I assume the experienced assistance coming in is not John Ward…..

@ColU_Runner: Robbie Cowling has lost the plot. This is all on him. The way he has handled the pandemic has been nothing short of shambolic.

@grumpy6165: Wheels on the bus go round and round, and Cowling takes us down.

@Sammason1985: We are becoming a joke of a club. Feel for Wayne Brown, we have been selling best players for years and not replacing. No surprise where we are

@SmithyWFC85: Good luck to Hayden. Poor chap thrown into another relegation battle having taken charge of us for some games last season!

@colufangeorge: Why bring in an experienced person to help Mullins…why not give them the job???? Need a new voice out there, need experience to get us out of this! #colu ANOTHER WAGE! I’m guessing this means Dunne and Brown are actually gone then? Or will they be reappointed as directors?!

@Jamie_Hudson_: This clubs obsession with promoting from within even when they’re assistant manager to 2 managers who failed will most likely cost us our EFL place, same thing over and over again and they never learn, hope he succeeds, he needs to

@ron_smyth62: It really feels like Robbie is having to try anything & everything to get something to just go right for him and the club at the moment but yet again respect for taking ownership of the decisions he has had to take! A couple of wins will certainly ease things

@liamj_91: The club is becoming a joke, does cowling actually have a clue what he is doing 😂😂

@ScraleySam: Shocking behaviour. Feel so sorry for Wayne Brown achieved so much @MaldonTiptreeFC. How was he expected to sort the shambles at Col U yet without the ability of bringing in new players. I fail to see how this latest appointment will make any difference! Southend on their tails!

@Murray74786063: Top man is Hayden. Had a real sense of Humility and professionalism when himself and Graham Stack took over as caretaker manager for us, best of luck at Colchester!

@adamwalkercufc: COWLING OUT

@Buckby89: And so the failing system of appointing from within continues an absolute farce and as usual doing whatever needs to be done to keep costs down #circus

@BoehmerSam: Wrong decision again. Mullins must take some responsibility for the season having been assistant throughout. National League here we come. #ColU

@Clachan1GK: As much as i am happy that Hayden will be in charge until the end of the season it’s still someone who has no football league experience and has been second in charge to two failed managers at the club already really does sum us up atm i mean we really are a circus aren’t we :l

@Jamie_Hudson_: Honestly give up, this obsession with hiring from within will cost the club it’s EFL Place, I have nothing against Mullins but he’s been part of two managers set ups now that have completely failed and didn’t deserve the job, I hope he succeeds but Cowling never learns #ColU

@_fennerbache: What an absolute basket case we are. #colu

@WD18Fans: Best of luck, Hayden! #watfordfc

@watfordpodcast: Good luck to Hayden Mullins, let’s hope this time next season he’s involved at the right end of the table! #watfordfc #ColU

@maaxaaam: Eight games away from getting relegated, and we bring in the third manager of the season with no professional managerial experience. Surely it can’t go wrong?

@Tedder2K_CUFC: we never fucking learn do we?

@holly_southgate: why is our club such a joke? #colu

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