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Cleveland Police posts statement over ‘regrettable’ police dog tweet before Hartlepool v Stockport

Cleveland Police posts a statement over a ‘regrettable’ police dog tweet they uploaded to social media before Hartlepool v Stockport.

The Cleveland Police Dog Unit put out a picture of two of its dogs baring their teeth before the League Two clash which took place on Saturday the 3rd of December.

It was seemingly intended to be a threat to fans, claiming they would have four dogs on duty to deter any disorder, only for it to get widespread criticism from fans and groups including the Football Supporters Association.

The tweet has since been deleted, and it just goes to show just how mindless police can be if they thought that was a good idea to tweet out.

The original tweet, posted on the Cleveland Police Dogs account, said: “Hopefully all those visiting the Suit Direct Stadium will have an enjoyable visit whatever the result for Hartlepool United Vs Stockport County. We have four dogs on duty today for anyone causing disorder. Including Kuro and Razor who have been practicing their smiles ready.”


Faircop @FairCop_ wrote after seeing the tweet: “Follow How to not to engage with your local community who very likely live and/or work in Hartlepool.

“Threaten them with “smiling” police dogs in case they cause disorder. And no, the first sentence doesn’t negate the second.

“Classic passive/aggressive language.”

Owen West, a retired Chief Superintendent (specialist operations), said the post as “very poor.”

He added: “You only need to read the replies to understand this is a very poor tweet. Is this really your message to home and away fans at a match in your area.

“I’m afraid to say It doesn’t reflect well at all.”

On Sunday afternoon, Cleveland Police said it was “regrettable” how the message came across and said it will ensure it does not happen again.

Cleveland Police stated: “We are aware of some members of the public voicing concern on social media regarding a tweet about our deployment of police dogs to the Hartlepool v Stockport match.

“The officers who issued the message certainly did not intend to cause any offence or concern, and it is regrettable that their pre-match message somewhat missed the mark.

“We will work with them to ensure this doesn’t happen again and this will include offering guidance on effective engagement with the public via social media.”

The force adds they always strive hard with partner agencies to ensure football matches, and other large-scale events, are as safe, family friendly and enjoyable for everyone, and its Dog Support Section plays an important part in this.

The police gave praise to supporters after no arrests were made at the game, with Hartlepool going on to lose 5-0.

Here’s how fans reacted as Cleveland Police posts a statement over their ‘regrettable’ police dog tweet before Hartlepool v Stockport…

@douggie78: Proper weird tweet is this.

@balaclavalcfc: No chance you’d tweet this aimed at any community of people other than football fans. Not a good look and sums up police attitudes towards match goers 🤷‍♂️

@jackbyrne91: Wow, amazing policing. Threatening people with dogs if they dare step out of line 💪💪 it really is 2022

@Matt_Severn: Is this appropriate?

@NMBLAKE: What an unnecessarily aggressive shit tweet

@bobbinsoncrusoe: Is this tweet representative of what you’d post policing other sports, or marches/protests etc… I feel sorry for the dogs, they’re too intelligent to have to spend their time stuck with police.

@andysstuff: How not to Community Police via Social Media.

@BillyBy17: Community policing at its best 🙄

@mrpeavley: Do you have the same thing for Rugby games or Cricket matches? 🤔

@Unhappy_Blade: Intimidation at it’s best. Really no need to put this tweet out. All it does is get the backs up of law abiding/friendly football fans.

@JDE1878: Cracking bit of engagement this, lads. Massive well done to whoever thought it up. 👏🏼🙄🤦🏻‍♂️

@Bantamchris1: What a disgusting tweet!!! You’re the real hooligans

@Jamitay1977: I like to encourage my kids to respect and go to police if they’re ever in trouble, not be scared or run……..this kind of ‘come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough’ attitude does not help anyone….🙈

@KaneKno7: An appalling tweet from the Police ….. being a football fan it doesn’t surprise me tbh. Should be removed and an apology offered @ClevelandPolice @policeconduct

@davo261088: And just like that the mask slips, the police treating any football fan as a potential criminal. I’m sure the good people of Hartlepool who slave all week to pay the council tax that funds this kind of needless intimidation are delighted.

@Addybak: Watching football isn’t crime. Stop treating fans like it is.

@LeeWozza: Whilst the rest of the police forces up and down the country watch protestors causing distribution yet again #football fans are the ones made out to be the worst bunch ever 😴😴

@RobMacdonald50: Disgusting, lovely dogs but usual 💩 tweet! I think most of the Hartlepool supporters would of been sat at home at the final whistle today! 😂🤣

Scum policing
Its diabolical
Guilty before you even do anything wrong
Scum post

@Antni_b: Just the standard police discrimination against footy fans. Amazing that it is considered acceptable to make posts like this. Been attending games for years and 99% of the trouble I’ve seen has been started by unnecessary over zealous antagonising policing.

@andrewcoyle15: Did this sound better in your head than out loud lads? Sure the local council tax payers would be delighted to hear about your thinly veiled attempt at banter mixed with intimidation. 🤡

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