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Chelsea boss Graham Potter hits back at ‘stupid’ questions put to him by the media

Chelsea boss Graham Potter hits back at ‘stupid’ questions put to him by the media ahead of his side’s FA Cup clash against Man City.

The West London outfit have won once in eight Premier League games and currently sit 10th in the table; but Man City in the FA Cup third round on Sunday evening.

Potter, who is currently under-pressure, claims he has to be respectful to “stupid” questions from the media and insists he retains the “full support” of the club’s owners.

It was back in September when he departed Brighton to be successor to Thomas Tuchel, but he has come under criticism recently after picking up one win in eight top flight games.

Chelsea picked up a sixth loss of the season at the hands of Manchester City last Thursday evening – a fourth loss in six league games – but the 47-year-old came out fighting as e gets set to face them again, with confidence of a win low amongst supporters.

“There are times when you get cross and you get angry. But my responsibility is to speak [to the media] in as respectful a way as I can, even though some of your questions are stupid,” Potter said.

“I have got to answer them as best I can and as respectfully as I can, because I represent a fantastic football club and I have got that job to do.”

When questioned whether there has been too much negativity around Chelsea in the last few weeks, Potter responded: “I do not know. I do not read the newspapers. I stay away from social media.

“I am not naive to know that when you are having the results that we have, there is not going to be criticism and negativity – that would be strange for me to think that. And, again, I am not sitting here as some egomaniac that has all the answers and gets everything right – of course, that is not the case.

“But, at the same time, there are some challenges that we face. There are some margins in the Premier League that are difficult. We have had a massive transition (with new owners at Chelsea), problems in terms of injuries do not make it easy to be stable.

“But it is sort of blah, blah blah, isn’t it? People want to see results and say ‘shut up Graham, what are you talking about? We need to win.’

“I think Pep was there a year before they won anything, and then obviously Mikel and Jurgen took a bit of time,” Potter said. “Obviously, it is maybe different for me for some reason, but I do not put a timescale on it.

“I know the responsibility we have here, but also I know that I am capable and I know the quality that I have, and I have the full support of, certainly, the owners, the players and the staff here.”

This is what fans said as Chelsea boss Graham Potter hits back at ‘stupid’ questions put to him by the media…

@tapintobs: Good. What kind of question smh

@BillyJF__: Rate this a lot. The media in this country are so poor. Want him to succeed with us desperately.

@Berti3b: Tbf quite like this from Potter

@RevofevS: I actually feel sorry for him

@bigsimon69: This man is very intelligent, he has a degree in emotional intelligence and I have no doubt he will do a good job longer term for Chelsea. Not sure however his approach will align with that of the new owners who seem to have a scattergun approach to recruitment.

@maxcpfc21: He’s gonna take his anger out on us next Sunday ffs

@SidharthVarma18: I believe in him and Boehly. The thought that one day we might play football as beautiful as Brighton is definitely exciting.

@Chris26daltons: You mean to say he’s got the intelligence not to always show his emotions and coat the players in public ? Shame others haven’t the ability to see that

@raph_delaghetto: Ironic and slightly poetic that the first time he has come across as being pissed off, was with a question asking him about never appearing pissed off 😂

@SamCooke08: Was a good question given the response and something I think fans would like to see more of from him

@soulboytony: Talk is cheap, he needs to show some passion. Slumping on the bench when we go a goal down isn’t the answer. I have yet to see him encouraging the players from the sidelines

@mjamartin: I’ve always been a fan of his but no way a club like Chelsea was ever going to be a good fit. Still, given Spurs’ strategy of employing ex-Chelsea managers, it won’t be long until he’s in the WHL dugout 😂

@alistairmagowan: No doubt Potter has talent, but he also needs to lift the lid a bit and show fans his emotions or offer more insight on what he’s doing. It would help build a better connection while problems exist on pitch. This is good.

@0releaseclause: I will give him time! He has my support and my respect. Enough with the entitlement. #CFC

@harrisonyoung__: This means we’re winning 1-0 at city away now don’t it

@Striking_Goald: I really like Graham Potter and I’m annoyed this is happening to him at Chelsea. Horrible situation there. He’s clearly a little rattled, and how could he not be. Still think very highly of him.

@SilentshotzNeil: Stop hounding the guy FFS let him do his job

@Lawrenc16087228: I was pissed he left so quickly and in the way he did but I will always be grateful for how he turned the club around on the pitch even with bumpy patches but I said it when he left and I will say it again. The move to Chelsea came to quickly for him. He wasn’t ready.

@SHFootbalI: I actually feel sorry for him. Went from probably the most liked manager in the league after building the most exciting project, now De Zerbi takes a lot of that credit and Potter’s stuck with one of the toughest and high pressure jobs itw…

@CNSD17: Heads gone

@ConBHA: He never showed this passion at Brighton! #bhafc

@NorthBankerAFC: Arteta would straight up get a fine + ban for this

@joe_dufftron: This guys days are numbered

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