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Cardiff contact police over Swansea players ‘swim away’ celebration

Cardiff City have chose to contact the police over Swansea City players doing the ‘swim away’ goal celebration last weekend.

The Bluebirds have got in touch with South Wales Police in relation a number of issues the arose during the derby, according to the BBC.

Cardiff have also been in touch with the EFL and Swansea themselves with the main complaint surrounding the celebration which a number of Swansea players and coaching staff preformed during their Championship win over the weekend.

Other complaints also include abuse towards the club’s directors after they were shown on the big screen during the Swans’ 3-0 victory, however, EFL rules state that while shots of “the area of the trainers’ bench” can’t be shown, there is no such rule for the directors box.

The celebration is said to originate from a derby day clash between the two sides back in the 1980’s following a clash between the two sets of supporters and officials at Cardiff feel that it could aggravate tensions between both clubs’ fans.

In 1988, a group of Cardiff fans reportedly were chased into the sea by Swansea fans.

One Cardiff spokesperson was stated saying: “We can confirm that we are in dialogue with Swansea City, South Wales Police and the EFL over a number of issues of concern.”

Meanwhile, a Swansea representative confirmed they were looking into the incident.

He said: “Swansea City can confirm that the club is in dialogue with Cardiff City, South Wales Police and the EFL over events that took place during and after Sunday’s game at the Swansea.com Stadium.

“Discussions will also take place within the club across all departments as a matter of process, as they do after every event that we host.”

Swansea manager Russell Martin was asked about the celebrations following his side’s win against West Bromwich Albion on Wednesday night and insisted that no malice was intended.

He said: “What I would say is all of it was in front of our own supporters.

“I don’t think anyone was trying to goad anyone.

“It’s being dealt with internally. We have discussed it today. There’s obviously been a game so we’ll discuss it again tomorrow with Julian and the rest of the guys.

“I’d like to come out and say I wasn’t involved but I was. We enjoyed it with our own supporters. We’ll see what comes of it.”

It’s also understood that the FA are investigating the celebrations.

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Fans reacted as Cardiff contact the police over the Swansea players ‘swim away’ goal celebration…

@Skyblue_Dave1: I don’t see what they want the police to do about it either. Mocking something isn’t a criminal offence.

@HRH148: Ahahaha cardiff get battered, everywhere they gooooo

@robjascfc: If fans of all clubs playing Cardiff this season are not doing the Swim Away to them then we are failing as a Championship. 😁

@RGoldfingle: Not what football has become its Just the world we live in today everyone’s offended by anything and everything.

@danny_bhoy88: Brass neck of the club. Pathetic.

@ley_ashleigh: fucking snowflakes, uppa swans🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢

@KieranCraig2016: Cardiff getting exposed for being melts is unreal. Taking it to the police bc they’re shit and can’t handle it is the most embarrassing thing I’ve seen in football

@ccfc_tm: Can’t believe we’ve taken this to the police. Makes us look like right snowflakes

@matthewread30: Rent free

@NWMYT: My thoughts:
Going to the police is completely embarrassing over the gestures. However, I agree with them 100% going to the police over the terrible abuse of Ken Choo during the game
Also should’ve added to that the flares and coins being thrown at our fans/buses after the game

@D8nnyJ: I actually do love this. All they’re doing is extending the embarrassment of that ass kicking they received last week 😂

@CombedGravy: What are the police supposed to do about this? 😂😂

@jonomeus: It’s not even a police issue. It’s just embarrassing

@LooseTackle: Judging by the reaction of Cardiff City fans, I wonder if the club regret doing this?

@ChloeChantelle1: Stop wasting police time over a bit of banter ffs 😂

@Phyllis402011: What about the vile comments that @jamiepaterson12 had????? Is there dialogue over that 🤷🏻‍♀️

@Swansea_Liberty: Banter FC at it again.

@Kadswan: Hopefully they get cautioned for wasting police time… Surely even their players are embarrassed by this. Anything to deflect away from the sprawling mess that is their season so far

Cardiff trying to distract their fans from their own plight I think.
I’m sure that this will be a slap on the wrist and we move on.
Isn’t this what football rivalry is about?
You receive it, you dish it out.
No harm done.

@BluebirdLoki: This is pathetic. More to worry about than this non issue.

@cardiff_forum: Sick of everyone wasting police time over their hurt feellings. Get over yourselves.

@OxOsp: TBF, mate, they want you to focus on something other than the football. That said, from our side of the fence, seeing some of our Club “officials” doing the “Swim Away” wasn’t great in hindsight, but we all get carried away occasionally. It’s all pantomime in the end.

As Cardiff contact the police over Swansea players ‘swim away’ celebration, do you see anything wrong with it? Let us know via our social media pages!

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