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Swansea’s Jamie Paterson reveals disgusting message sent to him after beating Cardiff

Swansea’s Jamie Paterson reveals a disgusting Instagram message which was sent to him after beating Cardiff City at the weekend.

The 29 year old scored for the Swans during Sunday’s Championship fixture, then appeared to perform the controversial celebration which previously saw Jonjo Shelvey ‘reminded of his responsibilities’ by the FA.

Paterson’s first-half screamer was the opener in the first Welsh derby with fans allowed through the turnstiles since before the Covid pandemic.

The midfielder picked up the ball on the edge of the area before taking a touch and lashing a driven strike towards goal.

Cardiff keeper Alex Smithies had no chance of stopping the strike, which crashed off both posts before going into the net.

The two clubs are bitter rivals, and Paterson used the history between the two for inspiration for his controversial celebration.

Running past the visiting Cardiff fans, Paterson mimicked a swimming motion before cupping his ears.

The celebration may have gone unnoticed by many, but Bluebirds supporters were incensed and were seen launching objects at the gleeful midfielder.

The reason for their anger is that the celebration was referencing an incident between the two fanbases back in 1988.

On that occasion, sets of fans from the two rival clubs clashed after a league cup game at Swansea, with around 30 Cardiff supporters chased into the sea – with their only option being to swim away.

Paterson’s celebration didn’t warrant a talking-to from the referee, but it remains possible the FA could take issue with it.

When Shelvey did the same thing in 2013, he was slapped with a warning from the FA and ‘reminded of his responsibilities’.

It would seem fans didn’t take too kindly to him following on form his celebration after scoring, as he received a disturbing message online, as you can see below…

Twitter users reacted as Swansea’s Jamie Paterson reveals the disgusting message which was sent to him after beating Cardiff on Sunday…

@EVS376Y: And after what happened with Bamba, have a word @CardiffCityFC

@the12thswan: Sometimes all you can do Jamie is pray for them.

@And16573914: Fuck sake what a dick. The loss hurt yesterday but was expected when I saw the team and it was fully deserved, in fact I’m surprised it wasn’t more. Rivalry is fine but this isn’t right, bellend!

@Chrissy___Hall: Absolutely disgusting. Then again, Nothing better than winding the Cardiff up

@MickyD76750519: Kids obv got issues but @CardiffCityFC need to sort this out. Surely they don’t people like this representing their club

@massengoszn: @jamiepaterson12: @CardiffCityFC what a club. Classy

@nigel73325346: Cancer hits everyone’s lives, he needs an education in it. He’s embarrassed now. I bet his family are proud of him COYS.

@GeorgeSweeten: @CardiffCityFC ban this twatt

@ioanstephens: Doesn’t surprise me that “people” like him support that excuse of a football club, 0 class from their so called “fans” as usual 🤡🤢 Don’t listen to them Jamie, you ran the show yesterday 👊🏻💪🏻🦢 #YJB

@RyWills94: That’s just disgusting

@DonnaGregson: @SwansOfficial @Card1ffCityFC @SWPCardiff @SWPSwansea do something please…

@_tomwalker10: Some of our fans are vile fp

@amyclement94: What a bellend

@fullynuking: The poor lad is now hiding in his room the spineless runt

@JoeyIsSwansea: Absolutely pathetic

@karathomasx: “You both follow Sol Bamba” saying disgusting things like that and still following Bamba 😕

@ScfcCam1: You really rattled them

@Retrofootytop: Perhaps he wants a swimming lesson mate?

@littlebuster6: Jealousy is a terrible thing! 🏊‍♂️

@Kieran_CCFC: rivalry aside 2 welsh boys getting diagnosed this week one of our own cured it… no space in the world to wish that on anyone. <0> \0/

@BristolOli: Ignore the 🤡🤡

Meanwhile, the playmaker Jamie Paterson has admitted the decision by Bristol City to release him this summer was “the worst time of his career by a country mile” as an injury-riddled final campaign with the Robins left him with an uncertain future.

“I had an injury last year that I couldn’t get right,” said Paterson, who made 157 appearances for City. “There are plenty of reasons in football, behind the scenes, that you probably don’t know about.

“It wasn’t just the summer. Last season was mentally the toughest situation that I have been in. Not feeling wanted as a footballer is not great.

“I had been there for five years and enjoyed myself. I got along with the fans and I did well for the team. It was a difficult one to take, but you either sit home moping around or you train on your own and run down the local park, like I did back in Coventry.

“I was waiting for that right opportunity and thankfully it came along for me. Now, I’m really looking to seize it.”

Paterson now has four goals and three assists in 12 appearances for the Swans, and Sunday’s performance against Cardiff has further enhanced his status among supporters.

“I’m not going to lie, over the summer was probably the worst time of my career by a country mile. I didn’t know where I was going to be,” Paterson added.

“I had a long-term injury last season and I was a bit down in the dumps. I went to Middlesbrough and got injured on the first day, so that didn’t help.

“I just look at where I was in the summer, the position I was in. I was at home and not knowing where I was going to be.

“Being injured and out of contract is not a nice place to be – especially when you have been somewhere for five years as I had been at Bristol. I ended up at home with no club and no job.

“It was a strange feeling. I got thrown a lifeline from the gaffer here. I know Luke [Williams] from Bristol City, but, to be honest with you, I didn’t know where I was going to end up in the summer.

“I’ve come in and worked hard every day. I feel fitter now than I ever have, and I’m playing in a team that plays the way I’ve always wanted to play.”

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