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Bury find out whether they have been liquidated or not at court hearing

As soon as the announcement came through on social media that the case that could have liquidated Bury FC had been adjourned, fans revealed how they were confused at what it meant…

@KevlarJB: Why though? There’s no buyer in place, only that scummy worm of a ‘man’ Steve Dale. Just put the club and their fans out of their misery so they can get to work building the Phoenix club ffs #buryfc

@EricW1991: While I applaud any effort to keep us alive, I can’t see a scenario where those small businesses get their money. We’re just prolonging the agony another two weeks. #buryfc

@Wiggy84: Stuff the 14 day adjournment I ain’t waiting for another 2 weeks being held ‘ransom’ to be told the inevitable. I’m all behind the Phoenix club! #forthefans #bythefans #BuryFC

@Stef1885: Just fucking end it ! Nobody wanted an adjournment! #buryfc – Can kicking down the road for another 14 days, every bury fan wants this ending now to mourn properly and we thought today was the day, obviously not

@jtahoyle: It’ll kill me to see the club wound up. But seeing this drag on with no hope or chance of restitution and *then* seeing the club wound up is somehow worse #BuryFC

@AndyDaw63429835: WTF… Dont even know if this is good or bad…

@Ben_Hinch10: Under what reasoning?

@dontmswithme: What the hell is going on?

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