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Bury find out whether they have been liquidated or not at court hearing

Bury have this morning found out whether they have been liquidated of not at a court hearing and it’s left fans surprised.

It has been revealed that they have been handed 14-day reprieve after a winding-up petition brought by HM Revenue & Customs was adjourned.

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The court have allowed them 14 days to ‘pay back small businesses’, leaving fans confused and suggested that they couldn’t see how those companies would et their money back.

In August, the Shakers was expelled from the English Football League due to their financial problems, then remaining EFL clubs voted against their plea to rejoin League Two next season.

They hoped and got the backing of the Football Association to join the National League, but then news broke that their latest prospective buyer was no longer interested.

Plans for a phoenix club have started after expecting the club to fold on Wednesday. Should they do go under and a new team is formed, it will be down to the Football Association to accept their entry into the English non league system next season.

Whilst all of this is going on, it is reported that owner Steve Dale is trying to move to Australia, fans claim he is trying to ‘get away’ from the fraud investigation and the blame from when the inevitable happens.


As soon as the announcement came through on social media that the case had been adjourned, Bury fans revealed how they were confused at what it meant – see what they had to tweet on the next page.


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