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Burnley and Leeds write to Premier League | threat of legal action over Everton’s finances

Burnley and Leeds write to the Premier League with a threat of legal action over Everton’s finances ahead of the final day.

The two clubs are reportedly threatening legal action against the Premier League and Everton because they believe the Toffees have seriously breached financial rules.

According to The Times, they both got in contact with the Premier League last week asking what action, if any, would be taken with Everton recording losses totalling £371.8m over three years.

Leeds and Burnley are the only two sides now battling to keep their place in the top flight, while Everton secured their top-flight place with Thursday’s dramatic 3-2 comeback against Crystal Palace at Goodison Park.

Premier League rules are as stated; clubs can post a maximum loss of £105m over three years and could have a points sanction if they breach that figure,

Clubs can write off losses caused by the cornavirus pandemic but according to The Times, they have expressed concerns that the Merseyside outfit’s losses are over three-times that of a club that is a similar size.

In March, Everton said in a statement (as seen below) that £170m of their losses ‘are attributed to the impact on the club of the pandemic.’

The Times report that an Everton spokesperson had said: ‘We have worked so closely with the Premier League to make sure we are compliant we are comfortable we have complied with the rules.

‘External auditors have told us what we can and cannot claim against the pandemic. If they want to take legal action then they can do so by all means.’

Leeds currently sit 18th in the standings going into the final round of this week’s fixtures on 35 points, the same as the Clarets, who have a less inferior goal difference.

Leeds will travelled to Brentford play on Sunday, while Burnley host Newcastle.


The dramatic and ongoing financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is evident in the annual accounts published today by Everton for the 2020/21 season.

Losses of at least £170m are attributed to the impact on the Club of the COVID-19 pandemic, with £103m of that figure coming in the 2020/21 financial year. Continued investment in the playing squad, coupled with the impact of the pandemic, has resulted in the Club posting a loss of £120.9m for the year ending 30 June 2021.

The wide-ranging impact of COVID-19 on Everton – which further market analysis has indicated could include an additional £50m – covers lost revenues, additional costs due to strict COVID-19 playing protocols and a significant contraction in the transfer market which resulted in the inability to generate the level of transfer fees which could reasonably have been expected pre-pandemic.

The Club has also been working formally with the Premier League regarding its ongoing compliance with Profitability & Sustainability regulations.

Twitter users reacted Burnley and Leeds write to the Premier League with a threat of legal action over Everton’s finances…

@sixtimess: State of both of them 😭😭

@CapalotWRLD1300: Ahahahhahaha I respect it

@CxrtisJonesSZN: Everton deserve a 20 pts deduction. Whos with me!

@alfie_patto: Leeds fans need to stop crying

@kellard_: Yeah deduct them points

@BradleyAVFC_: Funny how it’s Burnley and Leeds 🤣🤣🤣

@caaIlum: Everton going down would be a classic now after those embarrassing celebrations 😭

@EdParker96: Relegate Everton for the good of football

@jadroque: Embarrassing? More passion from that one game alone than all games at the Emirates combined lad

@StokeyyG2: would be unreal if they got points deducted now

@CraigySmiffy: Scenes if Everton get docked points

@kenna32: Financial fair play in the premier league, having a laugh aren’t ya 🤣

@ShakeyDay: Leeds begging 🤣🤣🤣 give then some strawers to clutch onto

@ashcoombs180: What a way to get relegated that would be!!! 😂😂😂😂

@WWWoodzy92: Nowt will happen even if rules were broken so completely pointless this tbh even tho there must be grounds otherwise why would leeds and Burnley bother doing this which could distract the players? Either way sod all will happen so 🤷🏻

@mclowes2308: The whole FPP is completely pointless, just seems like an excuse for owners who don’t want to spend. Has there been any real punishments for those who have broken the rules. Biggest 1 I can think of is City were made to play UCL with a squad of 22 instead of 25 which woopty do

@PaulPaulnufc1: Ok i hate Everton with a passion but would these 2 clubs be doing this if they were well clear of relegation i don’t think so, end of the day one of them is going down and they are clutching at straws to stay up.

@SuperbSpearing: Of course they’re the most bothered about it, it has serious ramifications for them. Everton have lost an abnormal amount of money, and it’s only right it’s looked into.

@TCarter66208: Everton should write to the premier league to ask for a Trophy for the league they won last night….

@Stephen_2610: Desperate measures from our club! Don’t think it will make a difference this season. We need to sort our own club out rather than running after others mistakes. Let the media do that. If we deserve to be here then we need to earn it either on Sunday or again through promotion

@WilloAlan: When will people wake up that FFP is designed to keep the top clubs in that place, it stops teams on the up spending money! Newcastle will be next, they don’t want competition they want to keep the prize money. Ban FFP !!

@ChrisCJTucker: If Everton are claiming 170m were lost due to covid then every club can do the same and ffp is out the window for the next 3 year cycle? Covid losses wouldn’t be bigger for Everton then everyone else.

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