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Viewers laugh as Everton fan smacks Joachim Andersen’s bum while kid swears at player

Viewers couldn’t help but laugh as a female Everton fan smacks Joachim Andersen’s bum while one young kid swears at the player.

The Crystal Palace defender was left rather surprised when getting struck on the arse by an angry female Toffees supporter during a feisty encounter at Goodison Park on Thursday night.

Everton secured Premier League safety after Dominic Calvert-Lewin scored an 85th-minute winner to send the home supporters on the pitch before the final whistle.

As Frank Lampard’s men tried to waste time, Palace’s players weren’t having any of it and was keen to get on with the game as they looked for an equaliser – much to the annoyance of Everton substitute Dele Alli, and a fan sat in the stands.

Andersen attempted to wrestle the ball back from Alli, only for the female supporter – who had reportedly already told the Palace man to “fuck off” – to lean over the stand and hit the Eagles star on his behind.

The kids next to her also had everyone laughing when he also tried to be part of the moment, getting ready to shove the player before gesturing with hi hand and some suspected he swore…

Everton was also taunted online for also running onto the pitch with six minutes of the game still remaining to play out with the Merseyside outfit coming back from 2-0 down to win 3-2.

Match-winner Calvert-Lewin said: “Unbelievably special. Just an incredible, incredible experience.

“What a rollercoaster football is sometimes. That’s why we love the game.

“I don’t think I will sleep tonight. Words can’t describe the feeling of scoring that goal.

“There were blue flares everywhere. It’s been an unbelievable experience.

“Some fans have questioned my commitment to the club but I always give 100 per cent and I hope my goal today shows that.

” I am just pleased to have made the difference in the end.”

Michael Keane added: “We spoke at half-time of keeping belief and getting that next goal and we did that quickly.

“The fans got behind us and that makes a huge difference here.

“It’s been a hard season, a long season for everyone. We were feeling the pressure of where we were at the table.

“We shouldn’t have been there but to finish like we have in the last six weeks I think the lads deserve massive credit, the fans deserve it and the manager and the staff.

“We know we have let the fans down a lot this season but to win like that tonight shows how huge it is for the fans but also the players.

“We did not want to take this club down. It’s a massive relief we have managed to save ourselves.”

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As mentioned, viewers laugh as Everton fan smacks Joachim Andersen’s bum while the kid swears at the player, see what everyone had to say below…

@waynenmenezes07: Idk what’s funnier, the lady smacking Joachim Andersen or the kid unleashing his anger

@DBurkeAit: Well as we all know the scouse are famously a well mannered and respectable people…….

@nest_head: More fingers than teeth

@PashBeenDead: She was not having any of it 😂😂

@trfcjames_james: That’s a great example to set for the kid next to her. Hell probably be one to receive a ban when he’s older with that role model

@mark1984toon: This is why condoms have been invented to stop these people repopulating the world

@TheBroonster: That kid is gonna be lovely when he’s older, eh.

@daddybearroo: My my my what a lovely bunch of people they really are …look at the ferral kid …

@S0MTii: Even the little boy is in his beast mode 😂

@tony_smalley: Deary me, someone need to have a word with their mum ffs. 🤮🤦🏼‍♂️😂

@Bz3rK_: The kid saying fuck off though 🤣🤣🤦🏻‍♂️

@Simon18893: Gordon Ramseys looking rough

@shelfy1882: She on OnlyFans?

@BurnaAfc: Good job that’s not a man doing it attending a womens game isn’t it? Can you imagine the backlash? Suppose it’s funny the other way round though isn’t it you know with equality and all of that 🙈

@CroydonCpfc: Lol this is hilarious . Congrats to your team . You guys deserved the win. Best of luck for next year . Look forward to playing you again

@Bearded_Jamie: I’ve seen more teeth on a gummy bear

@Nickesanderson: Wayne’s asked for her snapchat

@Jamie_Sense: A bloke does that at a womans match he’s in jail.

@gazjimbeard: Epitomises Everton fans behaviour this season ‘the people’s club’

@walkeradam1: Imagine if i did that to her whilst she was stacking shelves at Asda

@kr12t1an_R0j: Whoevers gran that is, get her a pint

@BatesMotel1955: Any other city banning order. City of Liverpool, passion. 🐀

@insertalterego1: Jean you absolute hooligan

Everton in the last week:
Racially abused Ivan Toney and his family ✅
Racially abused Rico Henry and his family ✅
Assaulted Joachim Andersen ✅
Assaulted Christian Benteke ✅
Verbally abused Patrick Vieira ✅
Verbally abused Nathaniel Clyne ✅
What a lovely bunch

@danw_1986: Thoughts with Joachim Andersen at this difficult time, hope he makes a speedy recovery.

@JOHNROB79: #efc have provided some canny content this mo 🤣

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