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Bright Osayi-Samuel subject of racist abuse on social media after QPR’s draw at Norwich

Bright Osayi-Samuel has been the subject of racist abuse on social media after QPR’s draw at Norwich City on Wednesday night.

The footballer wrote that it was “disgusting and painful to receive messages like this” after he received the messages online.

It came after Osayi-Samuel scored Queens Park Rangers’ equaliser from the penalty spot in their 1-1 draw with the Canaries in the Championship.

After the match, the 22-year-old posted via his Instagram account with a screenshot of the abuse he had received, describing it as “disgusting and painful to receive messages like this”.

What is more disturbing is that the message also included threats to his family.

Meanwhile, Police Scotland are investigating DNA swabs from a racist letter that was sent to Kilmarnock manager Alex Dyer, while the club are working with the force to identify the individuals involved.

Killie have been left disgusted and shocked at racist abuse aimed at their boss and have since released a statement via their website.

Sickened chiefs at the club have hit out at the comments and revealing the matter has been reported to Police Scotland.

Results have been revealed after footballers vote on whether they want to keep or axe taking the knee towards Black Lives Matter movement.

A survey has been carried out by the PFA with a questionnaire following scenes where fans have booed the anti-racism gesture.

It aimed to find out how clubs, players and staff best wanted to spread the message of equality in the sport.

The results of the survey showed players ‘support continuing this act of solidarity despite any adverse responses that may be received’.


  • Do you want to take the knee as a squad?
  • Do you want to take the knee individually?
  • If the knee is shown resistance by fans do you think it should be reconsidered?
  • Would you welcome an alternative to taking a knee?
  • If so, please give details?

Pro players back taking the knee as a ‘a peaceful act of unity’ that is ‘not an endorsement of any political position’. Critics has linked Black Lives Matter with with far-left political beliefs.

PFA said: ‘Throughout 2020, PFA members have demonstrated a strong understanding of the societal issues raised across the world and have used their platform to highlight the impact racism has on both individuals and wider communities.

‘This powerful symbol of solidarity represents the players’ commitment to anti-racism and is not an endorsement of any political position. It is a peaceful act of unity that highlights a persistent and systemic issue.’

PFA slammed the EFL for a ‘lack of leadership’ and explained that they had made it difficult for players.

‘While the Premier League has already committed to teams taking the knee for the duration of the season, players across the EFL have been left in a difficult position following a lack of leadership on the issue.

‘The survey conducted by the PFA has shown overwhelming support for continuing to take a knee, and we hope this gives the EFL and the clubs involved the information needed to support the players.’

‘While the Premier League has already committed to teams taking the knee for the duration of the season, players across the EFL have been left in a difficult position following a lack of leadership on the issue,’ the PFA statement continued.

With Bright Osayi-Samuel subject of racist abuse because a punter lost a bet, it would seem to be a new form of abuse towards footballers and it’s time to kick it out with it on a steep rise!

They are humans just like us who are just doing their job, they don’t need personal attacks, racist abuse or death threats because you’ve lost a bet.

Learn how to take a loss and move on without trying to ruin people’s lives.

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– Learn to relieve unpleasant feelings in healthier ways

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– Join a peer support group. Gamblers Anonymous.

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Fans reacted after Bright Osayi-Samuel was the subject of racist abuse on social media after QPR’s draw at Norwich…

@lally_carey: Sounds more like mental health issues, this is past racism. #kickitout #BlackLivesMatter #QPR

@Amtj2003: Disgraceful, no room for racism. Ashamed for them to call themselves fans. Racist idiots.

@prawncurry25: Demented and disturbing. The individual who wrote it needs some form of psychological therapy.

@whitelawkr: Pathetic. No place for this abuse. The worst part of social media. Cowardly and disgusting.

@tragiconlytwin: What the!! No words

@JoshFenwick23: It’s a disgrace

@Geoff_Meenan: All racial abuse is completely and utterly unacceptable, but this message is particularly disgusting in content. I hope that the sender can be traced, and justice can take its course.

@JoeHylton1: There must be a way to trace the vile individual who posted that filthy message….. I certainly am struggling to believe that it is a Rangers supporter!

@bartonj2410: That abuse aimed at Bright is sickening. No room for that in the world. #QPR

@dbhoops: @Bright_097 No one should receive messages like the one you received. No one deserves the abuse you received. QPR fans are behind you Bright. All right minded people are behind you.

@angelab2711: When a player receives racial abuse,if people focus on what club the culprit supports they’ve missed the point. Whether or not the person who sent Bright vile messages is a QPR fan or not isn’t important. Why is it even an issue? Racism is racism

@Cunningham_M87: The abuse sent to BOS is absolutely disgusting, clearly a troll and not a proper QPR fan. Hope whoever is hiding behind that profile is dealt with.

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