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Brentford take aim at Emi Martinez by mocking him with brutal TikTok video

Brentford take aim at Aston Villa keeper Emi Martinez by mocking him with a brutal video they have posted on TikTok earlier this week.

Usually it’s Emiliano Martinez who loves rattling the opposition, and he did so when clashing with Neal Maupay during Sunday’s game, but the Bees have since trolled Martinez back, wishing him well in his ‘recovery from injury’,

With Brentford losing 2-1 to Aston Villa, Martinez riled the Brentford fans with his theatrics, throwing himself to ground having been barged by the striker, then shoving Maupay over in retaliation shortly after.

He was unhappy with Maupay’s reaction to it, so pulled him up by the Brentford man’s shirt, leading to a wider altercation between players from both teams.

Then Boubacar Kamara got sent off for pushing Yehor Yarmoliuk in the face. You can see more on that HERE.

Following the game, Brentford decided to poke some fun over incident and uploaded a video to their TikTok, saying: “All the best in your recovery, Emi!”



All the best in your recovery from injury, Emi 😅

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This is how social media users reacted after seeing Brentford take aim at Emi Martinez by mocking him with a brutal TikTok video…

@Markafc87: Martinez is like the old school type of keeper the shit housery but will 100% have a scrap

@moylan92: They still lost though…

@ClaretBluBlood: Hopefully he’ll get his karma soon. Horrible bloke.

@Mustin2014: @BrentfordFC your social media team how embarrassing upset that you lost so u gotta mock emi martinez when all maupay did was roll around on the floor like a little kid. Focus on finding ur fan who needs a ban for abusing a former Brentford player. Disgraceful

@theavfcfaithful: CRY YOU TWATS 😂

@Stephen94208464: Any comment about Watkins being racially abused? He pointed it out to your manager at full time? No? Didn’t think so. Join Spurs & Arsenal in the salty stakes. We’ll take the points thank you.

@FCB1mrankhan: Watched the injury time of Brentford v Aston Villa. Emi Martinez played the pantomime villain role to perfection.

@HellaBrady: Ah, man, I respected your club. Tensions run high in sports. But from the official club account, this is classless. Ben Mee obv. learns from those above him.

@JamesStaffs: 😂 pathetic diving all over the pitch! Shocking! Got outclassed in the end the better team won!

@VillanShaw: When you have probably the nastiest player in modern day football sent off Err give your head a wobble


@BlackCountry_AV: Maupay is Martinez’ dog lmfao he will be barking by the time the whistle goes😂😂😂😂😂

@Kevavfc1993: Awwwww bless, they were crying when they typed this wasn’t they? 🤣🤣🤣

@ArchieMundegar: Maupay and Martinez in that atmosphere is a mad mixture. Daft from Martinez when he just needed to stay calm and see the game out. Not sure how Kamara was any worse than multiple others in that chaos but should have known better.

@chart365: Grabbing was just taking his bitch on a wonder

@3PMSaturday: Is that a foul? Fucking prats 😁😁😁😁

@jojoloko84: Just watching it. Muapay runs into Martinez (who took a dive) then cries with a push in the back. ANY player that dives deserves to be dragged to their feet. Collins whinging as well was embarrassing as an Irishman. Grow some balls. Handbag stuff that Brentford started🙄

@RGD48649604: Oh yea that maupay is such an unassuming little player isn’t he, never commits a foul or winds up opponents with play acting and diving. Shame. #utv

@swabraUTV: What’s the point of Neal Maupay? It isn’t scoring goals. The only thing he did was get Martinez booked after throwing himself to the floor in a pathetic manner. Tbf, Martinez shouldn’t have got involved. If Maupay wants to sit on the floor just let him. He’s no less effective.

@_kjs1874: Can’t have been hard to lift him off the floor tbf there’s only 3ft of man to pick up

@Villa_Waynesbay: Handbags tbh. What came after was never a red esp after Brentford players grabbed everyone round the throat when Watkins scored. Bless those little Honeypots. 🟣🔵

@dirk1978: Nothing wrong with helping a fellow up off the floor when he’s unable to get up himself

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