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Joey Barton goes off on one again as he slams Mary Earps’ Sports Personality of the Year win

Joey Barton goes off on one again as he slams Mary Earps’ BBC Sports Personality of the Year win for her role with England Women.

She was up against fellow nominees Stuart Broad, Frankie Dettori, Ronnie O’Sullivan and Katarina Johnson-Thompson, with Joey saying they ‘far outweigh’ Mary Earps, but not before he initially tweeted “Well done Mary. 👏” as she lifted the trophy.

The Lionesses unfortunately missed the chance to win the World Cup, but Earps did however win a number of individual accolades this year, including FIFA’s Golden Glove award for the best goalkeeper.

She was also praised for talking about Nike’s failure in selling an England goalkeeper’s replica jersey prior to the tournament.

Her Instagram following has jumped up by more than 12,000 in the space of a few hours after winning SPOTY.

Barton has been at the centre of a row mostly on social media in recent weeks over his tweets about women’s football.

He wrote after she won: “Well done Mary. 👏”

“Sports Personality of the Year! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 More fucking nonsense. 👍👍👍👍 Well Done to all involved. 🏆”

“So the best sports person this year is… A Women Goalie. Lost in a couple of finals this year. Not won a sausage. So popular that Nike didn’t even sell a replica jersey before tournament. You telling me all those who jumped on that bandwagon, haven’t voted in the BBC nonsense? Good luck to Mary. Hope she makes a few quid. 👍”

“To win before Ronnie O’Sullivan and Frankie Dettori…? Well, that’s just madness to me. Both almost genius like in their respective fields. They’ve lost to a big sack of spuds that plays in goal for a girls team. 🤣🤣🤣 That’s the world we live in. This all started with the ‘Everyone’s a Winner’ sport’s days. This is what happens when you celebrate mediocre. You breed this weak culture. A culture of losers. A culture of snowflakes. ❄️”

“Where was @Leon_edwardsmma on the @BBCSport sports personality shortlist? Surely he deserves to be on the list. World Champion in @ufc Beating Usman. P4P at the time.”

“I’d score 100 out of 100 penalties against Mary Earps. Any day of the week. Twice on a fucking Sunday. 👍👑 #perspective”


Piers Morgan also had his say: “Trying to get my head around two of England’s women footballers winning BBC SPOTY in successive years… while male sporting superstars with great personalities like Rory McIlroy, Frankie Dettori & Ronnie O’Sullivan have never won it. 🤔”

Earps said upon winning SPOTY: “I am going to try this Christmas to get some time to reflect and think about it all.

“It has been an incredible couple of years and I just feel really, really grateful to have been given an opportunity to fulfil my wildest dreams. It is beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I cannot believe I am standing up here – and I had a long walk in this dress and these heels. It’s a bit ridiculous.

She said the experience had helped her to develop as a person. “I think what I’ve learned over the last couple of years is you’ve got to show a lot of resilience in life, a lot of character,” she goes on to say.

“It’s never easy. We all go through hard times. And in whatever walk of life we’re in, I think football is a vehicle, and we can all change the world in some small way. So that’s kind of what I’m trying to do.”

“I’m trying to be a game changer,” Earps told BBC Radio 5 Live.

“I’m trying to change the world in whatever small time that I’m here. I enjoy the responsibility of being a role model, I try to inspire as many people as possible – young, old, whatever,” Earps said.

“I want people to relate to me and my journey, see that I’m just a normal person trying to live out her dream.

“I’m trying [to make goalkeeping cool]. It’s happening, it’s happening. Slowly but surely – it’s the Merps mission. Goalkeeping is cool!”

“It’s actually unbelievable to think that this isn’t a football award, it’s an all round sporting award and it’s generic across the country,” she said.

“It’s not just about what I’ve achieved in football, it’s something bigger than that and that’s really humbling and grounding. I’m going to take some time to really reflect on that and what it means.”

This is what Twitter users are saying as Joey Barton goes off on one again as he slams Mary Earps’ Sports Personality of the Year win…

@Kev_OC66: So popular that Nike SOLD OUT TWICE when they realised their error (I guarantee she sold more in 5 minutes than you sold your entire career 🤣) She won TWO Golden Gloves & is recognised as the best Goalkeeper in the world. You were never best at anything.

@Hammer_On_X: It’s about having a Personality, try getting one.

@megga_balls: Is everything okay at home Joe?

@ManUtdTheRelig: I’m nominating Joey Barton for ‘male chauvinist of the year’. I expect it will be a toss up between big bollox Barton and Piers Morgan

🏆 Arnold Clark Cup
🏆 Finalissima
🥈 World Cup Runner-Up
🥈 FA Cup Runner-Up
🏅 World Cup Golden Glove
🏅 WSL Golden Glove
🏅 England Player of the Year
🏅 PFA WSL Team of the Year
🏅 BBC Women’s Footballer of the Year
Some sausage that.. I rekon your the sausage 🌭

@Kevin7uk: What a sad individual you are..Mary is a great role model. You certainly are not!

@jaycronin: Joey, have a day off. It’s not the best sports person, it’s the best sports personality. But to be fair, these awards have been tripe for years!

@mikevdale1: The key word is “personality”. A quality to which you will never aspire.

@alexdsmiff: So popular however, that public opinion forced a Nike to realise the money making potential of actually releasing her shirt. It’s never been best sports person of the year, occasionally the two cross over but it’s always been who’s captured the nation sporting consciousness

@samuel_jolliffe: Seeing Barton go mental over this has made my day already. Also not sure why everyone seems to think SPOTY is some sort of British Ballon d’Or, it literally has “personality” in the name. Well done to her🥇

@leemcevoy1972: You’re talking nonsense again Joey. She’s won multiple accolades this year, FIFA golden gloves for one. She’s an inspirational role model to young girls playing the game and on top of that she has taken the standard of goalkeeping in the women’s game to a total new level.

@pittuck23: Someone please show this twat the list of Mary’s achievements this year alone. Won more in 2023 than your whole career dickhead 🙄

@Lewis_Conner_: Joey has said the exact reason why she deserves to win it. Fought for women goalkeepers to be able to have their own jerseys of what will be their favourite keepers now and in the future. That’s sports personality

@simsyg: In the 69 years the BBC sports personality of the year has been going, women have won 16 times, just over 23% of the time. Yet people like Joey still shout that Mary Earps winning is just because she’s a woman and because the awards are ‘woke’. Let Mary have her moment ffs.

@MegzBFC: Oh get in the bin will ye 🤦‍♀️

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