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Birmingham City’s new kit for the 2024/25 season gets fans talking, it’s quite something

Birmingham City’s new kit for the 2024/25 season gets fans talking, it’s quite something, take a look at it below.

The club unveiled their new home kit for the upcoming campaign, which will be their first in the third tier since 1995.

The kit featuring a design that stays true to the club’s traditional Royal Blue colour, and initially received mixed reactions from fans, but the more they looked at it, the more they liked it.

Despite the varied opinions, many fans are looking forward to the new season and the potential success of the team in their new attire.


Blues’ 2024/25 Home Kit will be on sale exclusively from the temporary Blues Store on Thursday 13 June, 10am.

Supporters can only get hold of the latest collaboration between Nike and Birmingham City by visiting the retail store on the Kop Car Park, with this available online next week.

This bespoke design, the first of the Club’s newly extended partnership with Nike, the world’s leading footwear and apparel company uses Birmingham City’s royal blue pantone and features ‘KRO’ detailing inside the neckline.

The high-performance shirt, comprising of Nike Dri-FIT technology which is a nod to the Blues home jersey worn between 1986 and 1988, features a woven execution of Birmingham City’s iconic globe and ball crest, with an embroidered outline, and a Nike Swoosh across the chest’s upper panel.

Below is a white centre providing a strong and authentic look, with this colour repeated throughout the shorts, which are complemented by royal blue socks. The Women’s team will wear royal blue shorts.

It also houses the iconic five-strike logo of UNDEFEATED – the Club’s Principal Partner and sponsor. Opening their first chapter store on the West Coast of the United States more than 20 years ago, UNDEFEATED has made its reputation as a worldwide name in sportswear through collaborations with a range of prestigious brands across various adjacent industries.

Blues’ new 2024/25 training range will also be stocked in the Blues Store.

Home kit prices:

Junior Shirt – £45
Adult/Women’s Fit Shirt – £60
Junior Shorts – £22
Adult Shorts – £27
Socks – £15
Infant Kit – £50
Kids Full Kit – £55

As mentioned, Birmingham City’s new kit for the 2024/25 season gets fans talking, it’s quite something…

@1875cal: Winning the league in that beautiful shirt

@jordan_hubble: one of the worst kits we’ve had for awhile

@stellytalks: That’s two years in a row we’ve gone backwards with the kit by the way. Hopefully the away one looks decent 👍🏽

@SJM_70: 👎 just looks cheap. Not much thought gone into the design at all. There were better kit designs posted by the fans. It’s really not been worth the hype over the last few weeks tbh. Bang average.

@_James_Jones_: Not the biggest fan of the white down the sides feels a little too much but meh, solid. Nice to see Bielik, Paik and Miyoshi in it, hoping it signals they may stay. Here’s hoping

@joesmittthh: Not a fan, looks like a cheap Sunday league strip. Very disappointed.

@mitchinator1989: Not for me, last years was a lot better, it’s the big ass white line across the middle that kills it for me, maybe it’ll grow on me but I doubt it. Hope the away shirts nice

@DaleAC93: Always thought their kits are nice but that’s actually bloody awful 😂😂 the white strip is shocking

@ScottJinks_: Personally, I really like it. It’s unique, it’s Royal Blue and it’s ours. Job done. #BCFC

@MarkWatson1875: I can’t overstate how much nicer it is to have a simple logo as a shirt sponsor instead of words and slogans 😍 I’m sold. Someone grab one for me and drive it over to Cannock. TIA x

@coxy19002: Not keen on the white under the sleeve but on the whole it’s a nice shirt! Up the blues!! 💪

@Monty71201: Our kit has been a miss two seasons in a row

@michael_coy: Nice imo, little less white maybe, but still nice.

@Paulwhite19801: Didn’t really need the white side panels but still decent

@wozaboxa: Like it a lot. I won’t buy it as I haven’t bought a kit in about 30 years but I do like it.

@KroB91875: will buy – looks better in person.

@TrippleATranche: Looks good, let’s hope they carry some stock – yellow(ish) away shirt apparently….

@_drinkall: Rate it! First kit I’m gonna buy in years

@nathandlucas11: Yet another one I’ll not be buying, bring back Adidas 😭

@_sam1875: Nice to see more white on the kit , very retro 💙

@JohnCopson1: Not too keen on that kit, sorry.

@WKG_97: Love it

@Tommy_Kelsall: Great looking kit. Nice to have some white back in the shirt and go back to white shorts, blue socks. The blue still isn’t right for me though in my opinion. Needs to be darker. Still I really like it 💙

@1875__90: Not a fan of the kit, but who cares it’s just a kit? Will probably buy it anyway at some point! #BCFC

@LeeAHinton95: Let’s be honest £60 for a shirt now is crazy 😳

@t_rabaiotti: Not very nice…. too much white in it. A return to the all dark blue of the Cisse, Savage era would be good.

@JoeMilo26: Anyone who says that kit is naff is wild. #bcfc

@woolyno11: Yeah I’ll stick with the old school triton tops 😂

@Hackett01: That is a shocking effort.

@Rosco__J: Big fan of this, a bit retro and nicer than last season’s kit. #bcfc

@IrnNoodle: Anything without Boyle sports plastered all over it is a win in my eyes lol. But yeah I’m assuming it’s a take on the 86 co-op milk shirt, I like it, nice and clean.

@uncleGdawg0: Bit different don’t mind it.

@Liam3617: What a shirt 😍

@Matt_Rowney: I think that’s bloody hideous. Could land a plane on that band. #BCFC

@Borismillipede: 80s vibes. Looks better “on” 💙

@bluenoseryan75: Not sure about it but I think it’ll grow on me when we’re winning the league in it

@JoeMilo26: Sexy design, good price. Let’s gooooo

@deansmith1975: Mmmm 7 out of 10. Prefer blues shorts white socks

@LeeW1875: I want it

@Rip_Von_Snorter: very nice, loving the royal blue shade, better than last season.

@kramyarrum: I like it 💙

@carlosno1geez: Looks smart as a full kit 💙

@DanBrown2001: I can’t lie I fucking love it #bcfc

@BloreLuke: Literally same as last year changed darker strip to white block, took Nike really long to design this

@jimmyfleming86: Don’t mind that

@srobbins174: 👍 from me

@bounder: Not sure about the underarm stripe. Nice tho.

@egneg: It looks better than I feared, no criticism of blues but you’d think #nike would be able to do something more intricate and detailed than that. A child could have designed that in 15 minutes. Research, meetings and presentations will have gone in to this, its a piss-take.

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