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Billy Sharp continues ‘feud’ with Wrexham as he also makes dig at Phil Parkinson

Former Sheffield United player Billy Sharp continues his ‘feud’ with Wrexham as he also makes dig at manager Phil Parkinson.

The 37 year old has taken to life in the MLS, signing for LA Galaxy in the summer an his latest performance saw him score a match-winning hat-trick against Minnesota United in a 4-3 victory for his new side.

His goal tally for LA Galaxy now sits at six after six games played – one against Chicago, one against St Louis, one against Los Angeles and three against Minnesota.

As he spoke with The Athletic, and with a new episode of “Welcome to Wrexham” set to air soon, Sharp said he was looking forward to watching the show unfold.

Sharp openly criticised Wrexham for celebrating too early against his Sheffield United side, before the Blades went on to win the FA Cup tie with them.

Sharp is expected to feature, having made headlines for an incident of confrontation between both sets of players in the tunnel after the full time whistle of the game, and also apologised for comments regarding the refereeing.

He said: “If they want to put me in the documentary, go ahead. I think people in Los Angeles probably know me now for scoring goals rather than knocking (Wrexham) out of the FA Cup. People don’t even know the real story. Wrexham will put out what they want to on their documentary, and maybe I’ll put out my own and tell them what really happened.

“I scored the goal, which knocked them out, and a little scuffle happened in the changing room. I don’t really like their manager anyway from past experiences, and he probably doesn’t like me. It’s just one of those things in football where it sometimes gets very overheated… I know what they’re going to do; they’re going to show the clips that make me look like a baddie. That’s fine. I’ll wait to see what happens and have my say afterwards. The record book says we beat them in the FA Cup, so they can have a documentary about it if they want.”

Sharp joked when asked about his plans for retirement: “I’ll probably become Wrexham manager when Parkinson gets the sack.”

Read more of what he had to say by clicking HERE or on the tweet below.

Billy Sharp and Wrexham fell out in the FA Cup Fourth Round tie last year, a late goal made it a 3-3 draw for the Blades at the Racecourse Ground, so a replay at Bramall Lane it was to settle it.

The draw was made before the game, with the winner facing Tottenham at home, with Sharp saying Wrexham’s behaviour leading up to the replay was ‘disrespectful’.

After the game, with Sharp scoring in the 94th minute to give his side a 3-1 win in the replay, he gave an interview to ITV, saying: “I think they’ve been disrespectful with a few things before the game, thinking they were already through. I’m glad we’ve beat them.

“I wasn’t happy with the way they’ve been as a club before the game, eyeing up Spurs. They’ve not even beat us.”

“I feel like a bit of a dampener has been put on the game with the way they’ve acted in the tunnel. They showed a real lack of humility,” Tozer said.

“But that’s the way they want to be and I feel like if we won that game we would’ve shown a lot more humility and respect.

“They should show more respect to us. They were telling us to ‘shove it on the documentary’.

“I feel like he’s [Sharp] fabricated stuff in his head to make that acceptable for himself if I’m honest.

“I said to him face-to-face, ‘show a bit more humility’. We’ve congratulated them on the win, we haven’t sulked, we’ve walked down the tunnel as normal and it’s just a shame that that’s the way it’s ended.”

When asked if there was anything disrespectful at the end of Wrexham, Tozer said: “Not at all, not from our part.

“Apparently they were tweeting Tottenham tickets before this game was played.

“And you had people like Oli McBurnie saying stuff in the press; I don’t think any of our lads said anything disrespectful. We certainly approached the game properly.

“If that’s the way they want to be that’s the way they want to be.”

Parkinson was unhappy with Sharp’s conduct, saying: “I am a bit disappointed with Billy to be honest with you, some of the things he was shouting down the tunnel at the end.

“Well done Bill, you’re a fantastic player but I thought he was disrespectful after the game. I think the way the players celebrated and the crowd and staff was just a mark of how tough we made for them and they were relieved to get through.

“The message to Billy is: You’re better than that, you really are. My players are humble people and a great credit to the football club.”

Sharp said that he had several offers on the table from Championship and League One clubs this summer but started the European season unattached and waited for a situation that fit his aspirations.

“Playing for someone else in English football was always going to be the hard part for me,” said Sharp. “The opportunities just were not exciting me…Then this opportunity came along, and playing abroad is something I’ve always wanted to do. It’s not something I thought would come around at this stage of my career – I was jumping at the chance to come here, and my family were on board as well, and they’re really enjoying it.”

On his start in the MLS: “As a striker, you want to hit the ground running with that first goal. Riqui (Puig) gave me a penalty in my first game, which he usually takes, which was nice of him, so I owe him one for that. I’ve had a few issues getting up to speed because I haven’t had a proper pre-season, and these boys are mid-season, so I’m taking the time to get up to 90 minutes (fit).”

And the Baby Shark chant from his club’s fans? “I don’t understand it. I’m sure the tune of the song that Sheffield United fans used to sing was an American song (Give it Up by KC and the Sunshine Band). If that’s what they want to sing, that’s fine. They’ve been really supportive of me. I don’t think they really want to sing that because it’s kind of half-hearted. They’re just trying to get behind me, which I’m obviously thankful for. It did happen in England, but it soon stopped. Listen, I’m not overly fussed, but if they sang the other one… yeah.”

This is how Twitter users reacted while Billy Sharp continues the ‘feud’ with Wrexham as he also makes dig at Phil Parkinson…

@msth_19: Hahaha. He is one weird lad him. The record books will show that 2nd place in the championship needed over 180 minutes to get past a non league side, he’s right about that.

@higginswxm93: How a player can be so salty about a team who was non-league when they played is beyond me 😂

@WrexhamAFC4: Little man syndrome from this absolute cunt once again. They got promoted to the PL but all they talk about is scraping past a team who were 3 leagues below them in the FA cup after 180 mins 😂

@Charlie_RB7: this game happened last season by the way. and we haven’t spoke about him since 😭 trying to get every bit of attention he can now he’s gone to rot in America

@yetigoosecreat: Still going on about us. Absolute weirdo. Move on.

@Squadcast96: He even hates Wrexham. Man… I love me some Billy 🦈

@diam0ndeyesx: What the fucking hell is wrong with him like

@mthoburn93: Parky boiling piss. You love to see it

@capaled: They are at it again 😂

@WrexhamSunny: He’s so obsessed. Even with us having a team of L1 and L2 players, we’ll still want to go up against teams from the Prem. We were only dreaming, I don’t think that’s much to ask. At the time, a Prem bound team against a NL team and they go so rattled by us. Keep crying Billy 🤣🤣

@TomPitman_: Definition of rent free

@DanWrexham: Fucking hell they’re STILL going on about us

@jpmacca91: Still going on about it 8 months on 😴

@EllaJane____: I do love you @billysharp10 😂

@Euan1864: Haha we really pissed him off didn’t we? Can’t understand how he is so angry even though they beat us.

@WrexhamFan3: “Sorry I made a fuss over nothing because I misunderstood a months-old picture” seems easier to me, but OK, lad. SU beat Wrexham, SU fans appreciate his years there, and he’s doing well in LA. Why keep on with this stuff?

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