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Wrexham players call out Billy Sharp over that drama and interview at Sheffield United

Wrexham players call out Billy Sharp over that drama and interview at Sheffield United following the two side’s FA Cup meeting.

Sharp scored four minutes into injury time at Bramall Lane to put the Blades 2-1 up in FA Cup replay. Sander Berge netted two minutes later to secure a 3-1 victory, setting up a meeting against Tottenham Hotspur.

ITV interviewed Sharp immediately following the game critical of certain aspects of Wrexham’s approach, but was more serious about his remark on Leigh Doughty, the referee.

While his comments on Wrexham got more attention, the reference to Doughty was a charge from FA for “improper conduct” (in which they imply bias or attack the integrity the referee).

As he was fined by the FA, the striker acknowledged that his comments were improper conduct.

“I think they (Wrexham) thought we were going to just roll over when we got back in it and I think the referee was helping them all night as well,” Sharp said at the time.

“I don’t think he gave me one foul all night tonight. But it’s one of those things. I probably lost my head a little bit.”

Well Wrexham players have since had their say…

Interviewer: What did Billy sharp reference to you when he said…

Ollie Palmer: No one knows what Billy shot was going on about

Interviewer: So nothing’s happened on the pitch, nothing…

OP: Listen the whole Sheffield United Squad was so respectable towards us on the pitch you know we just come off the pitch the first game but like everyone was ledge they were kind of talking to us all friendly as competitive as it was it was still you know there was still respectful towards us in the next game absolutely fine yeah and then Billy Sharp’s obviously giving it all that to our fans you think that you’re a non-league team and you’re celebrating… so it come out of nowhere

Elliot Lee: t’s like he genuinely thought that we as a team were going there thinking yeah we’re just going to turn Sheffield United over here gunna play Spurs when not one of us ever thought that, every interview was like yeah they’re unbelievable like we’re gonna you’re gonna be an unbelievable

OP: No one knows yeah

EL: He said he thought oh ‘we’re gonna go there and we’re gonna turn them over’

Interviewer: He’s quite an experienced

Mark Howard: I don’t it didn’t help though that our dressing room was opposite the media so as soon as he got brought in to do his question and address one was opposite so obviously we were still in the tunnel he was going to…

OP: It all kicked off in the tunnel as well so again walking for the pitch everyone shook hands players are talking to each other there’s shirt swapping going on out of nowhere right so we go that way, Sheffield United go that way, out of nowhere Billy Sharp shouts ‘stick that up your documentary’ so everyone’s like ‘what the fuck?!’ and by the way he was just talking to one of the lads like saying well done good game and then that’s obviously people like what are you talking about yeah and then it all just kicked off in a tunnel and then it did his post match right it was just no one knows no one knows where it comes from

OP: I think he’s just frustrated

EL: I don ‘t think he liked how far we actually took them and we are a non league club

OP: You’d like to see him go, ‘fairplay to wrexham like that, two great games…’

MH: It wasn’t to be like…

EL: He’s had a bit of a sour taste

Interviewer: But it’s always as soon as like like again Sunday League like when I did like a Sunday League thing we would get shit because we had cameras and stuff around it you all try to get so much and people want to try and beat you more yeah but Billy Sharp is like this massive like he’s been around the books it’s interesting that he’s reacted like that

EL: I think because we’re the hype around Wrexham, where the cameras do film us, so I think some players they just don’t like it

MH: Yeah we play against a lot of people and they relly rise to it like and they really want to beat us so they take it more personal because they if they get on the documentary for beating us yeah and they get a bit of publicity it’s great for them

See the whole interview below, we couldn’t take our eyes off it to be fair…

This is what fans said as Wrexham players call out Billy Sharp over that drama and interview of his at Sheffield United…

@cal_ycfc_efc: God I am praying Notts County beat them to the title 😂

@WrexhamAFC4: Pretty funny tbf 😂 I’ve got no idea why a player the calibre of sharp and the experience he has would be arsed this much mind

@SUFC_Harvey: Think he just wanted to rattle your fans and players which he clearly did. Those posts about playing Spurs when you hadn’t even beat United rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way, including myself

@oddball86264029; Bants… it’s missing in the modern game.

@Paskins_tache: Some people will do anything to get on an internationally renowned, multi million pound, documentary TV series.

@LancsIron: Wish there was more of this, players not liking other clubs and players … All too friendly nowadays not often we have the proper player spats.

@BlitZIsSpiffy: I find it hilarious how they can’t hack what they’ve been doing ever since the takeover. All mullin and Palmer are is ego written on their forehead.

@xemma79x: I think you will find they are more humble than you know, doing a lot for charity etc and the young fans for the club, so stick to the facts before you comment

@Bigalanhardy5: Hahahahaha thats brilliant

@Sutton_1612: Billy sharp got rattled so bad 💀💀

@cathypops2010: 😂😂😂 he’s not wrong though

@antagony62: Obviously it’s his last grasp at the attention he clearly needs . Whilst these guys are being viewed on the World stage for years to come he fades into obscurity and gets his head around the DIY jobs needed to be done at home 🤨😩😆

@n_rhys: If Billy Sharp feels that Wrexham have been disrespectful, then maybe he should think before responding in a way that is also disrespectful and makes him sound like a complete hypocrite. 🤷‍♂️

@Damien186204: Billy sharp is a Legend

@tommy_white111: So much respect for this. Billy Sharp speaking for every proper football fan in the country👍🏻

@decking_murr: What a bloke

@Hagland96: Some boy!! 🤣 @billysharp10

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