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Away Attendances at the Bank Holiday Weekend – 29th August 2022

These were the top five away attendances for the Championship at the weekend…

1) Burnley fans at Wigan Athletic – 4,701

2) Birmingham City fans at Rotherham United – 2,275

3) Queens Park Rangers fans at Watford – 1,996

4) Coventry City fans at Hull City – 1,879

5) Stoke City fans at Blackburn Rovers – 1,707

6) West Bromwich Albion fans at Huddersfield Town – 1,624
7) Reading fans at Millwall – 1,392
8) Bristol City fans at Blackpool – 1,200*
9) Sheffield United fans at Luton Town – 1,032
10) Norwich City fans at Sunderland – 1,000*
11) Preston North End fans at Cardiff City – 580
12) Swansea City fans at Middlesbrough – 300*

Choose having a drink and a chat with the players after the game.

Choose mixing with the opposition fans.

Choose the old dears in the tea but serving Bovril for the 49″‘ consecutive season.

Choose meat raffles.

Choose to watch football alongside dogs.

Choose away days in towns you did not know existed.

Choose getting a beer for a couple of quid and standing on the terraces with it.

Choose getting a lift to the game with a club director.

Choose to give your money to a local club not a soulless corporation.

Choose players who know the fans by name.

Choose parking right next to the ground.

Choose standing wherever you want to.

Choose listening to everything the benches say.

Choose paying a pound for a cup of tea.

Choose proper pies.

Choose honest football right on your doorstep.


Check out the top away attendances in League One on the next page.


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